How to get rid of hair on legs: the effective methods! What are the ways of getting rid of hair on legs have terrible consequences?

That just will not do modern women in search of how to get rid of leg hair!

And the thing that soft and silky skin of the feet is recognized as one of the attributes of femininity and beauty.

Let’s find out what methods of hair removal it is better to use and which are hazardous to health.

Long and slim legs attract all men without exception.

And, despite the fact that many men are not particularly examined the presence of vegetation on most of these legs, women do not get tired to wrestle, inventing, how to get rid of hair.

It is advisable not to hurt the skin, to a quick and lasting effect, even for the cheap price. Unfortunately, inexpensive you can try to remove hair from legs only at home, since the salon methods are quite expensive.

But before you get rid of hair on the legs, pay attention to their rate of growth and the abundance of «vegetation» in unwanted places. Sometimes excessive hairiness is not just a physiological feature, and a consequence of disorders in the hormonal system. If the hair began to grow, with more and darkened, and pohrebeni, as soon as possible to go to the doctor and to perform hormonal. It is possible that after appropriate medical correction problem hairiness will disappear by itself.

The rest of the owners of the unsightly nature «vegetation» on the legs you’ll have to find the most appropriate way for her to «win». Actually there are many ways, but are they all safe?!

How to get rid of hair on legs: folk remedies

Dear girls and women! In search of beauty not grab for everything, be careful! There is a very dangerous «folk recipes», after which even intensive care measures do not help!


A very simple recipe that I suggest on different forums and websites, to brew Datura ordinary boiling water and put a bandage (cotton swab) cool the broth for depileve place. The worst thing in these recipes that is often recommended for hair removal from the lower part of the body to take sitz bath in a strong solution of grass.

The results do not keep itself waiting long: the skin with abundant «spiderweb» from the capillaries, severe dizziness, vomiting, loss of consciousness and paralysis. If you have time to do a quick blood purification in intensive care, then it will take at least three days. If time does not react, it is possible even death.

And most importantly: will there be any unwanted hair after this procedure? Hardly!

A solution of potassium permanganate

There is a theory of the effectiveness of the manganese solution for hair removal like on legs and bikini area. She went, say, from the recommendations of the obstetrician after childbirth even today, some women are prescribed multiple frequent washing away the faint pink solution to disinfect wounds. Experienced by women, past this the hard way, figured out how to get rid of hair on the legs, because after these treatments the hair started rapidly falling out.

Indeed, the frequent use of a solution of manganese can experience hair loss, but the impact will affect the skin – it will go brown, most likely, in parts (especially with an overdose of manganese), will become dry and can start flaking. Frankly, it’s not the best idea of the struggle with unwanted hair.


Yes, there are simple and accessible to everyone substances that can influence the condition and growth of hair, without causing any harm.

The notorious «talker»: mix 2 ml of liquid ammonia, 35 ml medical alcohol (ethanol), 5 ml of castor oil and 1.5 ml of iodine, thoroughly stirred up,. Definitely need to wait till the color of iodine and the mixture is clear. The proceeds applied to the skin after the epilation, it is better – a couple of times a day. «Talker» inhibits hair follicles, the hair stops growing. The recipe is effective, but there is a great risk of allergic reactions and irritation, it is impossible to use also for people with dry skin type.

The usual pumice

Ancient and effective method that requires perseverance and time. The point is this: during every shower steamed skin of the foot rubbing for a few minutes with a pumice stone. But this does not mean to grate up wounds – we are talking about light, neat movements. The hair actually disappear, but this will require multiple repetitions of the procedure.


The green rind of the nuts has a destructive effect on the hair roots as infusion (decoction) of partitions walnut (pine) nuts. The hair stops growing, but the procedure should be performed many times. The effect is accelerated if the lubricating means of the skin immediately after epilation.

There is a caveat: green peel severely and permanently stain the treated skin, so in the summer way, to put it mildly, inappropriate.

How to get rid of leg hair: shaving and waxing

Probably the most popular is still the way to get rid of hair on legs – shaving legs. The effectiveness of hair removal with a razor is 100%. The main procedure – the quality of shaving products (gel, cream, foam, lotion), and the razor. One-off machines too shave hairs, but they do so unevenly and not deeply enough. This problem led to the appearance on the market of special machines «for women,» which provide optimal shaving.

