How to get rid of facial hair permanently: modern and traditional methods. How to get rid of facial hair forever!

Hair growth on the face – problem that concerns many women.

Especially often it concerns the area above the upper lip.

Some females have hair in that area, but they are invisible.

Others have dark hairs, hard to the touch and rapidly growing.

Facial hair in women: why they grow

This process begins in the teenage years, but often unnoticed. During menopause it is enhanced. The hairs start to grow rapidly above the upper lip, chin, ears.

Causes enhanced body hair growth faces are different:

• Improper functioning of the endocrine system

• Thyroid disease

• Problems with the adrenal glands.

There are other causes of the disease:

• Genetic predisposition

• Excessive and systematic overheating of the face (paraffin, long stay in the tanning bed, hot packs)

• Long-term use of cosmetics or pharmaceutical preparations containing tar, mercury, hormonal components.

• The nationality of women (European girls are less likely to face such a problem, but the representatives of Caucasian Nations have body hair on the face, which has nothing to do with the hormonal background of the organism).

The most appropriate approach to determining the causes of heavy hair growth on face will be to consult a doctor-endocrinologist. Having a number of studies answering the questions of the professional, may become apparent in the true causes of such undesirable phenomena.

Whatever the reasons for the growth of facial hair, no woman will want to have your own moustache or beard. So many females wonder how to get rid of facial hair forever.

How to get rid of facial hair permanently: achievements of cosmetology

The violation of human health when the hair intensively begin to grow on the face, called hypertrichosis and requires treatment by qualified personnel.

Today many beauty salons offer their services to solve the problem.

Most commonly used to remove unwanted hair procedures:

Hair removal with a laser beam. Directed beam of laser light affect the roots of hairs, causing them to die. The body understands in its own way and after some time the hair will grow back in the same place, if not repeat the process 6-7 times. In this case, unwanted «vegetation» persons will be removed permanently.

Photoepilation. The hairs on impact point of the light pulses. This procedure results in the destruction of hair follicles. Different session is painless, lasts about 40 minutes. Customers striking face hair removal, you feel a slight tingling sensation.

Electrolysis. Is using a thin electrode, which is introduced into the hair follicle. Thus the latter lends itself to high temperature, which destroys the hair root. After this procedure it will not grow in this place ever.

Cosmetic procedures to remove unwanted hair of the face is really effective, but only when they are out by a qualified specialist, responsible for its activities.

How to get rid of facial hair permanently: home methods

There are reasons in every woman’s life that do not allow to use the services of beauty salons. But beautiful and well-groomed wants to be everything. In this case, it is necessary to solve the problem at home.

Mankind used to seek solution to the problems, resorting to the use of different methods and approaches. Remove manifestations of hypertrichosis is no exception.

So how to get rid of facial hair permanently having in your Arsenal only handy tools and some plants? Come to the aid of tried and tested applications available, but none the less effective compound.

Hydrogen peroxide and liquid soap

Treatment of problem areas with hydrogen peroxide and soap solution – process, wherein a reliability, and minimum cost of time and money.

A five-minute procedure should be carried out daily. To do this you must wet the cotton with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and liquid soap, taken in equal amounts. This cotton pad is necessary to treat areas of the face is covered with vellus hair. They become less noticeable, fading, thinning.

Depilation using wax

To buy this wax can be in specialized stores. It is sold in the form of tablets or plates that must first be melted, then applied to problem areas of the face. The wax needs to harden. Need one jerk to derail the album, which will be removed and unwanted «vegetation». This procedure is pain, but this simple way the hair is permanently removed from problem areas.

Traditional medicine has not remained aloof from such exciting problems of the female half of humanity. Ordinary plants and handy tools can remove hair from the face permanently.


It can be used in several ways:

• Immature nut need to be cut in two. Juice, speaking on the cut, it is recommended to RUB the unwanted hair. If you daily carry out such a simple procedure, superfluous hair from the face will be removed forever.

• Soon as the nuts are ripe, they need to take 7-10 pieces and grind well. To this mass add 1 tbsp of tar, the mixture is placed in a closed vessel and put in a dark place for a month. If the received infusion to wipe the hairs, they will stop growing.

Soap ash

Ash sieved through a sieve with small holes, to her add boiling water and powdered soap. Formed a rather thick pasty mixture. It is used as compresses on the affected areas with hair. They are removed for a short period of time.

Stinging nettle

The seeds of this plant (40 g) are well pulverized. Thereto was added 100 ml of sunflower oil. The mixture insist in a dark place for 2 months from the date of preparation. The hair will disappear after several treatments such folk remedy.

Wild grapes

Juice from unripe berries to lubricate those areas of the skin where unwanted hairs are growing. Sensitive skin will not suffer from such funds.

How to get rid of facial hair permanently and do not hurt the skin

Sometimes women as possible to remove unwanted vegetation from the face, apply ways, causing considerable damage to the skin.

To avoid this from happening, you need to follow a few simple rules for cleansing the hair:

1. It is forbidden to shave the hair on the face, as the skin in women in this area are much gentler than men. Not only that, the hairs will start to grow even more intense, will become thicker, so it is possible to cause irritation that way.

2. You can’t rip out the hair with tweezers. Then can get inflammation in the areas where damaged hair follicles. Face will become unsightly, in addition, the skin will itch.

3. Should not be used to achieve the goal iodine, as it can easily burn.

4. If a woman is asked to remove the excess hair on the face, she needs to stop using oily cream. It has a positive effect on hair follicles, making the hair grow even more intense.

It is important to know! If the doctor during clinical studies reveal that the hair is actively growing on the face as a result of a disease, strictly forbidden to remove them. In this case, the harm can bring as homemade treatments and sessions in the beauty parlor. It is therefore very important before applying any funds to find out the real cause of hair growth in unwanted places.

Every woman wants to be beautiful and attractive. But not always aesthetic appearance of the face is given to individuals of the fair sex without overcoming difficulties. Unwanted facial hair can bring significant discomfort to both girls and older women.

Thinking over how to get rid of facial hair forever, in any case, do not despair, rush to the little-known ways to solve this problem. After all, an experienced endocrinologist will help to understand the cause of this «vegetation», and the use of cosmetic procedures or home remedies will remove excess facial hair women of any age.