How to get rid of body hair permanently: the secret of velvety skin. Hair removal or … choose the method of getting rid of excess body hair

Beautiful hair, thick eyebrows, long eyelashes is a source of pride of every woman but unwanted vegetation brings worries and sorrow.

At all times the ladies tried to learn how to get rid of body hair permanently.

Consider the most known methods to achieve a perfectly smooth skin.

Body hair: growth

Human hair has a complex structure: the body and the root (the hair follicle). The follicle associated with the circulatory system, sebaceous ducts, nerve endings. To solve how to get rid of body hair permanently, it is necessary to influence it at the root. So waxing – removal of body hair above the skin is unable to cope with the task.

Instantly and to get rid of body hair permanently will not help any other cosmetic procedure. The hair follicle can be in three phases: active, transition and peace. The impact occurs in hair, in a state of active growth, the rest are not affected.

Depending on the individual characteristics, the need for repeated procedure must occur after some time from several months to half a year. The number of events to achieve the perfect result and the duration of the intervals between them may suggest cosmetologist, based on the density of hair, color of the skin of the patient. Over time, it is enough to visit the office once a year, the skin becomes well-groomed, smooth.

Not always the problem can be solved only with the help of cosmetic procedures. The girls on the body is dominated by lanugo, a fine hair. But 2-10 % of ladies suffer from excessive vegetation on the male type, when it is stiff and dark. Hair appears on the chin, shoulders, back, abdomen, around the nipples, thighs. This disease is called hirsutism and can be of different complexity. It occurs due to:

• genetic predisposition;

• racial features (of the representatives of the Mediterranean and Central Asia);

• side effect of medication;

• disorders of ovarian and adrenal glands.

In the latter case, before going to a beauty parlor, you should consult a gynecologist and endocrinologist, to undergo treatment.

How to get rid of body hair permanently: achievements of cosmetology

In recent decades, due to improvements in technology, the process of removing unwanted vegetation was the most effective and safe.

Following types of waxing:

• laser;

• photo;

• combination;

• electric;

• bio.

Laser hair removal allows to achieve excellent results, clean processing. The wavelength of the laser is aimed at a specific concentration of pigment in hair, so gray hair is not removed. Depending on the color of their skin and hair is individually selected kind of laser. More recently, this cosmetic procedure could use only the owner of dark hair and light skin. Today this service is available for all skin types.

Principle of the procedure: a transient pulse causes thermal destruction of the hair does not hurt in this surrounding tissue. Processed point each follicle in the spectrum of the laser. The wavelength is limited, does not penetrate deeper than the skin. When this possible discomfort, transient burning, redness.

The advantage of photoepilation is a large area of the treated surface. The working head combines complex radiation with a wide range of waves. A single flash destroys a large number of hairs. The drawback of the procedure is that not all follicles fall under the influence. Require more additional procedures to achieve the perfect smoothness of the skin.

ELOS is a methodthat combines the energy of optical and electromagnetic waves. Infrared waves heat the melanin in the hair. The absorption of thermal energy, high temperature, the conductivity of the follicle support the process of heating by electromagnetic radiation. At the peak temperature, the follicle is destroyed. This procedure admirably with a very light, puchkovoi, barely visible vegetation. The method is characterized by minimal risk of burns, pigmentation changes.

Electric epilation is considered one of the most effective. A thin needle is inserted directly into the follicle. Within fractions of a second electrode is energized. It completely destroys the hair and follicle.

Productivity and pain during electrolysis depend primarily on the skill of the beautician. The method deals with any vegetation. But since the impact point, it applies to local small areas.

It cooks include removal of unwanted vegetation using wax or sugar (sugaring). Even after the advent of modern technology, the methods remain very popular. Waxing is not recommended for persons suffering from varicose veins and rosacea.

This way of fighting for superpatch the skin have long been known. In Ancient Egypt women were concerned about how to get rid of body hair permanently and used for these purposes with hot wax.

Today the method is very popular due to its safety and low cost. The procedure is quite painful, the effect depends on the skill of the cosmetologist. Method can not solve the problem for a long time. Hair grow in 3-4 weeks.

This form of hair removal has a drawback: when you remove against the hair growth, there is a shift of the follicle. New hair making its way, and often meets an obstacle, e.g., the duct of the sebaceous gland. Produces inflammation and ingrown hairs.

This drawback is deprived of the sugaring – getting rid of vegetation using sugar paste. It is considered less painful and safer procedure. The temperature of the paste comfortable for the body, 37 degrees. The deletion takes place gently at the hair growth without inflammation and complications.

How to get rid of body hair forever’s

There are many recipes to lighten and reduce hair growth. Grind the shell of a burnt walnut, diluted with a small amount of water, hydrogen peroxide rubbed several times a day for a month. The hairs become thinner and lighter, slower growing. The same effect can be achieved by using a mixture of: 1.5 ml of iodine, 35 ml of rubbing alcohol, 5 ml of ammonia 5 ml of castor oil.

These methods do not solve the problem of how to get rid of body hair permanently. Ideal results are achieved with the help of cooks and trading at home. All methods require skill and patience.

Wax should be applied in the course of hair growth, and remove a paper towel in the opposite direction. It is important to respect this rule, otherwise there may be injury to the skin and undeleted hairs.

Sugar paste shugaring easily make your own. In metal ware it is necessary to heat 10 tablespoons of sugar and four tablespoons of lemon juice. Depending on the time of cooking is a mixture of different consistency. Recommended for epilation of arms and legs.

Trading great for removing unwanted vegetation on the body. The thread is tied in a knot and accurate motions are captured by any, even vellus hair.

How to get rid of body hair permanently and do not hurt yourself

Crucial to solve is the choice cosmetic center and master and compliance with the recommendations. Specialist can reduce pain and risks to a minimum. Hair removal can be carried out at inflammations, infections, allergic reactions, rashes, abrasions and cuts. Very neat relationships require the hairs on the moles.

Pregnancy, severe illness, conducted in recent months, anti-aging laser treatments – serious contraindications for hair removal. Before removing hair in the armpits using the method of ELOS laser hair removal it is advisable to consult a mammologist or endocrinologist.

If a woman sensitive to pain, you must immediately notify the beautician. Used before the procedure, anesthetic gel will help to make the process more comfortable. It is impossible to sunbathe during the month before and after laser hair removal. Medications, increasing the sensitivity of the skin to solar radiation, are banned. As the visit within a few days after the procedure, baths, saunas and a swimming pool.

When performing epilation in house conditions it is necessary to avoid injuries. The skin should be perfectly clean.