The method is very quick, painless, and not very expensive. But there is a flip side to the coin. After shave (even the best straight razor) hair grow quickly. Usually two days later, you receive the bristles and the need to repeat the procedure. In addition, if mishandled, even the «safe» machine, you can severely hurt yourself. And after shaving for many women, the hair begins to grow into the skin, and in this place can form abscesses.

But if handled with care and humility, with the regularity of the procedure, it becomes a habit, like brushing your teeth, and taken for granted.

After shaving it is good to lubricate the skin with a mixture of olive oil with lemon – it slows down hair growth, relieves irritation and keeps the skin soft.

How to get rid of leg hair: depilatory creams, waxing, sugaring

When there is a sense in the cream?

Depilatory cream is sold everywhere, and the choice is great. The cream allows you to quickly remove the hair without damaging the skin in the area of hair removal. The cream acts as a solvent – the hair becomes soft and easily detached from the root.

Method, usually painless, is applied to the desired location of the cream with a special spatula (enclosed in package), wait until a certain time, specified by the manufacturer, and rinse the substance with warm water. The effect of the cream lasts a bit longer than a razor.

But like any other method, hair removal cream has features. The creams contains the active ingredient, sulfur, which gives them an unpleasant odor and can cause, combined with other ingredients, skin intolerance or allergies.

To prevent complications, it is better to conduct a sensitivity test on the skin of the arm at the elbow to apply the cream for a couple of hours. If the skin in this spot is not red, not itchy and no rash, the cream can be safely used.

Wax for getting rid of hair on legs

With a strong desire salon hair removal procedure can be successfully carried out at home, but there are some risks. Indeed, in stores widely available sold wax strips, and the «professional» wax, but they need to be able to use it. First, wax is applied to the skin hot, and the inexperience may cause serious burns. Second, the procedure is very painful, and in the salons often use the sprays pain relievers. Thirdly, if tampering after waxing hair grow and form pustules.

Sugaring or sugar hair removal paste

At home sugaring, too, initially few interested in how to get rid of leg hair, but more and more gaining adherents to this method. Advantage of its relative cheapness and effectiveness.

The paste is prepared as follows:

1. mix a pound of sugar, 40 ml lemon juice and 50 ml of water in a small saucepan (with lid),

2. on a small fire under the hood melted the sugar for 6 minutes, stir again, cover with a lid;

3. after 6 minutes the lid of the pan off and cook pasta, stirring occasionally, for another 14-15 minutes until the color of amber;

4. pour (a must!) the finished product in a bowl with a tight fitting lid.

If paste be left in the pan, it will digest and will burn.

The finished paste is applied on the skin and carry it waxed, and if the consistency recolata, you can use hair removal strips, tearing them with hairs.

A combined method

Super effect promises a combination of epilation (pulling out) with the application of a depilatory cream. After careful processing of the desired surface using the epilator, shugaring, wax, in a pinch, tweezers, on this same surface after two hours, apply the cream for depilation. Works in principle, any cream, but the best way to cope «Veet 3 minutes», especially for sensitive areas. After this treatment the bulk of the hairs cease to grow. As doing these procedures at the «antiquated» hairs, they will be less.

But do not use the cream longer than specified by the manufacturer, as it can be strong chemical burn. And another: method is not working the shaved hair, the effect will be only after complete removal with the subcutaneous core.

How to get rid of leg hair: epilation and other drastic measures

If you talk about drastic measures in the home, it’s a normal epilator, which is a clipper-type razors instead of blades which has a lot of tweezers. They rotate rapidly and massively pull the hair from the root. The epilator can use not all – women with sensitive skin and lots of hair will not endure pain during the procedure.

Salon treatments

Electrolysis is also very painful, but it guarantees the absence of hair for a long time. Although endocrine disorders it is also not stand – the hair will grow back.

Laser removal. Today is one of the most effective and safe methods. However, the laser does not remove the bleached and gray hair, and will need up to 10 treatments (and they are not cheap).

Elos Motif HR – can we say, innovation. The apparatus removes not only dark, but light and thin hair. It affects radio and light energy to the hair shaft, heating it along with the onion. The latter are completely destroyed and hair no longer grows. The method is effective, but expensive.

Epilation – removal of hair with a high-velocity round light, destroying the hair follicle with heat energy. You can use almost everyone, with any hair color and most sensitive skin.

So, lovely ladies, there is no reason to despair – the space for action is very wide, and it’s not all ways how to get rid of leg hair! Try, and you will definitely find a way to make your legs irresistible!