How to gain weight in the home: General principles. Lose weight at home: diet, activities, treatments

The greatest number of people in the modern world are struggling with the excess pounds, trying to lose weight at home and exhausting yourself all sorts of diets.

But there are those that are trying to gain weight.

How to gain weight at home – first find out the purpose

The desire to gain weight is more common in adolescents.

In this age comes first love, and that becomes a kind of a push to fix its thinness.

Transition to adulthood is considered a crucial period in the life of every person. Teenagers nervous glances. In this regard, they tend not be very different from the surrounding it companies and are trying to gain weight, if it is sorely lacking. Often these attempts are not displayed on display, and young people involved in the home.

In the universal understanding of man should be the protection and support for women, so choosing your companion, the lady looks at his appearance and excessive thinness here is misplaced. A woman is considered first of all as the heiress of the family, and shugalmasti is not a good sign for the healthy development of the body.

Further, a big reason for weight gain can be some health problems the result of excessive chugoshvili.

  • Lack of appetite
  • Hair loss and gray hair
  • Frequent fractures of the limbs
  • The appearance of insomnia and nervousness
  • Decrease of vital activity
  • Low body resistance to various diseases
  • The skin and the body wear out faster and age

The next push for weight gain may be the desire to see your body sexy and attractive. Every woman wants to have lush Breasts and hips. As a rule, these charms are deprived and skinny ladies.

Men know that ripped and muscular body are more attracted to girls. Moreover, the man is considered the breadwinner and strong flooring, so to be skinny, at least not to face.

How to gain weight at home ways

Before talking about methods, it is necessary first to understand the reasons for thinness:

  • Excess negative emotions and stressful situations
  • Daily fatigue in the moral and physical planes
  • Serious disease of the digestive system
  • Sleep deprivation and an acute lack of rest
  • An improper diet. The predominance of low-calorie food. Starvation.
  • Available in the body of intestinal parasites

Mistaken belief it is believed that to gain weight, often just starting to eat, and the portions to increase at least twice. If the General condition of an organism in norm and there are no major deviations, you are allowed to use several methods through which it is possible to add a few pounds.

The first way is correct, calorie-dense food

The second way is sport, through which increasing lean body mass

The third way – massage — activates a good metabolic process in the muscles

The first and main answer to the question «How to gain weight at home?», is the correct and balanced diet. But before you start, you need initially to prepare the body to a new way of life. Being at home, to control this process easy.

First and foremost, you need to restore the metabolism, and it will have to give up bad habits (Smoking, alcohol).

In the second place it is necessary to «clean up» the stomach. That is, during the week for Breakfast you should eat fiber (brown rice, whole oats, wheat flour). Slightly less fiber contained in vegetables such as: broccoli, carrots, cabbage, radish and beets.

When the body is fully prepared for the new power scheme, and the stomach is cleansed of toxins, you can begin the diet. Necessarily, the diet should include foods rich in complex carbohydrates. Why are they? The fact that they are considered the best source of energy that is so necessary. Carbohydrates are found in greater concentration contained in cereals, cereals, fruits, vegetables, and dairy products.

The main element, which is the diet, protein is considered. Not to gain weight due to fat mass, the body needs protein to nourish lean body mass.

One of the best known plant proteins is the soybean. Not considering this fact, it is still capable of killing cancer cells, which again shows its benefits to the body.

In addition, the diet strictly requires the inclusion of products from the following list:

  • Banana
  • Dried apricots
  • Sour cream
  • Wheat and oat bran
  • Nuts
  • Lentils
  • Asparagus
  • Potatoes
  • Beans

It is worth noting the advantages of vegetable protein. Its fat is not allow to rise the level of cholesterol in the body, and its quantity allows to reduce caloric intake.

Products containing proteins of animal origin

  • All kinds of meat. And seafood
  • Dairy products
  • Eggs

Allowed once a week to eat foods with high sugar content (chocolate, cakes, etc.). But should not be abused, because to gain weight it doesn’t mean you can eat any amount of junk food. Diet

Knowing what products bring more benefits, it’s time to build a proper diet. Distribute 8 meals for the day. On average, you need to eat every two hours, and the absorption of nutrients.

Important: try to eat small portions, but that they were composed of high-calorie foods.

Also the meals need to alternate the two varieties. The first dose is high calorie and dense, the second will make – easier, but also having a high percentage of useful and necessary microelements. For example, the first food is cottage cheese with berries and fruit or meat dish, a slice of bread with butter, the second meal is already healthy snack: cocoa with a few slices of chocolate or fruit. At lunch, be sure to use the first and second dish. And the snack to use light salads or nuts with honey.

As became clear, not always diet forces you to limit yourself in any of the products. This diet allows you to eat almost anything you want the body. Importantly, diet did not contain fatty and fried products, not to gain body fat.

How to gain weight at home a very thin woman

For every woman very important is the fact how the body looks. Any extra or missing kilograms to disturb, as long as the problem is not corrected. Yes, most girls and women are overweight, but there are those that are ashamed of their thinness.

By following just a few tips to gain weight at home is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

• The first step is to define the desired weight. To have a clear plan of work on her figure.

• Added physical activity will help make the figure of relief and effective.

Important: you do not need to exhaust yourself with heavy loads! Exercises must be done only contribute to the increase in muscle mass.

• High calorie foods. Very skinny women new diet need to begin gradually! In order not to injure the body and give him time to adapt.

• Drink plenty of liquids. Drinking at least 1.5 litres of fluid a day, displays all of the toxins, therefore, the body begins to work better by increasing the metabolism.

In any case, very skinny women wishing to gain weight at home, you need initially to be examined by doctors. And only after receiving permission and guidance from professionals you can start.

How to gain weight in the home: an increase in lean body mass

By following the above tips to gain pounds, the result will be that the body accumulates fat mass, not lean muscle. Therefore, weight gain is a very important sport. While physical activity should not exhaust the body.

You must know that not all loads can increase lean body mass. For example, Cycling, skiing and running don’t reach the desired result, as the sport is aimed at the opposite result.

So, to achieve the goal (to gain weight), are good strength exercises.

Important: in no case does not need to begin training with compound exercises! The risk of muscle strain.

Training should be spread over the entire week. It is advisable to exercise at least 3 to 4 times. On the first day of pumping, for example, the muscles of the arms. On the second day the muscles of the legs

Before you start to do strength exercises, you need to warm up the muscles a workout.

  • Jogging in place or walking
  • The circular movements of hands and feet
  • Tilts in different directions
  • Squats
  • Jumping rope

Now you can start to exercise. Each of the following exercises to repeat several approaches.

  • Exercises on press
  • Bench press
  • Presses at the breast while standing or sitting
  • Dead pull
  • Squats


Summing up, it is necessary to highlight a few key points by which you can gain weight. Correct, balanced and rich in high-calorie nutrition. The compulsory inclusion in the regime of the day exercise for muscle mass. Massage to improve muscle mass of the body, kneading and effleurage.

If all the ways to gain weight in home conditions strictly adhered to, then the effect will be noticeable within 7-10 days. By this time the body finally gets used to the new diet and a different routine. It is important not to give up and go to your goal without paying attention to difficulties!