How to dye your eyebrows at home right. Features and secrets of dyeing eyebrows at home

The beauty of the female eyebrow sung by poets in all times.

It well-groomed eyebrows can make the image ladies harmonious and flawless.

They magically highlight the charm of eyes and give the face expression.

Modern fashion trends are forcing women to care not only about their form but also color.

Eyebrow to blend in with the General image of women as too pale or intense colour, and the uneven line can ruin even the professional makeup.

How to dye eyebrows at home: is it possible?

Perfect eyebrows from nature is quite rare. However, not all women can afford to do their correction in professional beauty salons, so many learn to put himself in order at home.

The intensity of the color of the eyebrows can be changed using:

• tattooing,

• powder

• shadow

• gel

• ink,

• cosmetic pencil

• paint.

Each of these methods and cosmetic products has its advantages and disadvantages. Today I would like to dwell on the paint for the eyebrows. Coloring gives long-term results. The procedure does not take much time and allows you to enjoy the soft effect of the tattoo for two three weeks. Special paint is able to paint over even the smallest hairs, making brows as expressive.

Often women choose to give colour to a special paint in the summer. In hot weather, the color will not flow and not smeared even after contact with water.


Before you paint the eyebrows should be familiar with contraindications. So, staining is not recommended in the following cases:

• if you are hypersensitive components of the dye;

• for sensitive and prone to irritation skin;

• infectious diseases of the eye;

• during pregnancy and lactation.

How to dye eyebrows at home: choosing paint

Choose a shade for the eyebrows must be very careful. Their color should be one tone darker than the hair color. Experts pay attention that on the eyebrows brunettes perfectly looks bluish-black dye, blonde suits a light brown color and color with a grayish tinge, and red-haired beauties brown. The winner of the dark eyebrows don’t have to opt for a pure black paint. More naturally and harmoniously on their face will look dark brown and dark gray shades.

In any case it is impossible to paint eyebrows regular hair dye. The composition of this product contain substances that can damage the structure of the hairs and to have a negative impact on the eyes, cause allergies and swelling.

Choosing the hair dye, should pay attention to its durability and safety. Cosmetic market offers an abundance of coloring tools for eyebrows. It is difficult to clearly answer the question, what kind of paint is better. It depends on the individual girl’s preferences. Meanwhile, in Russia the most popular means of famous brands such as:

• The advice of a friend,

• Schwarzkopf Professional,

• Estel Professional,

• Refectocil,

• Studio

• Art Line,

• Concept.

In the packaging of high-quality oils you will always find the mixing container and applicator for convenient application. Some brands delight customers with its products special protective leaves.

If you paint the eyebrows you are going to constantly, you better stay on more resistant paints, in which no hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. To use such a tool will be less, reducing the harm to the skin. For women who saturate the eyebrows occasionally, perfect paint with a hypoallergenic formula.

How to dye eyebrows at home: painting technology

Now, when the paint is selected, you can proceed to coloring the eyebrows. No need to hurry and immediately put paint on the hairs. First, it is recommended to adjust the shape of eyebrows with a pencil and tweezers. Accurate and correct form of the future painted eyebrows guarantees a perfect result.

Defined eyebrow shape

With a pencil draw the «stencil». Professional makeup artists recommend to do it with a light pink pencil. Eyebrows defined, having a vertical line from the wing of the nose. The end of the eyebrow will be the point obtained as the intersection of a line which connects the outer corner of the eye and the wing of the nose, the eyebrow. Salient point will show a line drawn through the wing of the nose and the outer part of the iris.

It is important during the procedure to observe the maximum symmetry. Superfluous hairs pull out with tweezers, which should be pre-sanitized.

Do not blindly follow fashion. Perfect eyebrows should look like on the face naturally and harmoniously. Using the shape of the eyebrows can be visually broaden a too narrow face, wide – to make more soft and pretty. The owners of oval face suit romantic arched eyebrows. Women with a round face and a triangular face shape they look great with the raised up eyebrows. A square shape will make a more delicate long eyebrows, elongated, practically straight.

Required for painting tools

Coloring itself to do better the next day after the correction, the paint did not get into the wound and did not lead to irritation. Also before painting you need to read the instructions that came with the product. Now prepare all the necessary tools. For the procedure you will need:

• rich cream;

• gloves;

• plastic container for mixing paint and oxidizer;

• synthetic brush or brush application;

• wipes or cotton swabs.

Make sure to test for the presence of allergic reactions to the product. Experts advise to try on the area with sensitive skin, for example behind the ear. If at the end of time «experienced» the plot did not have any burning, redness, or itching occurs, paint can be used for eyebrows.

The procedure for eyebrows

The eyebrows must be done on a perfectly clean and dry face. Rich cream gently apply to the skin around the eyebrows. The paint mix with the oxidizer in the tank in the proportions specified in the instructions of the particular manufacturer.

The obtained coloring composition was applied on the eyebrows thick, uniform layer. If necessary, use several layers. Take your time and be very careful as the paint in any case should not get into your eyes.

The exposure time of the ink is from 10 to 15 minutes. The longer a product to keep on the eyebrows, the more intense the shade will turn out. The dye not only changes the color pigment of the hair, but also affects their structure, so to overdo the time specified in the instructions, not worth it.

Then paint should be removed with wipes or cotton balls and be sure to wash the face with warm water. The paint that got on the skin can be easily removed with a means for removing waterproof makeup and normal cotton buds. Now you will have a question how to dye your eyebrows at home. It’s very simple!

Secrets on the painting of eyebrows by makeup artists

Makeup artists emphasize that the eyebrows need to paint one, but not both. If you used paint for the first time and got too dark, do not rush to despair. Rinse excess paint can be lathered with a cotton swab and wiping them eyebrows. Too thin from nature eyebrows, you can make thicker if the staining lower border of the eyebrow to draw a little below the natural line. The coloring composition in this case should apply not only to the hair but on the skin itself.

How to dye eyebrows at home: causes of failures

Dyeing eyebrows at home does not take much time and in compliance with all recommendations always gives excellent results. Staining may fail if:

• reuse prepared coloring composition.

• apply paint with expired shelf life.

• to dye hairs without pre-correction of eyebrows.

To preserve the beauty of the eyebrows should be to use uncomplicated advice of experts. They recommend to paint them no more than once per month. This will avoid loss of hairs and violations of their structure. Experts also noted that to achieve the best possible result you can, if for painting to use brush, which is equipped with paint, and a small synthetic brush.

Care for colored eyebrow

Estheticians pay attention to the fact that the eyebrows need constant care. They should be lubricated periodically with nourishing oils and creams, to make vitamin mask. So, great results give a compress of warm oil. Especially good for eyebrows almond, olive and peach oil. Just wet any of them a cotton pad and apply to the eyebrows for 15 minutes. Remaining oil washed with water.

The condition of the hairs can be improved, making the massage of the eyebrow. Use your fingertips to do the «tapping» movements from the nose to the temples. This massage enhances blood circulation. It allows to increase the density of eyebrows and enhance their growth. Don’t forget every day to comb the eyebrow brush.

Now you know how to dye your eyebrows at home. Following simple tips, you can achieve a professional result. You will not want to spend time and money on costly salons. Beautifully decorated eyebrows accentuate the eyes and take attention away from minor imperfections in the makeup.