How to extend nails at home? Step-by-step instruction and expert tips for homemade nail

Every woman who wishes to always be well-groomed and beautiful, at least once in life thought about how to extend nails at home.

Perfect manicure allows not only to complement the look, but also gain confidence in their own charm.

How to extend nails at home: essential tools and devices

There are two methods of nails on forms and on tips. Consider what tools you will need for this procedure.

1. UV lamp is needed regardless of the methods will create your extensions artificial nails. You budget is quite suitable lamp power of 9 W, if for nail use a acrylic or clear gel. If you plan on experimenting with colored gels, you will need a more powerful lamp.

2. Manicure scapula is necessary in order to clean up the cuticle. It can be both metallic and plastic. A wonderful alternative to the shoulder blade will be the usual orange stick.

3. Nail file. Experts recommend that for acrylic to use a more rigid tool, a grit which is not higher than 80 grit. For gel is suitable nail file grit 100 grit.

4. The glue dispenser.

5. Forms or nail tips.

6. Brush. For acrylic, you use a tool from natural materials teardrop shape. Gel – synthetic flat brush.

7. Tweezers is needed when working with forms.

Now let’s talk about the necessary materials and medications must be purchased before the procedure.

1. Disinfectant. For the treatment of hand experts advise to use solution «Calasept», for disinfection of instruments «Bacillol». On disinfectants impossible to save. Natural nail after coating with acrylic or gel not in contact with the external environment, so it is important before the procedure to eliminate all bacteria and germs.

2. The dehydrator is necessary to conduct drying and thorough cleaning of the nail plate from any contamination immediately prior to nail treatments. The tool gives a reliable bond to acrylic or gel nails and prevents chipping and flaking.

3. The primer used for dehydration of the natural nail before the application. The tool allows you to properly and safely secure the material and prevent cracking, crumbling or flaking nails. The product prevents the appearance of various defects, including the white stripes.

4. To create neat gel nails will need this starting the drug, as the bonder. It is applied on top of primer and serves as bond between the natural nail and the artificial material. The tool has a gel texture.

5. Gel sculpture (building) for the simulation of the nail. It has a thick texture, but it is very easy to apply and self-leveled on the nail plate.

6. Acrylic powder is a fine polymer powder. Thanks to her artificial nails become more pliable, not breaking or peeling. A variety of shades of the material can create the desired hue.

7. The monomer is used to stabilize and align the colors of acrylic coating. It protects the structure of the artificial nails from UV rays, preventing the yellowing. The monomer also increases the elasticity and plasticity of acrylic nails.

Buy everything you need for nail tools and resources in professional points of sale. You can opt for the kits intended for home use.

How to extend nails at home: a photo and a sequence of actions

Preparing nails for extensions

Regardless of the technology and material used for nail extension, nail preparation involves five main steps:

1. Cleansing the nail plate from Polish and dirt.

2. Cuticle treatment.

3. Leveling the surface of the nail with a nail file. Removing the shiny layer.

4. Remove dust with a brush.

5. Degreasing of nails.

Acrylic nail extensions on tips

This technology of nail extension available to everyone and does not require any specific skills. Consider a procedure step by step.

1. Treated in sanitizer tools.

2. Prepared tips. For this, we choose the width of the artificial nail so that it matches the natural plates.

3. Tipcam give the necessary form.

4. Processed marigold «Calasept» and gently dried them «Dehydration».

5. Neat movement distribute the glue over the surface of each nail and apply nail tips. Make sure that it is correctly located and for a time hold. So stick all 10 nails.

6. Apply primer and bonder on the natural nail.

7. Dry bonder under a UV lamp no more than 2 minutes.

8. On prepared nails, apply acrylic. Try to create the right nail shape, so they not only gave aesthetic pleasure, but did not break.

To marigold turned at the same time subtle and strong, is very important in the center of the plate to apply the material more than the rest of the surface. To the edge of the nail its amount should be minimal.

