How to get a tattoo, so you do not regret it

Society’s attitude to tattoos has always been mixed. In our country fifty years ago the «art» on the bodies could only be seen in individuals who visited «places not so remote», and later commemorative drawings were purchased in the army.

But the quality and appearance left much to be desired, and the drawings were called «tattoos» and «portokali». With this name the idea of a tattoo really doesn’t seem attractive.

A long time image on the body associated with rockers or bikers. It seemed that they demonstrate their courage and strength. A sort of grim, bearded uncle his whole appearance showed: «I’m not weak!». They were respected and sometimes even feared – if they are willing to inflict such pain on themselves, what they can cause to others?

Today tattoos do not indicate membership in a particular social group, possessing fashionable, many of them are true works of art.

What you need to know before getting a tattoo?

The main rule is to apply to the master at the tattoo parlor. Do I even need to explain that quality and safety are worth to pay for them. Inquire about sterilization of instruments and rooms. You will not get an absolute guarantee that in this cabin this wizard does its work efficiently and safely, but it’s better than to trust questionable stranger or even a friend, offering «stuff» for a low price at home.

A good tattoo can’t be cheap! Consumables are pretty expensive, and the work of tattoo artist should be appreciated. View the portfolio of the master, ask for feedback and the opinion of friends, who have already used its services. If the master cannot provide you examples of their work, he could be on you training, and you need it? You don’t want to become the owner of this «beauty»:

Also take note of the following recommendations:

  • The day before the event, do not use alcohol and drugs. It threatens to bleeding and allergic reactions.
  • Test for allergic reaction, causing a bit of paint on the wrist. This simple procedure only takes a few minutes, but will help to avoid bigger problems.
  • It is better not to apply the tattoo during menstruation, as during this period, your sensitivity is increased.
  • Don’t go to the session, if you have a cold, not enough sleep, or you have a bad mood. All of this can affect the result.

When the image is applied – is halfway there. You will be responsible working on care during the healing period. Get the ointment recommended by the master, and spread it on the affected skin at least two weeks. If you after three days it seems that everything has healed, you can’t trust this feeling in a couple of days, can again start to stand out pus, which zasohov will peel with the paint.

A tattoo stays with you forever. Even with modern technology, to remove the pattern is not always possible, especially if it has been done poorly many years ago. After removing the scars, larger than the former image. Most artists will offer you to apply a new tattoo over the old one.

Be prepared for the fact that over time the paint can fade, so every few years will have to carry out the upgrade procedure.

If you can’t live without sunbathing, whether it be relaxing on the beach or Solarium, now you will have to pay more attention to the skin protection to protect the tattoo from premature fading. You can even buy special sprays. And make sure that the healing process is fully completed.

Which picture to choose?

No matter what anyone said, we decorate the body, to stand out, to show its originality. So is it worth to do a tattoo «like everyone else», without any particular ideas? If you need this zodiac sign or simple ornament on the shoulder or the infamous cat in the abdomen?

Took seriously the choice of pattern. How long will it be relevant? Sponge Bob on the cheek might look funny at eighteen, and slightly inappropriate in forty. There are many options available, you can fill a treble clef to show your love for music, and you can be the owner of the masterpiece that others will be hard to solve without your prompting.

If your choice is the lettering, make sure it is grammatically and stylistically correct, that you correctly interpret the translation. Do not repeat the mistakes of the poor, on which are emblazoned the character for «noodle soup» or incorrect words and phrases.

Where to do a tattoo?

If you are an office worker, it is not necessary to «score» your neck and fingers, it would alienate an employer more in the interview stage, and even in the case of successful employment, you will be doomed to listen to the questions and jokes from colleagues and clients. Select the location that you will be able to cover the clothes, not suffering because of indoor heat and you is that the burqa is not enough. If you are a freelance artist or a bartender, you have no questions.

The tattoo can be done anywhere, some are solved «score» even foot or whites of the eyes! However, there is a list of «female» places for a tattoo. Most often it is the place that you can cover. If you have no purpose to expose them on purpose, tattoos in such places, or flash randomly, for example, when tilting, or are shown only to the elite.

So, the most popular places for tattoos among women

— lower back

— belly

— wrist


— blade

— neck (neck)

— shoulders

— private (pubic) area

— hip

— buttocks

— calf

What about the pain?

Tattooing may not be painless. The important role played by your individual pain threshold. The most painful are considered to be the first 10-15 minutes. If you will be unbearably painful – take a break. You can finish the job next session. Most people say that it is rather uncomfortable than painful, and some on the contrary, enjoy the process. The pain will persist during the first day after application, because the skin is damaged. The most painful places are the neck, ribs, spine, elbows, bends of arms and legs, genital area, knees. The least painful upper arm.

What will happen after birth?

Do not forget about the main purpose of every woman – motherhood. During and after pregnancy, the shape changes, the skin is subjected to tensile, the picture may be distorted, to lose clarity and the original look. Therefore, deciding on a tattoo, think carefully about whether to do it on the stomach, Breasts and hips.

What happens in old age?

Yes, this is one of the most troubling issues. But let’s be honest, with tattoos or without, the skin will steadily grow old with you, and not look as attractive as we would like. But you can rejoice in his appearance in his younger years. If you pay attention to skin care, eat right and exercise, it is possible to extend this joy and look quite nice at parties «who are over…» 🙂

Think carefully before you decide on a tattoo. And if you dare – and do not regret! The tattoo will not deprive you of femininity, on the contrary, you can become a very attractive tattooed beauty!