How to draw arrows on the eyes: tips make-up artist. Instructions for drawing arrows on the eyes, photos of failed options

Special weapon of any woman is her eyes and look.

But before you go shooting the eyes, you need to ensure that their brightness and expressiveness.

To look has become a real weapon of mass destruction, you should master the art of drawing arrows on the eyelids.

Arrows began to paint in Ancient Egypt where the cat was considered a sacred animal, and ladies — Egyptian women tried to create a feline look.

Even Cleopatra was unsurpassed in this skill, making your eyes bright and mysterious, however, still many modern girls is difficult to draw the correct and smooth arrows on the eyelids.

How to achieve this skill? The main thing, do not hurry. Makeup artists in salons more just working on the eyes, because the work requires skills, abilities, knowledge, and concentration to make a perfect contour.

The arrows on the eyes: in some cases, appropriate

The arrows suggest to emphasize the beauty of their eyes, if the eyes are the right shape, and they add a feminine touch to the look.

With the arrows you can change the contour of the eye, as happy owners of a little almond-shaped eyes, and beautiful want to be.

Therefore, if the eyes are round, convex, narrow, close or deep-set, overhanging eyelids, in such cases the skill of drawing arrows on the eyes. The correction can be performed with different tools: pencils, liquid eyeliner or helium.

Liquid eyeliner is applied with a small brush, and beginners will be problematic to hold the first time a smooth clear line.

Liquid eyeliner has a number of advantages: the line by using it you can draw very thin, it is quite resistant to moisture and heat, the only disadvantage is the difficulty of washing this eyeliner. But this can be managed successfully enough to dip a small stiff brush in the oil, apply on the arrow for 30 seconds and then carefully remove, if the line from the first turned out fuzzy or pixelated, erase it with the same brush with oil.

Beginners should use a contour with a pencil, and makes the majority of women, the pencil gets softer hands, it is easy and quick to draw the desired contours of the downsides is that the pencil needs constant sharpening and no experience do not always get the thin arrow.

General advice on drawing lines with a pencil

You have to stretch the eyelid with your finger in the direction of the temple and pressure point movements to draw a line along the base of the eyelashes, without stopping, well you first practice on paper.

The pencil should be soft and greasy, so as not to hurt the eyelid, you only need to use a sharpened pencil to the eye.

Never leave a space between the line of the eyelashes and eyelids, the eyes look tired and red, the arrow to draw only about eyelashes.

The arrow should thicken from the inner to the outer corner of the eye.

The contour must not extend beyond the eyebrow, neither in height nor in width, it distorts the face and looks tacky.

When applying the eye contour, do not keep on weight that hand was solid and did not flinch at the right moment, depends on the accuracy of the line.

How to draw arrows on the eyes: General principles

The technology of drawing the arrows depends on the shape of the eyes, as arrows are changing not only the shape but also the look. To afford any type of liner can only holders of almond eyes a perfect shape.

If eyes close together, eyebrow pencil decorate only the outer edge of the eye.

If, on the contrary, widely planted to visually bring them closer together, will help complete a loop starting and ending line at the inner corner of the eye.

With deep-set eyes, along with pale eye shadow, you should use colored pencil for eyeliner.

If, on the contrary, it is necessary to deepen the eyes, dark shadows covered the upper eyelid, and circuit spend under the lower eyelid.

Thin arrow is sharpened with a pencil along the lash line, you can hardly see it, but it creates the illusion of thick lashes, and used in the daytime makeup.

To visually lift the corners of your eyes, it is necessary to line from the middle eyelid to the outer corner of the eye and at the very end slightly to raise it up above the lash line. This arrow lifts the contour of the upper eyelid, making the eyes more slanted.

Another option for evening make-up — arrow, feathered throughout their length.

The angle of the outer edge of the eye visually will rise if the arrow feather with a pencil or dark shadows.

If the eyes are small, make them longer, use the arrow keys from the outer edge by a third, and not to lead to internal corners.

Thick arrows are only suitable for girls with round eyes, not around the eye contour, but only on the outer corner, otherwise you can get a tired, heavy look that does not decorate the girl.

Special attention is required eyes with hanging eyelids. The owners of such age, should direct the arrow as thin as possible, under the ban are sharp lines and clear contours. In this situation, an important smooth transitions and soft, feathered contours, so that the hoses are not suitable.

To make their eyes look bigger worth experimenting with colored pencils, dark Burgundy shade that looks amazing, if brown eyes, emerald green suit blue-eyed, and dark purple for owners of green eyes. In this visually increases and becomes more visible.

For blondes with blue or grey eyes very fit pencil eyeliner or dark gray color, it perfectly sets off those eyes.

For owners of red hair very stylish will look eyeliner brown.

A good options for drawing arrows on the eyes



Bad options

Too wide eyeliner;

Intricate hands literally twitched eyes;

Asymmetrical, uneven arrows;

Too much dark eyeliner makes the eyes tired;

The triangles at the bridge of the nose is clearly unnecessary.

What not to do when applying arrows

Carried away by the arrows on the lower eyelid. Excessive thickness of the lower lash line visually reduces the eye and lowers them down. So it will be enough fine liner, grey, turquoise, or blue tint to make the whites are noticeably whiter, but with reddish tints handle with care, they can create the illusion of sore eyes.

To draw an uneven line. It’s not easy, but you can’t put up with crooked, broken lines, in this case, will the following technique: look down at the mirror, lifting his chin a little, through half-closed eyelids, and then draw the arrow. This method can help you draw smooth, clear outline.

Choose the wrong tool for the application. To get the smoky effect, liquid eyeliner is not suitable, they will be too intense or soft pencil is the best fit for the application of a mysterious haze around the eyes. But when you create perfectly straight arrow the pencil will not help more suitable for helium or liquid eyeliner.

If it is wrong to draw an arrow, you can greatly spoil even the most refined make-up. The main reason for the formation of fuzzy contour lines — unstable hand position, the elbow should be resting on a table or other flat surface. Ugly make up, if eyeliner is applied on the side, so look in the mirror you need in front of you.

In the art of drawing arrows important to remember that for accurate and smooth shooter, you need a lot of practice and patience, experiment more, and beautiful makeup must come out.