How to get a piercing in order not to regret it

Each woman chooses their own way to draw attention to their appearance. You can make an unusual manicure, change the shape of the eyes using make-up or hair extensions. A popular choice is the piercing. The word «piercing» means the perforation process and the result – a puncture with the inserted decoration.

In the early twentieth century, even punctures earlobes were rejected by society and is now perceived as a perfectly normal way to embellish the appearance. Moreover, if you decide to get a piercing, you have a huge choice to pierce any part of the face and body. Let us consider the most common types from this list.

Eyebrow piercing

You can pierce your eyebrow, both vertically and horizontally, it is not necessary to have only one puncture, interesting look, for example, two pieces of jewelry in eyebrows.

Nose piercing

Nose piercing includes several types.

Bridge – vertical or horizontal puncture in the nose.

Piercing nose – puncture is carried out inside the nostrils with access to the tip of the nose. Not very populary option.

Piercing the nostrils or the wing of the nose is the most simple and common form of nose piercing.

Septum – piercing in the region of the nasal septum, beneath the cartilage or through the cartilage.

Lip piercing

Lip piercing also has a variety.

Medusa – a puncture in the groove on the upper lip.

Labret – a puncture on his lower lip.

Monroe – a puncture at the side above the upper lip. The simulation «flies».

Angel kiss – two punctures, one on each side above the upper lip.

Snake bite – two puncture of the lower lip, one on each side.

If two puncture of the lower lip located adjacent to each other, the piercing is called a spider bite. If you add puncture Medusa, then get the piercing bite of a predator. But combining snake bite and angel kiss, you will get not much, not enough – the dog bite!

Smiley – piercing frenulum of the upper lip. Antimail – puncture frenulum of the lower lip.

Tongue piercing

The main types of tongue piercing there are about five:

Vertical tongue piercing

Horizontal tongue piercing

Puncture the tip of the tongue

Puncture frenulum of the tongue

Piercing of the cheeks

Piercings of the cheeks can help to simulate dimples, if they are not put together, like you.

Ear piercing

This piercing has three varieties

Helix – piercing in the rim of your ears or at the top of the ear.

Industrial — two holes in the top of your ear (cartilage), the United one, often direct decoration with the bar. Less likely to pierce and connect to other parts of the ear.

Piercing septum ring – a puncture of the ear opposite the ear. Puncture the opposite side of the call antitragus.

Nipple piercings

Nipple piercing is divided into many types: horizontal, vertical, diagonal, combination, etc. Contrary to the myth, nipple piercing does not preclude the possibility of breastfeeding. But if you’re planning pregnancy and breastfeeding, it is better to postpone the visit to the salon. It is also better to remove the jewelry during feeding, if the piercing was done.

Navel piercing

Navel piercing is a very feminine, least painful type of piercing. Puncture do how above the navel and under it, and it is possible to combine both.

Intimate piercing

Intimate piercings include:

Vertical and horizontal hood piercing clitoris

Nefertiti – puncture through the hood of the clitoris to the hill of Venus

Christine – when the puncture needle enters just above the hood of the clitoris and enters the hill of Venus

Buffet – a puncture from the vagina to the anus

Piercing of large and small labia

Princess Albertina – the most uncommon type of piercing that passes through the urethra, exiting on the upper wall of the vagina.

In addition to the piercings, there are various combinations thereof, as well as rare species such as piercing the eyelids or anus. Whatever the reason that prompted you to possess a puncture, you will definitely find your type of piercing.

What to consider when planning to do body piercing?

Doing the piercing you need a specialist, not a neighbor and not at home! Make sure that the instruments used are disposable or are sterilized. Disinfection shall be subjected to and the workplace itself. Failure to follow these rules can lead to sad consequences, such as infection and rejection of the jewelry.

The quality of the jewelry depends on the healing of puncture. Buy quality jewelry from a biocompatible material such as titanium. Jewelry for initial piercings must be larger, for the first time will persist the swelling is not always visible.

Depending on the place of puncture, the piercing can heal from two weeks to six months, do not rush to be disappointed and to remove jewelry.

Strictly follow the care instructions given by the wizard. Care is not limited to the treatment of special tools. You can’t touch puncture, remove jewelry, steam bath, etc. large List of rules, refer to the task responsibly!

organism every person has its own characteristics, so a particular type of piercing can take root in one and not settle down the other.

There is a belief that body piercing for teenagers. This is not so. If you pick a beautiful decoration for a luxury brand, the piercing will be able to highlight your personality at any age.

Piercing: the pros and cons»

Before doing the piercing, weigh all pros and cons.» Like everything else, this procedure has its advantages and of course disadvantages.

Disadvantages of piercing:

  • Some types of piercing is rather painful procedure.
  • If intimate piercing is done poorly, may lose sensitivity in the genital organs.
  • If you go with a piercing a few years after the failure to prevent scars or small holes.
  • If you’re an office worker, you will have to face several restrictions.
  • Jewelry often cling to clothes, hair.
  • Almost daily you will be exposed to the issues and jokes of other people.
  • Aesthetic pleasure. Piercing helps you to Express yourself, like in the first place, myself.
  • With piercing you can correct defects of appearance. For example, to visually reduce the nose, making the puncture of the septum at the desired distance by inserting a suitable decoration.
  • Genital piercing can bring new sexual feelings. The decoration in the clitoris creates additional stimulation and helps to reach orgasm, a «Princess Albertina» stimulates the sexual organ of men during sexual intercourse and enhancing erection.
  • Piercing the nipples will increase their sensitivity, which is also a source of additional pleasure.
  • Tongue piercing will give you sensory experiences your partner during oral sex.
  • After complete healing, you can remove the decoration for some time, for example, at the time of the interview or a business meeting. Also, many types of piercings can be easily hidden under clothing.
  • According to many men, these types of piercings, piercing nipple, genitals or navel makes a woman sexually attractive.
  • Piercing is not for life. If you won’t like me you can get it.