How to get rid of ingrown hairs in the intimate area and legs. Remedies to get rid of ingrown hairs after shaving, and hair removal shugaring

There is not one woman who would not face with the problem of ingrown hairs after epilation.

Moreover, it looks very unsightly, especially on the eve of the bathing season.

Ingrown hairs can cause inflammation and the frequent appearance of uneven skin pigmentation.

Ingrown hairs after epilation

The problem is that artificially plucked hair is growing much thinner, weakened. On the one hand, this is good: it is less noticeable on the skin, and thus apelrovitz have much less. On the other, because of their oblivinati hair shaft can not break through the dense scales of the skin and grows horizontally in the dermis. The process is often accompanied by inflammation, abscess formation.

After epilation, the skin becomes rougher and thicker, which further exacerbates the problem. The most common issue found in women with dry or dehydrated skin tan. Ingrown hairs after epilation appear as black dots, and in active growth – as dark subcutaneous hairlines. If the infection gets inside, the follicle can become inflamed, and in the background there is often itching scratching, scabs, scars. To avoid this, it is important to know. How to get rid of ingrown hairs.

Women with dark coarse hair suffer from ingrown more often than blondes. In addition to the density of the protective layer of the skin causes ingrowth can be:

• damaged during improperly performed hair removal bulb;

• disturbed hormonal (endocrine diseases, the first phase of the menstrual cycle) with excessive production of estrogen;

• overgrown hair channel as a result of injuries sustained in an epilation;

• the breaking of the hairs below the epidermal layer, when properly conducted procedure;

• shaving with a blunt razor against the hair growth;

• the wearing of the oppressive, not breathable synthetic underwear or clothing immediately after the procedure.

In the latter case ingrown hairs after epilation – it is a reaction to the excess moisture with a violation of the normal process of evaporation.

For hair removal at home, use the wax strips or wax, sugaring, home appliance, razor, chemical products (creams, mousses). Each method can result in ingrown hairs and inflammation.

To not have to get rid of ingrown hair, we must first master the technique of the procedure. It often depends not only on the result in the form of smooth leather, and consequences. When using wax strips, you need to follow certain rules:

• handle the skin with a disinfectant, and after it dries – baby powder. This will eliminate the slipping of the hairs, their breaking;

• spread the wax in direction of hair growth;

• apply a smooth and carefully woven strip over the wax;

• an abrupt movement remove the strip against the hair growth;

• the remaining hairs removed with tweezers;

• skin treating cosmetic with a damp cloth or cloth soaked in sterile vegetable oil.

Before carrying out the wax that you need to steam the skin, taking a bath, RUB the affected area hard with a washcloth, to programirovanii the skin. This will help to remove dead skin cells, lift upper scales of the skin, and pulling hair will be easier. No hair channel, not the bulb will not be damaged, and hence will minimize the risk of ingrowth.

Razor can also cause ingrown hairs. The blade must be perfectly sharp. To use the men’s machines, foam or gel for shaving is not recommended. Skin of women is more delicate, it may be difficult to react as the blade itself, and the components of cosmetic means for men.

When epilating the special household appliance is a mechanical removal of hairs. Unfortunately, this method often leads to ingrown hairs. Too many additional conditions and damage if handled incorrectly skin a lot. The surface you need to prepare: massage, hard sponge, brush or programirovanie (you can use broken organic coffee, coarse sea salt). After hair removal is necessary to apply a special remedy for ingrowth.

Ingrown hair after shugaring

Sugaring is considered to be more gentle compared to wax or mechanical epilation method. The composition of the sugar product contains emollient and disinfectant components. In addition, there are critical differences in the methodology: hair removal vs not, and in the course of their growth.

However, the main reason for the occurrence of ingrown hairs after shugaring remains the same: damage to the channel and the bulb of the hair due to improper removal. To avoid this really hard. For example, the armpit hair grows in eight different directions. So as not to cause ingrowth, we have to know them and treat the skin separate small zones.

It is believed that frequent systematic exfoliation prevents ingrown hairs. In fact it is not. Schelokova dead skin cells, scrub with excessive use damage the surface of the dermis, causing increased skin regeneration. This leads to the fact that the dermal layer is increased to enhance the protective functions. A thickened upper layer of the dermis, in turn, prevents fine hairs to reach the top.

How to get rid of ingrown hairs that appeared after shugaring? The easiest way is to steam the surface of the skin in a warm bath or shower and make superficial mechanical exfoliation. The quality of the product for exfoliation will suit and industrial cosmetic scrub, and the second brew ground coffee with home-made mixture of cereals, flour, herbs and spices (ubtan).

You can do without the scrub. After steaming, the skin should be thoroughly rubbed hard sponge, synthetic gloves for the shower. After removing the top, the most dense layer of the dermis, it is possible to lighten your hair «way up». Repeating the process through the day in five to seven days to see obvious changes. It is important to remember the softening and hydration of the skin after the scrub. Treated areas be sure to soften light cream, milk or lotion.

If ingrown hairs appear inflammation, skrabirovanie the skin in this place is impossible. How to get rid of ingrown hairs in this case? First remove the inflammation. This can be done using the same anti-inflammatory agent, which is applied on the pimples. Most often it contains salicylic acid, tea tree oil or Manuka, etc. When the swelling goes down, you can perform the procedure of steaming and peeling.

In any case, you cannot use abrasive compounds on inflamed skin. If you put in the festering sores of the infection can cause extensive inflammation. In addition, the site of the abscess often appears devoid of pigment white spots – evidence of serious damage bulblets. This place stopped working melanocytes cells responsible for normal pigmentation of the skin.