Distribute the material on the nail. If you use gel, you will definitely polimerizuet it in the lamp. Repeat the manipulation for all nails.

9. All errors are removing with nail files, making the shape is very natural.

10. Cover nails finishing gel. Then for 2 minutes, dried it in the lamp.

Gel nail extensions on forms

It is believed that nail on shapes more tedious work that requires special skills. Form is the blueprint that allows you to create the ideal model for each claw. To use it you need to leave free edge of the nail about 3 mm.

1. The edge of shape fixed on the lower side.

2. The gel is applied, starting from the middle of the nail. We continue to distribute it throughout the form to obtain the required length.

3. Dry nails under the lamp for 3 minutes.

4. The second layer of gel is applied, departing 2 mm from the cuticle.

5. Now dry nails under the lamp for 6 minutes.

6. Remove the stencil and use the nail file the nail plate give the desired shape.

7. Recruit gel and apply to the center of the nail formed a convex droplet. After 5 seconds, begin to dry the nails in the lamp in a horizontal position, palm the top.

8. Ready treated nails with a nail file and apply the last thin layer of gel coating.

9. Dry under a lamp for 12 minutes.

How to extend nails at home without UV lamp

1. On prepared nails, apply a primer.

2. Fixed the desired shape.

3. Tassel, dial liquid and giving it a good squeeze. Now take the ball of powder and distribute it over the entire surface of the nail, forming the desired shape. Moving the form up, get to the cuticle 1 mm.

4. When the material completely hardens, remove the form.

This acrylic technology is used when you need to save time. Another advantage of this build is that it does not use ultraviolet bulb.

Contraindications to nail

Before to make artificial nails at home, you should make sure that you have no contraindications for this procedure. From artificial nails to women should be abandoned in the following cases:

• with the defeat of the nails by a fungus;

• for regular intestinal disorders;

• in diabetes;

• during reception of antibiotics or hormonal drugs;

• in cardiovascular diseases.

For those who haven’t decided to increase the nails or not, it is necessary to highlight the main advantages and disadvantages of this procedure.


• Well artificial nails are almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

• Disguise imperfections and defects of these nails.

• Ability to do any nail art.

• Quick adaptation to new length and shape artificial nails.


• The procedure requires a cash outlay.

• Artificial nails twice a month need to be adjusted.

• Own the nail plate after removing gel or acrylic coating purifies and multiple care needs.

How to extend nails at home: expert tips

Even a short, messy nails in just a few hours can give a presentable appearance. To create artificial nails can be used as acrylic and gel.

According to professionals, the gel is not as allergenic material, like acrylic. Underneath the nails is not so much spoiled. But in the case of damage to the gel nail should be removed completely (cut off) and only then to build new.

Acrylic extension technology does not require UV lamp. Nails resistant to bending and temperature extremes. When regrowth of artificial plates allow you to keep the natural nail shape. Acrylic is very easy to remove, just dip your fingers in special solution. This kind of nails you will be able to do aquarium nail art.

Not to be disappointed in the artificial nails, the professionals recommend to listen to the following recommendations:

• A week before the planned increase spend rate nails. You can do all sorts of masks and baths.

• To avoid discomfort during the procedure, manicure should be done 3-4 days before the escalating of nails.

• Despite the strength of artificial nails, in the first few days after the procedure should be very accurate. Not to break them, you should avoid sudden movements, be careful to print on your computer, zip up zippers and buttons.

• Before you apply the nail Polish, the surface of the nail plate should be covered with a special Foundation. To remove the varnish need only liquid that does not contain acetone.

• Artificial nails do not like extreme temperatures. They can crack, if, for example, came with frost, you will immediately begin to wash hands with hot water.

• To return to natural nails healthy color after removing artificial nails, lower the fingers for a few minutes in the lemon juice.

Now you know how to extend nails at home. This procedure will require accuracy and perseverance, but the results will not keep itself waiting. Strong well-groomed nails is the pride of every loving herself woman.