How to dye your hair at home and not to hurt them. Features choice of colors and the right shade

Not every woman has the opportunity to regularly visit the salon to touch up the roots of the hair or change the color of the curls more appropriate.

Many women are trying to paint yourself as to remain beautiful and well-groomed wants, regardless of the circumstances.

So as not to harm the hair and become the owner of gorgeous hair, it is important to know the rules of painting at home.

How to dye your hair at home: the choice of paint and colors

The decision to change your natural hair color modern women take for two reasons: either they don’t like the color given by nature, or they want to color gray. Once we decide to dye your hair, we are faced with a difficult task: to choose the right paint and color. To shade said all the dignity of women and have not added she, at his choice should be guided by the advice of experts.

Depending on the resistance paint may be classified as:

• tint;

• semi-permanent;

• persistent.

Paint tint will give dull hair a rich shade and will help to refresh colored hair. They don’t get to dramatically change the color of the hair, however, luxurious Shine and rich color. These paints wash off after 6-8 washes. Their composition is ammonia and hydrogen peroxide contain other components. Tint tools are harmless for hair, so is ideal for experimenting with hair color.

On bleached hair dye last longer. Holders of such locks should choose the media tone on tone. This will avoid unpredictable results.

Semi-permanent inks are soft. In their composition we can see a small amount of hydrogen peroxide. They are used for dyeing lighter or darker or tone on tone. These paints stick to the hair from one to two months. They choose the winner of dry, damaged by heat styling and chemical hair hair. Semi-permanent means great first paint over the gray.

Resistant paints contain a high percentage of hydrogen peroxide. They are used to lighten hair, grey coverage, and to change the natural color of hair and get lasting results.

Choosing color paint for the hair color type

Choosing a paint color, you should first be guided not by fashion trends, but to carefully study your type of appearance. Be sure to consider your natural color tresses, as well as the color of the skin and eyes.

Red hair shades every woman should avoid, on the skin which often appear inflammatory elements and all kinds of redness. Fair-skinned ladies suit warm tones, which will give them a fresh glow.

Brown-eyed and green-eyed women should choose a shade in the warm tones of Golden, red, red Shine. Women with gray and blue eyes is recommended to give preference to cold and beige shades of hair.

Also in choosing the right hair color helps the definition of the color type women.

Woman spring

Natural hair color spring women – soft, light or deep brown. Their skin color is light with a warm tone, eye color – green, blue or light brown.

Woman spring can safely stop the choice on blonde colors with sun shades of honey or gold. Also they really are such warm colors like red brown, deep red and classic copper. On the contrary, light red tones will give the skin a woman of pallor. Ash and platinum blonde will not give it the right contrast.

Professionals, answering the question how to dye your hair at home, note that the ladies of the spring color type should not dramatically change color, but only a few shades.

Woman summer

Summer color type is different blue or grey eyes, uniformly pale, often porcelain skin with cool shade. These women are perfectly suited blonde, platinum and ash hair color. Blond hair and perfectly blue eyes and pink skin with a playful glow. Also pink shades give the face an unhealthy appearance. Saturated Golden hues the hair should avoid year old woman with yellowish skin.

Woman autumn

Girls this color type blue, blue, hazel and green eyes are gifted by nature dark hair and skin a Golden-yellowish hue. They are encouraged to choose solid brown, deep black, charming, chestnut, or chocolate hair color. Autumn women look with blonde, copper and gold strands.

Woman winter

Representatives of the color type Winter can have light or dark eyes. Their skin is light or dark, but also features a cold tone. Winter women experts recommend to dye in light ash, dark brown without any admixture of red tone or black coal color. In any case, the Winter will be to look fascinating and natural.

How to dye your hair at home: step-by-step instructions

To obtain a result not worse than after the salon, when hair coloring should be guided by the advice of experts and not to deviate from the user to the selected paint.

Preparation for staining

Before painting be sure to read the instructions for the paint. It shows, for what kind of hair to carry out the procedure: dirty or clean. Stir the paint should be only in a non-metallic bowl. Specialists also draw attention to the fact that staining is not desirable to carry out with severely damaged hair, you first need to be rebuilt.

For hair coloring you will need:

• hair dye;

• a large comb with sparse teeth;

• brush;

• gloves;

• fat cream or vaseline;

• mirror;

• clips.

• capacity to prepare the coloring composition;

• aluminum foil;

• paper towel;

• towels are provided.

For staining of short and medium length hair usually needs one pack paint. Than the curls longer, the more funds they will need. Now learn in more detail how to dye hair at home.

1. Before painting most of the paint manufacturers recommend not to wash your hair. This helps to prevent excessive hair damage. Immediately before the procedure it is necessary to test.

2. Dilute a small amount of paint and apply it on a single strand. Wrap the hair in foil and leave for half an hour.

3. After the desired time, a lock wash and dry. If the result is good, you can proceed to coloring the entire hair.

4. So as not to stain the scalp, apply on skin vaseline or oily cream. Even if a certain amount of colorant and gets on your skin, it can be very easy to erase.

5. Put on gloves and mix the dye composition with an oxidizing agent. Stir for 20 seconds to obtain a homogeneous mass.

6. With clamps or crabs divide the hair into sections.

7. Apply paint with a special brush, starting from the roots. The denser and thicker the hair, the less must be the strands. This will allow you to thoroughly saturate means every hair.

8. Wait for the time to get a result. It is stated in the instructions to paint and usually is 20-40 minutes.

9. Wash locks with lukewarm water, until it becomes completely transparent.

10. Gently Pat the hair with a towel and, if necessary, separate the curls with a comb with large teeth.

11. Apply conditioner evenly to hair. After 5 minutes carefully rinse it under running warm water.

12. Style your hair and enjoy your new color!

How to dye your hair at home and not to spoil them

To staining did not affect the health of your hair, you should use the advice of professionals:

1. To crusadea composition do not add foreign substances. This can affect not only the result of dyeing, but also spoil the texture of your hair.

2. The mixed composition should be applied directly on the curls. To use it again is strictly prohibited.

3. If you decided to dye your hair for a while, refrain from permed hair.

4. So that the hair remains healthy, never peredergivaete coloring composition. Hold it as much time as indicated in the instructions of the manufacturer.

5. Not worth it with regular paint to dye your hair over henna or Basma. At best, the paint just will not take, in the worst – the color will greatly differ from the declared by the manufacturer.

6. After the procedure, use masks and conditioners for colored hair.

Now you know how to dye hair at home. Painted curls as long as possible has kept its color and didn’t look unkempt, for them to properly care for. It should be noted that even the most expensive paint to dry your hair, especially if it is bad to wash after dyeing.

It is important to use special products for colored hair. The soft structure of these products takes care of the hair, not washing out the color. So, the balm will protect hair from heavy and alkali metals contained in tap water, and saves the result of staining.

To maintain the brightness of the color and keep it fresh, you can use special toning shampoos and conditioners. If you visit the sauna or the pool, don’t forget to use the rubber cap that protects dyed hair from high temperatures and chlorinated water.

Excellent protection for colored hair is considered the procedure of lamination. Special means «seal» the pigment inside the hair shaft. Hair long lasting deep color and incredible Shine.

About healthy silky hair every woman dreams. Using the advice of specialists, you will easily be able to dye your hair at home and not to hurt them. Whatever your image, it can become harmonious only with the right makeup and, of course, flawless curls.