How to get rid of cellulite on legs and butt. Exercises and routines (with pictures): how to get rid of cellulite on butt and legs

With an unpleasant «orange peel» faced by almost every representative of the fairer sex.

Cellulite gives its owner a lot of inconvenience and psychological, and aesthetic. But to get rid of this unpleasant phenomenon is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.

There are several approaches to solving the question of how to get rid of cellulite on legs and butt.

The most popular and effective ones are discussed in the article.

Cellulite on legs and butt … how to get rid of: an integrated approach

It is a mistake to believe that you can get rid of cellulite completely, after a course of cosmetic services or anti-cellulite massage. «Orange peel» can be corrected only through an integrated approach. This means that for the destruction of the traces of cellulite will not only have to sweat in the gym, but to completely change your diet and lifestyle.

And if it seems that in this struggle for a beautiful body, a victory here will win the cellulite and laziness, is to find good moments in this difficult matter. Cosmetic services to improve the condition of the skin and destruction of the «orange peel», very nice. So why not allow yourself to be beautiful and to provide additional time spent at the beauty parlor?!

More specifically, a set of procedures that will help to get rid of cellulite on legs and butt, the following:

• Fat dissolving drugs, medicines

• Diet, nutrition

• Beauty treatments (wraps, massages, peels, etc.)

• Physical exercise

Cellulite on legs and butt … how to get rid of: drugs and diet

Especially strict rules of diet for getting rid of cellulite not. Do not have to sit on the starvation diet and survive only on liquid. The food must be balanced and divided.

Meals a day should be 5. The last of them in less than 4 hours before bedtime. It is better not to eat after 19.00, so as not to burden the stomach. Portions should be small. Food should be thoroughly chewed and not eat and run. If you can not eat – it is better to drink a protein shake. And of course we can not forget about the number of calories a woman needs 1800-2000 kcal per day in the normal rhythm of life. When losing weight it is better to reduce the number of calories to 1500.

A small amount of food does not mean that you can have everything in a row. At the time of weight loss from the diet should exclude fried, smoked, fatty, sweet and starchy foods. Ideally, to exclude such foods from the diet altogether.

More is to eat fruits, especially citrus. Vitamin C contained in citrus fruits in large quantities, helps to strengthen the skin, tones it. The same functions are performed by vitamin a, therefore, the diet is better to include vegetables and fruits rich in these vitamins. Grapefruit, for example, contains large amounts of both vitamin, so so valued by people who want to lose weight.

Special attention should be paid to the amount of fluids you drink. Only water per day you must drink at least 1.5 liters. Besides water, the diet must necessarily include soups, broths, juices, fruit drinks, fruit drinks and so on. Juices should not be used purchase, healthier to make fresh juice from unsweetened fruit or vegetables.

Of great importance in the struggle for a beautiful body has and lifestyle. If you want to get rid of «orange peel», you need to quit Smoking, avoid frequent alcohol consumption and to minimize the consumption of coffee. Alcohol can be used occasionally, perfect wine, red, white or pink, does not matter. And the beer and spirits need to exclude permanently. Coffee is also not strictly prohibited. Is instant coffee better to drink real coffee, but not more than 1 Cup a day.

Changing habits and diet to cleanse the body of toxins in a short time will not succeed. Therefore it is better to connect to this process medicinal drugs. Body cleansing is important to losing weight. Will help even ordinary charcoal. The dose of this drug is calculated on the basis of weight – 1 tablet for every 10kg. I said 3 days to start the process of cleansing the body.

There are medicinesthat girls like to use as the basis for home body wraps. The most common ones:

• Capsicum

• Aminophylline

• Dimexide

The principle of action of these drugs one or all of these drugs a vasodilator. But in any case it is impossible to put these drugs under a plastic wrap and leave for a long time. The popularity of cling film for wrapping at home is based on the effectiveness of this tool. But we should not delude ourselves that effective method. This method of weight loss can cost a lot of health problems. Long wraps cling film threat, especially for people with a strong excess weight, as it creates additional load on the heart.

In addition to the above drugs, the popularity of caffeine in capsules, which can also be purchased at any pharmacy. Caffeine can be added to prepared anti-cellulite mask or applied on skin in its pure form. To keep the skin mask with caffeine is recommended not more than 1 hour.

