How to get rid of back acne: pharmacy and folk remedies. Cosmetologist advice: treat acne on back

The presence of acne on the back can be safely attributed not only to the cosmetic problem, but also to emotional.

The trouble escalated with the arrival of the warm time of the year when you have to remove the problem of concealing clothing.

Besides moral discomfort pimples on the back can cause soreness, itching, and even pus or blood.

To solve the problem of simple hygiene procedures is not always obtained.

Therefore it is necessary to find more effective methods to get rid of back acne.

Acne on back: causes

Usually the appearance of back acne is associated with puberty, when there is restructuring of the hormonal system. Therefore, the presence of dermatological rashes in adolescents is not a rare phenomenon. With age, this problem usually dismissive. But wait thirty years to get rid of acne on the back, would be foolish.

In addition to age factor, acne is associated with quite a variety of domestic, emotional and pathological issues. Among this a number of precipitating factors are basic:

1. Skin rashes primarily depend on genetic predisposition.

2. On the condition of the skin on the back can be reflected incorrectly selected or poor quality cosmetics. Especially harmful to the skin cosmetics with an excess of lanolin and paraffin.

3. Taking certain medicines can give complications in the form of rashes on the back. Such a problem can be encountered after uncontrolled intake of Halogens, barbiturates and anaboliceski steroids.

4. Stress, which causes increased production of cortisol, triggers a chain of hormonal disruptions that lead to rashes.

5. When hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands excretory ducts often become clogged, which leads to abscesses.

6. Diseases of the digestive system in the form of dysbiosis, constipation and other digestive pathologies are the main cause of skin problems.

7. Food abuse affect the condition of the skin. Alcohol, oily and sweet food can cause acne on the back.

8. Errors in health care. The appearance of acne can cause as the lack of timely and hygienic procedures, and overly zealous treatment of the skin with deep or repeated peels.

With the appearance of acne due to the quality of the clothes. Long-term wearing synthetic garments the skin loses air. And sweat and dirt accumulates on it, not being able to soak into artificial clothing materials. Thereby causing the blockage of the sebaceous ducts.

How to get rid of back acne: medications

To fight the back acne you must at first sign of disease. The issue is correctable. And in severe cases you will have to put a lot of effort to get rid of back acne.

First of all, you must find out the true cause of the pathology. To get rid of acne, applying just the outer cosmetic and medical means, is almost impossible. To prescribe drugs to treat precipitating pathology can only be a doctor and after a thorough examination.

However, to exclude external resources from the program of therapy is impossible. We can say that such drugs play a leading role in resolving the problem.

To treat pimples apply a medication bactericidal, antiseptic and healing action. The best results were observed after application of drugs with zinc content. This component is able to inhibit the increased activity of the sebaceous glands and reduce inflammatory processes in the epidermis.

In the presence of back acne for therapeutic purposes, you can use:

• Differing;

• Skinoren;

• Sulfuric ointment;

• Timeritem;

• Ointment to;

• Baziron;

• Retinoic ointment;

• Soothes.

The list of drugs designed to combat acne on the back, big enough. However, and strong enough drugs are sometimes not able to cope with the problem. In such cases, you will need to consult a dermatologist, who will be able to choose the really effective drugs.

How to get rid of back acne’s

Skin rashes are a fairly common problem, and traditional healers did not leave her unattended. You can try to compile a program that helps to get rid of back acne with the use of popular recommendations.

1. In the fight against acne can help brewer’s yeastto be taken in a specific pattern, in accordance with the age and weight. Recommendations for such therapy, of course, desirable to obtain medical advice.

2. The sun in the period of dormant solar activity help to dry the rash. However, the use of such method must be reasonably.

3. The treatment of skin hard with a washcloth in the absence of purulent inflammation of the rash will help to improve local blood flow, which will provide skin with necessary nourishment and reduce inflammation.

4. For stimulation of metabolism and blood flow, you can use a contrast shower. This procedure restores vitality and improves skin condition.

5. As an external antiseptic effects on the skin, you can apply the treatment of skin decoction of chamomile or salt solutions. The best of these components to prepare a healing bath.

6. Good for self-therapy skin problems mask. They can be made out of funds which have a drying, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects. Useful in such cases, components in the form of egg whites, lemon juice, seaweed, healing clay, baking soda, salt.

7. Wipe the back, on which there are acne, can hydrogen peroxide. A similar treatment is carried out twice a day.

8. As medicinal lotions can be used a decoction prepared from the flowers of calendula or chamomile decoction. Help and alcohol tinctures of these herbs that need to be diluted with water before treatment.

9. It is possible for drying of back acne is to apply baby powder or cosmetic talc. Choosing such funds, give preference to the pure raw material, without the presence of perfumed fragrances.

10. For deep cleansing of problem skin you can use a salt scrub. To prepare this healing agent it is necessary to make a mixture of baking soda and salt, which you’ll need for one treatment two tablespoons. To breed this scrub can gel for problem areas or whipped soap foam. After receiving the slurry, it is applied on the problematic area. In the presence of inflamed acne sores this tool to use is undesirable.

How to get rid of back acne: tips beautician

Fighting skin problems – long process that requires a comprehensive approach. It is impossible to eliminate such a problem, without considering the multifactorial nature of its origin.

So be sure in the healing program include:

1. The power correction.

2. Receiving basic medicines aimed at addressing the underlying disease that triggered the eruption.

3. The use of external means for the treatment of the skin.

4. Regular hygiene procedures.

In the home, proceed in the following sequence:

1. First, take a healing bath, for which you can use baking soda, salt or herbal decoctions.

2. Treat skin healing tonic.

3. Make a mask for issues on the skin.

4. Apply back medical ointment.

Periodically clean the skin with an exfoliant.

Despite the prevalence of the problem, in any case not squeeze pimples. It does not solve the problem, and help the spread of infection and increase the number of purulent inflammation of the acne.

Conducting hygienic procedures, after the application of shampoos and balms for the hair be sure to rinse residues from the body. Once on skin, this makeup causes clogged pores and promotes acne.

If no available methods do not help to cope with the problem of back acne, should not increase the amount of medication and the number of cosmetic procedures. In such situations, it is necessary to consult a doctor who will be able to choose an individual treatment program.