How to get rid of a girl mustache: budget methods and cost options. Getting rid of the antennae: for girls with sensitive skin

If you have reached this page then you obviously are not satisfied with the whiskers on your face.

And although not all girls see this problem, and many do not consider it a problem, most girls prefer to get rid of the antennae, and the sooner the better.

With a mustache over her lip, the girl can not look feminine.

There are adherents of «natural beauty», but usually it was just a lazy person.

Depending on the causes of mustache at the girl, she needs to find a suitable way to get rid of them.

Similar symptoms are caused by hormonal disorders. If you have already «crossed the» awkward age, but «not Mature enough» to menopause or have never suffered from dark facial hair and suddenly they appeared – you direct road to the endocrinologist and the gynecologist. Elevated levels of testosterone in women is bound to cause the appearance of hair in «male» areas. Normalize with your doctor your hormones, and get rid of the mustache will not be needed.

If you are not lucky, and in your family women have suffered from the abundance of dark hair (usually only on the face), don’t despair – humanity has come up with different ways how to get rid of the mustache girl. Depending on the physical, psychological and financial capabilities, you successfully pick the right.

Depilation cream, or how to get rid of antennae to girls with sensitive skin

Most women prefer drastic measures to eliminate hair on the upper lip by pulling or cabin (not less painful and aggressive) procedures for removal. But there are women with very low pain threshold. For them, procedures such as real torture. The selection of such persons – hair depilation using cream.

Under the influence of substances destructive the hairs completely lose their structure and or easily «removed» from the bulb is either removed from the skin with a spatula. The impact of the quality of the cream is gentle, does not cause inflammation, injury and pain.

Girl for hair removal on the upper lip. it will take three to seven minutes, and you can do it at home. You just need to apply the cream evenly to the growth of hair, wait the time specified on the package, and remove the hair with a spatula or just wash with the cream with warm water.

Please note: you cannot use a depilatory cream antennae:

• not intended for face;

• longer than the time specified by the manufacturer;

• when damaged or irritated skin.

Before the main hair removal test on the crook of the elbow – apply a small amount of cream, wait the specified time, rinse and wait at least two hours. If no reaction on the skin, you can use the cream as directed.

Getting rid of whiskers, the girl with waxing (wax hair removal)

The essence of a very popular procedure that can be done in the salon and at home, is to use a special composition with the content of the wax is pulling the hair. While the wax is hot, it is applied in a thin layer on the skin, and when he cools down, his tear against the hair growth along by the hair. The procedure is very painful, and within a couple of days the skin can be inflamed.

In the salons use so-called solid wax in the form of pellets or briquettes. Its peculiarity is that it is applied to the skin hot and requires skill and certain skills.

At home waxing done with soft wax and waxing strips

Soft wax is almost ready for use. It needs a little heat (a little more than the temperature of the skin), apply to the skin with a spatula, tightly attach fabric or special paper strip, and sharp movement to remove from skin. The strip can immediately be reused.

Wax strips at home simply warmed in the hands, firmly press the entire surface to the skin, and immediately disrupt.

On the eve before the waxing epilinum area of skin need be cleaned with a soft scrub, and right before the procedure, treated with antiseptic or tonic.

After waxing tools and remove residues with vegetable oil.

Note: hair length is less than 3 mm can be removed more difficult.

For skin diseases, varicose veins and vascular «cobweb» to carry out waxing is unsafe, as in other inflammatory processes.

Sugaring as a quick way to get rid of the mustache. Cabin or home?

More and more girls wins this way removal of the hated vegetation. Sugaring is a hair removal using sugar paste. Initially salon treatment has become our resourceful girls at home fast way to get rid of the antennae.

Hair removal with sugar paste is carried out in two ways:

1. Using woven strips, like strips of wax on the skin to apply a thin layer of sugar paste, covered with a strip of cloth when the mass solidifies, the fabric comes off together with the sugar and hair. The procedure is pain.

2. «Caramel» hair removal. This method is most often used girls to get rid of antennae. A small ball of paste with your fingers to slightly stretch the skin with unnecessary hair against the hair growth. Immediately, sharp movements, tearing the soft sugar paste for hair growth, and they are almost gone.

If you want my own experience to try how to get rid of antennae girl with shugaring, then first use the finished pasta audited firms (good, for example, Aravia). Choosing sugar paste, look for the composition with minimal ingredients. Dyes and fragrances, in addition to allergic reactions, nothing good to add. Moreover, the natural pasta and so has a beautiful caramel color and smell.

At home with his mission copes the mixture of sugar (3 teaspoons) of water (2 tsp.) and a small amount of lemon juice (1 tsp). All the ingredients are mixed in a saucepan with a thick bottom, put on minimal heat and cover with lid. After 10 minutes, stirred, removing sugar from the edges of the pan, cover, and cook for another 10 minutes. The sugar is completely dissolved, the mixture will foam. Without closing the lid, stir, until the paste takes on the color of light beer. Pour into plastic container and leave for 5 hours. You can epilate!

The effect of the shugaring is better than wax, it is more gentle and less painful. No ingredient of sugar paste does not cause allergies (especially if the pasta is cooked), the hairs don’t grow after shugaring, and not the formation of «hemp».

New hairs grow after 15-20 days, while growing thin and evenly, with no visible bald spots, as in waxing or epilator.

How to get rid of the mustache girl on a string

In the countries of Eastern and Asian women have long coped with unwanted (and so they have a lot) vegetation on the body, using amazing economical and fast way. Talking about hair removal with a thread. Despite the effectiveness to get rid of the antennae, the girls have to adjust to the process, as sometimes it turns out not at once.

The advantages of the method:

• it is free and quick;

• the newly growing hairs become thinner;

• does not appear of pimples and inflammation;

• does not remain ingrown hairs and «stumps».

For hair removal you will need only cotton, plain smooth thread. Do not use silk threads – they can injure your fingers.


• clean the skin from makeup;

• apply disinfectant without alcohol (e.g., chlorhexidine);

• cut and thread a length of 30-50 centimeters, tie the ends;

• received the circle to wear on both hands and crossed 3 times in the middle (get a mobile harness);

• making three fingers of each hand alternately widening and narrowing action, take in the moving center the hairs, pushing the hand that will pull their hair along their growth;

• narrowing fingers «used hands,» extend the fingers of the opposite to «scissors» came again in readiness.

On a similar principle works and hair removal with a special spring that you can buy in the store. It work much easier, and it successfully removes even subtle fuzz.

Laser, photo epilation, electrolysis: how to get rid of antennae to the girl at the salon for a tidy sum

These hardware salon treatments really help to get rid of the mustache and other vegetation on the body forever. But there are some nuances:

1. Soreness. Without anaesthetic in most cases not enough, even with the cooling nozzle of the apparatus. Do not try to do the procedure before and during menstruation.

2. The irritation and inflammation. After processing a few days the skin becomes reddened and sore.

3. The danger of ultraviolet radiation. After these escapes from mustache is forbidden to be under the sun, otherwise it will be a strong pigmentation.

4. The dimension of time. To completely permanently remove hair is required not less than year of regular procedures (approximately seven sessions).

5. Passes hairs. Not all devices work with blond or grey hair. Removed bad hair and tanned skin.

6. The shortage of conscientious masters. More common bad outcomes from a hardware hair removal, which is probably caused by the inexperience of the master or his dishonesty. Choose a professional when there are many of positive reviews about his work.

When serviceable device for epilation, careful operation of an experienced professional and adherence to all stages of the procedure, to get rid of a girl mustache you forever, but way expensive.