How to get rid of subcutaneous pimple? Treatment of internal acne folk remedies and medicines

The owners of oily skin know that the internal pimples or boils is one of the most unpleasant misfortunes.

Subcutaneous inflammation is hard to cure.

They pretty spoil the mood, worsening the appearance.

Today you will learn how to get rid of subdermal acne and how to prevent its recurrence.

How to get rid of subcutaneous pimple: causes of boils

Any treatment, including boils, you need to start with determining the cause of the disease. If to eliminate acne-podkonice only cosmetics, they again appear and can lead to serious complications. Doctors say that the internal pimples appear on the body as a result of disruption of the sebaceous glands of secretion, namely because:

• increased sebum glands of external secretion;

• blockage of the sebaceous glands;

• diseases of the stomach and intestines;

• accelerated growth of hair;

• disorders of the endocrine system;

• bad heredity;

• low immunity;

• colds;

• hypothermia;

• incorrectly sized skin care;

• Smoking;

• stress.

Most often from subcutaneous acne suffer:

• young people aged 11 to 19 years, i.e. during the period of puberty;

• the people activity which is associated with harmful chemical substances;

• those who regularly takes medications: corticosteroid hormones, antiepileptic drug Phenytoin, lithium salts and combined oral contraceptives.

How to get rid of subcutaneous pimple: modern methods

Consider two of the most effective method of getting rid of boils on offer in clinics.

Ozone therapy

Ozone is one of the most powerful catalysts of metabolic processes in the body, which leads to rapid renewal of the cellular composition. The ozone mixture can destroy diseased cells and stimulates the regeneration of new skin cells, accelerates the flow of oxygen and important substances to the tissues. Ozone therapy is considered is a painful but highly effective method of improving the condition of skin with abrasions.

The advantages of the procedure:

• kills pathogenic microbes;

• relieves pain;

• removes edemas and redness;

• restores collagen and elastin fibers;

• after the ozone does not remain scars and blemishes.

Ozone-oxygen injection leads to rapid maturation of subcutaneous zit. The amount of compound required and the number of cosmetic procedures appointed by the doctor-ozonoterapie after the consultation.

The autohemotherapy (blood transfusion)

A blood transfusion can prevent the emergence of new subcutaneous pimples by stimulating the immune system and General body cleansing of toxins. The procedure uses the patient’s own blood. It is taken from a vein and injected into the buttocks. Transfusion is carried out gradually, the dose of blood is increasing every day. The course lasts 10 days.

For fastening of the received result of the procedure of blood purification should be repeated in six months. The so-called bonus autohemotherapy as a method of treatment of subcutaneous pimples, is to get rid of chronic diseases and improve the appearance of the skin.

The method elektrostaticheskogo combination (Elos-treatment)

The technology is exposed to a pulse of blue light treatment of broad spectrum RF energy to the subcutaneous inflammation. The method has the following effect on the skin:

• actively updated tissue;

• fade imperfections which remain after the removal of subcutaneous pimple (scars, seals, red spots);

• enlarged pores are narrowed.

As a rule, the treatment lasts 8 to 10 treatments. The procedure is completely painless.

How to get rid of subdermal acne medication

There are also many medications that can get rid of subdermal acne at home. They should be resorted to only in case if there is no way to ask for help to the professionals.

1. Perfectly pulls pus and generally speeds up the ripening process of the pimple Vishnevsky ointment and Ichthyol ointment. These antiseptic preparations need to apply to the affected skin areas daily. Also agents have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.

2. Internal acne «afraid» of a solution or emulsion Sintomitsina. An antibiotic effective against bacteria that cause inflammation. The product does not dry the skin and does not clog pores.

3. For the treatment of subcutaneous pimples are used iodine. Treating inflammation must be very careful not to get burned. If you make iodine mesh on the night, by the morning of it will be over. The pimple will go fast. The result of the use of iodine you can appreciate after the first time.

4. Internal acne will help to cure the sulfuric talker. All components can be purchased at the pharmacy:

• powder purified sulfur (2.5 parts);

• aspirin powder (2.5 parts);

• boric acid R ‘ -R 2% (1 piece);

• powder chloramphenicol (2 parts);

• alcohol.

For the preparation of medicines will need a container of dark glass. After mixing the components obtained sulfuric chatterbox pour in this dish. Apply the product on problem areas with a cotton swab twice a day.

How to get rid of subdermal acne.

Acne-podnosnikow you can try to get rid of traditional methods. Consider the most effective of them.

Recipes masks

1. To prepare this mask you will need:

• honey;

• dry yeast;

• milk;

• white clay.

Mix the honey, yeast, honey and cosmetic clay in the same ratio, and to dilute them with milk until the consistency of sour cream. To mask the problem area for 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

2. Well-proven mask of garlic. Boils should be spread with olive oil. From above impose the chopped garlic. After 20 minutes a mask rinse with decoction of nettle or calendula.

3. Two scarlet leaf pour 200 ml of mineral water. After an hour boil them on low heat for two to three minutes. Now we need the leaves of the plant to cool down and turn into mush. The resulting mass is applied on the pimples for 20 minutes. Wash off with warm water.

Internal acne at home you can also try to remove the following methods:

1. Periodically RUB subcutaneous pimple tar soap. It has a pronounced antibacterial effect and accelerates recovery.

2. Among the mass people’s money shows good results the intake of sulfur. To remove pimples and prevent their recurrence can help medical 1 gram of purified sulphur per day, taken at mealtime.

3. Help to get rid of subdermal acne skin with lemon juice in equal proportions, diluted with boiled water.

4. Anti-inflammatory effect of the salt packs that need to be applied to internal pimple for 5 minutes a day. For this recipe you can use sea salt.

How to get rid of subdermal acne and prevent its reappearance

To get rid of internal acne, you should not only regularly use the funds for their treatment, but also to identify the cause of their appearance. In the fight against skin imperfections will help the following expert advice:

1. Revise your diet and lifestyle. Significantly improve skin condition exercise. Refrain, at least temporarily, from fatty and sugary foods, and you will find that boils will be less. Reduce alcohol, coffee and nicotine.

2. Pick the right skin care.

3. Pamper your skin with the decoction of medicinal plants. Particularly beneficial effect on problem skin chamomile, calendula, peppermint and celandine. These herbs will reduce inflammation, have antimicrobial and tonic effect.

4. Daily wipe the face with ice cubes for one minute. This simple procedure normalizes the sebaceous glands and prevents the appearance of boils.

Thus, we figured out how to get rid of subdermal acne. Correctly chosen treatment is able to completely clean the skin from painful inflammation and restore her beauty and health.