Ingrown hair after shugaring is not uncommon. Better to prepare for the procedure, to avoid trouble. Experts recommend to take a deep peeling of the skin for two or three days before the scheduled procedure, and then two weeks later, after conducting a shugaring. Immediately before the impact should be limited to light peeling to remove dead skin cells.

So the effect lasted longer, did not appear unsightly ingrown hairs, you can buy a special tool for slowing down hair growth and against ingrowth.

For the first time confronted with the problem, inexperienced girl trying to solve it completely wrong ways. Of course, I want as soon as possible to get rid of ingrown hair, but it should be done wisely and carefully. Banned the following faulty actions:

• do not try to squeeze the hair with your fingers. Pressure on the follicle damages it suffer the underlying cells of the dermis in the course of the ingrown hair. In place of extruding the skin is damaged, it causes inflammation, swelling, ugly bruise;

• use the sewing needle, too, is impossible, especially without prior disinfection «tool» and the skin surface. Infection is such a barbaric way possible, and inflammation will have to seriously treat.

If ingrowth after shugaring is too extensive, it is better to abandon this method, at least for a few months. If the problem persists, you will have to find another way of getting rid of unwanted hair.

Ingrown hairs in the bikini area

Hair removal in the bikini area is the most delicate and sought-after procedures. The skin of the intimate area is very delicate and sensitive, and ingrown hairs it is highly undesirable. And yet this problem appears quite often and after wax and after shugaring, and after the epilator. Feature that ingrown hairs manifests itself most often with abscess or red dense mound.

To solve the problem of hard peelings are unlikely: to get rid of ingrown hairs in the bikini area, you’ll have to remove them manually. We must act like this:

• pre-steam the skin in the tub with soothing foam, salt, essential oils;

• the skin in the affected area to treat alcohol;

• sterile medical needle previously immersed in alcohol, to open the abscess and pull on the surface of the hair;

• with the treated with alcohol tweezers to pull it:

• disinfect the wound with alcohol;

• apply antiseptic solution.

It is strictly forbidden to squeeze the ingrown hair in the bikini area and ulcers of the fingers, it can lead to infection wounds and serious consequences. In such a delicate area of inflammation to anything. After removing the hairs the wound can be periodically cleaned with antiseptic. Well suited to handling the delicate skin with a solution of chlorhexidine or salicylic acid.

If the wax, the sugar composition or the appliance systematically give the effect of ingrowth, it is necessary to abandon this method and go back to shaving. Problems with it, usually much less. Shaving dry skin without the use of special funds impossible, but the soap will not work. Well, if the razor is disposable, but high quality. Gel or foam for shaving well will moisturize, soften, soothe the skin, ensure easy sliding of blade. Shave only in the direction of hair growth otherwise the inflammation can not be avoided. After the procedure the skin to soothe and moisturize.

In any case, after waxing or shaving bikini area must observe the following rules:

• within three days, wearing synthetic, tight, rubbing linen. Chafing, and lack of proper access of air will provoke the inflammation, ingrown hairs. Until the skin calms down, you have to cherish her, to wear cotton, soft, loosely attached panty;

• during the day not to wear nylon tights, skinny jeans, tight trousers;

• the first few days to avoid visiting the Sunnah, sauna, swim in open water, exposure to direct sunlight.

Ideally, you should limit sexual intimacy up until the redness is completely gone. Ingrown hairs in the bikini area is guaranteed not to occur if preventive measures.

Ingrown hair on legs

With the problem of ingrown hair on legs to bleed much easier. The skin is more rough, so a delicate balancing act is not required. If the growing at an early stage and appears as a black dot, above which is formed a layer of dense epithelium, requires intensive scrubbing.

With this, you can use sea salt, the pain and the hydrogen peroxide. Specially prepared formulations will help solve the problem quickly and get rid of ingrown hairs with the greatest efficiency.

Sea salt and essential oil

You will need sea salt, your favorite essential oil (lavender, sandalwood, rose, orange) and a moisturizer. In addition, after the procedure you will also need salicylic acid and tincture of calendula.

Half a Cup of salt two teaspoons of oil and enough cream to make a fairly dense but well-distributed in the skin composition. Spread it over the skin, carefully grind the area of ingrowth. After five minutes, rinse with warm water, rinse with cold, blot with a clean cloth. Apply disinfectant solution by mixing 100 ml of alcohol and 50 ml of tincture. When the alcohol mixture evaporates, the skin soothing emollient oil or regular baby cream.

Badyaga plus hydrogen peroxide

Also very good composition, which helps to cope with ingrown hair on the legs. Peroxide and pharmacy badyagu mix in approximately equal proportions and to process the ingrown hairs. Get a chemical peel, which will dissolve the upper epidermal layer.

Might feel a tingling, slight burning. This is a normal reaction. But the appearance of severe pain requires immediate cessation of the procedure: the composition is an urgent need to wash off. Keep the mixture on the skin for fifteen minutes, then wash off and cause emollient.

Chemical peeling of badyagi very intense effect on the skin, and the hair will come out two days later. However, no sores, no redness on the skin appears. However, prolonged exposure of the skin options causes increased hair growth, so be zealous not worth it. Otherwise you’ll have to do hair removal more often than I want to.

If the skin showed a deep ingrown hair (thick red buds, seal), without the help of radical methods can not do. Required to open the resulting capsule, extract and delete the thread. The sequence of actions is the same as removing the abscess with ingrown hairs in the bikini area:

• to steam the skin;

• to handle tools with alcohol;

• pry the balance of the medical needle;

• pull out it with tweezers;

• treating the skin with an antiseptic solution.

Whichever method of extraction of ingrown hairs nor were used, the main thing – to avoid complications. If some method, even the most fashionable, works on your skin badly, causing inflammation, ingrown, it should immediately be abandoned. For self procedure of hair removal should be carefully observed performing the technique and to prevent ingrowth.