When you need to get rid of moles: causes and types of these tumors. Safe ways of getting rid of moles

Attitude to mole people is ambiguous.

For someone nevus means God’s mark, and someone the original stain creates a unique and special charm.

But those people who are fortunate enough to become the owner of an unusual and dangerous moles, and located in inconvenient places, have to find efficient ways how to get rid of moles.

Moles: causes and types

With the physiological side of the mole is not simply a defect of the skin, and this benign tumor. However, the majority of moles do not pose a threat to human health. The question of the removal of moles can occur with the occurrence of an inconvenience:

1. Discomfort provoked by moles that are exposed to friction or peeling.

2. Aesthetic appearance of moles, especially hanging, loose and pigmented.

3. Unnatural growth of moles.

The number of moles on the body increases with age. Congenital nevi are rare. The appearance of moles affects genetic predisposition. A child whose parents have large numbers of moles, prone to their appearance.

Throughout life, the number and appearance of spots on the body is constantly changing. Moles can appear anywhere on the body. Besides, they can be convex, as well as change its color and shape.

On the formation of nevi can be affected by:

1. Endocrine changes in the body, which explains the abundant occurrence of moles in the period of adolescence and during pregnancy.

2. Dermatological diseases, such as rash, irritation and pimples which provokes inflammatory changes in the epidermis.

3. Prolonged exposure to sunlight on the skin. Sun exposure is not recommended for people susceptible to the emergence and growth of nevi.

Doctors recommend to observe the change in the number and especially the condition of the mole. When unnatural changes it is advisable to visit a dermatologist.

The issues related to the removal of moles, arise quite often. But the process for elimination of such defects will depend on the type of mole. There are certain types of formations in which to engage in self-removal of moles can be quite dangerous.

Classification of moles depends on the physiological characteristics of education. You can highlight the main common types of nevi:

1. Purchased. This files most often have education, which appears in the course of a lifetime, do not cause discomfort and do not threaten. Such nevi in medicine referred to as nevus of the ordinary.

2. Atypical. These relate to dysplastic nevi. They differ a suspicious size, and color. Sometimes reach quite large sizes and can have quite a strange shape. Upon detection of such education requires urgent advice, as this moles quite often degenerates into melanoma.

3. Birthmark. These formations belong to the innate. One person in a hundred is born with such marks. Such spots have different color, and their size can vary from tiny and barely noticeable to huge. Doctors warn that the likelihood of skin cancer in people with congenital moles with a large size, is quite large.

4. Apidologie. This is a rare unusual formations of pink color, having round shape and protruding above the surface of the skin. They are quite similar to the melanoma. In addition, these nevi often bleed, itch and produce peculiar smell.

How to get rid of moles: drugs

The ideal option of removing moles is medical or cosmetic help. Moreover, modern technologies allow this process to be done quite painless and leaves no surgical scars. However, if you decide to breed a mole by yourself, it is advisable to play it safe and consult with your dermatologist about the quality of moles to be removed.

To remove a mole, you can try to use a solution of weak acids. These substances are specifically created to carry out such procedures. Acidic solutions can without a prescription purchase pharmacy.

To handle such funds must be carefully and accurately observe the requirements set out in the instructions. By careless handling solution, the probability of damage to healthy skin, located directly next to the mole. For applying the acid solution used special tools that are included with medication. Acid preparations are available as liquid solutions, patches, creams, lotions and tampons.

Often for getting rid of moles is applied salicylic acid.

Acid methods sometimes help to completely get rid of unwanted moles. However, some patients obtained only reduce the size of unnatural education.

Dermatologists suggest to remove the moles is to apply at home drug BIO Actually is a drug consisting of a collection of herbs with mineral salts that helps to deal with moles and other skin defects.

This product should be applied on the mole, avoiding the surrounding areas. Processed education is in the armband. The effect of the drug begins immediately. To get rid of moles this way you can in just 5 days.

How to get rid of moles: traditional recipes

Traditional healers propose methods that allow or eliminate mole to lighten or education, making it less noticeable.


Garlic contains specific enzymes that can actually dissolve the mole. This action is due to the splitting of clusters of cells, forming an unnatural spot.

For removal of moles should be twice a day apply it a thin slice of fresh garlic. To completely remove the mole, the procedure is repeated until seven days.

As a therapeutic agent also used garlic paste, which is prepared by grinding on a grater or in a food processor. This paste should be applied on the mole under the bandage at night. Garlic repeat sessions throughout the week.


Juice therapy helps to cope with the problem of abnormal moles. For these purposes, suitable juices that contain sour and also astringent components. These chemicals act on the cells, corroding them. As a result of treatment a mole may dry up and disappear completely.

1. Apple juice applied three times a day for the removal of moles. For the full course of treatment may require repeat procedures for three weeks.

2. Onion juice is smeared on the mole to 4 times per day and can withstand up to 40 minutes. Then the juice the affected area should be wiped with a wet swab.

3. Pineapple juice is applied overnight. The mole can also be applied and pineapple slices.

4. A mixture of pomegranate juice with lime juice applied on the mole also at night. In this case the top slurry is necessary to fix the bandage. In the morning wash off the mixture.


You can prepare a healing salve, which is a part of soda and a few drops of castor oil. Ointment thoroughly mixed to obtain a homogeneous paste. Applied this ointment under the bandage on all night. Repeat treatment sessions are required to ensure complete removal of nevus, which may need up to 10 treatments.

How to get rid of moles in a young child?

Congenital moles have a baby is not cause for undue alarm. However, if the nevus is an unnatural form or prevents the child often susceptible to peeling, scratching and chafing from a mole have to get rid of.

Independently engage in the removal of moles in a child dangerous. Children’s skin is more delicate and is likely exposed to the people’s pharmacy or corrosive substances damage and the appearance of additional dermatologic problems.

In addition, when the removal of moles in young children, there is a risk of formation of colloidal scars during adolescence. Therefore, the mole removal in babies is resorted to only for medical indications in the clinic.

Do not engage in the breeding of dangerous, unnatural, bloody, inflamed mole. Still nevus is a tumor, though benign. Therefore, entrust this problem to professionals.