How to get rid of scars on your body: tips. The causes of scarring, remedies and medicines to get rid of them

These unpleasant blemishes, like scars, can occur on the skin healing of burns, injuries, insect bites.

They can also be the result of acne.

Each of us would like to place the healing of the skin remained smooth, the scar, the color of which does not differ from the rest of the skin.

Today, take a closer look at the variety of scars on the body, their causes, and learn how to get rid of scars.

Scars: causes and types

The scar is a trace resulting from the healing of deep wounds. The following types of scars:

1. Keloid scars

These scars protrude above the surface of the skin. Therefore they are also called lumpy or protruding. The reason for their appearance – the surplus production of collagen fibers. Inside the formation of large amount of tissue remains an open wound. Meanwhile, the formation of such scars elastin is not involved at all.

These scars often have a dark color, and look unsightly. Besides, they hurt and itch. But when damaged the top layer of the skin is restored, scar have a natural skin color and even.

Keloid scars most often can be observed on the face, neck and shoulders. They often appear in the background of the abnormalities in the immune system. Sometimes these scars are hereditary in nature. Emerged into adulthood, they may be associated with age or hormonal changes. The scar may occur not only after errors made during plastic surgery, but also after the burn, prick or insect bite.

2. Hypopigmentation (white scarring)

Thin white scars appear on the body on areas of healthy skin where once was an open wound that had been repeatedly infected and exposed to disease-causing microbes. As a rule, they are almost not amenable to traditional treatment methods. The skin in this case is not able to recover fully. She is exhausted and changes in the structure. After scraping and sanding scars can grow. Experts believe that the most effective method of treating this type of scars is moisturizing and reducing the production of collagen by oxygen starvation.

3. Atrophic (depressed) scars

This kind of scars is a pits and grooves on the skin. The cause of «sunken» into the skin is a thinning of the dermis. Atrophic scars result from acne, burns, chicken pox, injuries. As a shining example of this kind of scars are stretch marks that occur in women during pregnancy.

Depressed scars have a pale color and are of low sensitivity. They can be observed in areas where there is almost no fatty tissue. How to get rid of scars, learn later.

4. Inverted scars

Scars resemble craters and pits. They are usually formed after acne and chicken pox. The reason for the formation of «chipped» scar is uneven thickening of the epidermis. They are formed due to the fact that under the upper layers of the skin there will be insufficient amount of tissue, which destroys the rash. The severity of the defect depends on the severity and stage of the inflammatory elements.

As you can see, all the scars are traumatic in nature. On their education is influenced by the following factors:

• the depth and location of the wound;

• genetic disposition;

• the correct healing and wound infections;

• diseases accompanied by disorders of metabolic processes;

• age-related characteristics of a person;

• exposure to x-ray and ultraviolet irradiation.

5. Normotroficheskie scars

The scar of this species is almost invisible because it is on the same level with healthy skin. These scars occur in people with a very delicate and hypersensitive skin. The slightest scratch can leave a scar for many years. Next, learn how to get rid of scars at home.

Regardless of the type of scar, its formation, there are four stages from the moment of injury:

1. Inflammation and epithelialization. At this stage, the swelling resulting from injury, decreases. The surface of the skin becomes inflamed, and the edges of the wound begin to converge.

2. After 10 days after the receipt of the wound is granulation collagen and elastin fibers. Bright pink scar caused by increased blood circulation.

3. In the period from one to three months circulation in the area where the wound is reduced. You can watch the seal and blednaya skin. During this period, you should protect the epidermis from repeated injury because they can lead to keloid formations.

4. The last phase is the final transformation of scars. Skin tissue turns pale and becomes more dense.

How to get rid of scarring: medications

Modern pharmacology offers a lot of drugs to eliminate scars. About medications of this kind is not always possible to meet by far the positive reviews. Consider the tools that are most popular.

Ointment for scars «Scarguard»

The drug is used for treatment of scars formed on the skin, and to prevent their occurrence. The ointment has a liquid consistency, so the manufacturer has equipped it with comfortable brush. The formula contains vitamins, hydrocortisone and silicone, which, working in a complex, softens scars. The course of treatment depends on the age and depth of the scar. Usually it is about 6 months.

Cream-gel «Sladoled» Dr. Kirov

Product based on hyaluronic acid and extract of tea tree has perfectly approved itself in the treatment of acne. Gel well reduces inflammation and stimulates regeneration processes in the skin that allows you to prevent new scars. Also, the cream improves skin color. «Sleazed» is applied to problem areas several times a day and leave until completely absorbed.

Gel «Zeraderm Ultra»

The drug is a silicone gel, which is aimed at thinning and softening of the tissue of the scar. The tool has anti-allergic action and great fights itching. In its composition contains Vitamin K and E, Coenzyme Q10. Manufacturer «Zeraderm Ultra» knows how to get rid of scars.

The product is taken immediately after the removal of stitches and for treatment of scars, which appeared in place of burns and trauma or after skin lesions of varicella or infectious diseases. Apply the gel at the lash should be used twice a day. The course can range from several weeks to 6 months.

Silicone gel «Dermatix»

Drug from the American company Advanced Bio-Technologies Inc. gives a great opportunity to not only get rid of new scars, but also on old scars. Also «Dermatix» improves the appearance of the skin and eliminates itching. The tool is applied in a thin layer on affected area twice a day for two months.

Ointment «Rescuer» from scars after burns

Active components means activates the regeneration of tissue and promote rapid healing of injuries. «Lifeguard» has antibacterial, moisturizing, resolving and analgesic effect. The ointment is excellently absorbed by the skin. It is applied on washed and dried the damaged area with a thick layer under the bandage.

Cream «Klirvin» stains and scars on the skin

The drug has shown its effectiveness in fighting stretch marks, scars and age spots. Regular use brings excellent results. «The Klirvin» contains extracts of Indian medicinal plants such as Tulsi, turmeric, Vacha and him. The cream deeply penetrates and revitalizes your skin while enriching the cells with oxygen and improving blood circulation. Apply on the problem area should be used twice a day for three to four weeks.

How to get rid of scars the child

Scars in children are not always bright and noticeable. Very often they stand out against the background of the skin and bring a lot of inconvenience to the child. It is not only about feelings of tightness and itching, but also about the psychological discomfort because of the unpleasant appearance of the scar. Timely treatment of scars in children will help to avoid many problems.

Experts do not recommend for the treatment of scars in children use aggressive treatments such as grinding or laser surgery. Scars young sensitive skin is accomplished using special gels and ointments.

Gel «Fermenkol»

If the question arose, how to get rid of scars on baby’s delicate skin, you should pay attention to the body «Fermenkol». This tool is one of the most effective to combat post-traumatic defects of the skin. Gel you can use at home. It eliminates the discomfort and gives connective tissue elasticity.

A well proven such medicines as «Allantoin», a Heparin ointment and «Contractubex».

Getting rid of scars at home is a painless process that will save the family budget. If self-treatment scarring have not yielded the desired result, for help you need to see a doctor.