In selling, there are pills that suppress hunger. But these are usually dispensed by prescription and only in very severe cases of obesity. While the principle of dietary supplements that claim to help in weight loss and getting rid of cellulite is to accelerate intestinal peristalsis. That is essentially the diet pills help to improve bowel function and does not affect weight. Healthier dietary Supplements to replace vegetables and fruits rich in fiber.

Cellulite on legs and butt … how to get rid of: beauty treatments

Range of treatments aimed at getting rid of cellulite is quite extensive. Especially popular are the following procedures:

• Ozone therapy

• Ultrasound therapy

• Lymphatic drainage

• Wraps

• Anti-cellulite massage

• Mesotherapy

The procedure for ozone therapy is administered under the skin of ozone-oxygen mixtures that accelerate the breakdown of fatty tissue.

Mesotherapy is performed in the same way in the problem areas introduced a special mixture that starts the process of breakdown of fats. These mixtures do not enter the blood. This means that in this procedure will not have side effects.

Ultrasound therapy is the impact of ultrasonic waves on tissues. This therapy is usually combined with the use of warming gels for greater efficiency.

Lymphatic drainage helps to remove excess fluid from the body. There are 4 varieties of this procedure:

• Pressotherapy — is the change of air pressure;

• Vacuum therapy is carried out by acting on the problem area with negative air pressure, which leads to increased blood circulation and increase metabolism;

• Muscle toning – application of current for muscle contraction;

• Manual lymphatic drainage is a manual massage, is the impact on lymph centers, which are located in the abdominal cavity and the inside of the chest.

Wraps are one of the most popular salon procedures. There are hot and cold wraps. Wastes, toxins and excess fluid are excreted through the pores of the skin, if you have made the procedure of hot wraps. In the case of cold body wrap – harmful substances and the fluid output through the kidneys and liver.

High efficiency famous wrap based on marine algae, often, these wraps do not only in salons, but at home. Also popular are the wraps on the basis of therapeutic mud, chocolate, honey and butter wraps. With oils you have to be careful, especially if the oil is scheduled to perform body wrap at home. Pharmacy oil clog pores and gernat the skin, so the procedure will not work.

It is important to remember that body wraps have a number of contraindications. Hot wraps are contraindicated for people suffering from varicose veins. Cold and hot packs can not be done in diseases of the heart and blood vessels, skin diseases, hypertension and gynecological diseases.

Anti-cellulite massage will help to get rid of cellulite on legs and butt for a short time. The impact on the problem areas occur different massage techniques. To help massage, maybe only at the initial stage of cellulite. If the cellulite in the third or fourth stage, will help only a comprehensive treatment.

Anti-cellulite massage is often performed using a variety of anti-cellulite means to enhance the effectiveness of the procedure. There should not be pain during the massage, and after should not be bruises on the body.

Do anti-cellulite massage there are a number of contraindications:

• Oncology, tumor

• Inflammation on the skin, Golikova education

• Vascular disease

• Violation of the integrity of the skin

• Breastfeeding

Cellulite on legs and butt … how to get rid of: exercises

Of course, the visible result that will not disappear after a short period of time, can not be achieved without physical exertion. To get rid of cellulite on legs and butt … got to do a variety of exercises: static and dynamic.

Static exercises are to muscle tension in the body, while active operations during such exercise is not made.

Dynamic exercises involve movement. Special attention should be paid to the cardio – running, training on a stationary bike. When these seemingly easy exercises are involved all muscle groups.

When dealing with cellulite on the buttocks and legs you must perform the following exercises:

1. Deep squat: feet put on width of shoulders, slightly to expand the socks apart, hands in front of him. In this position, sit as deeply as possible, exactly holding back, not pulling ahead. For the first time will be enough 15 sit-UPS 2 sets of each. If the exercise is easy, you can increase the number sit-UPS and/or approaches.

2. Lunges: feet shoulder width apart, hands on waist or with dumbbells at waist level. From the starting position slowly to make a wide step forward with one leg, the second leg to lower the knee. Slowly return to the starting position and repeat the exercise with the other leg. Keep your back straight, do not bend over. Do 10 lunges on each leg for 2 sets. If you need to increase the number of lunges and/or approaches.

3. Bicycle: lie with your back on the floor with legs bent at the knees to lift up, to simulate Cycling and your feet raised.

How to get rid of cellulite on legs and butt – a difficult question, but if you approach this issue comprehensively, the result is not to force yourself to wait long.