Lamination of hair at home gelatin – everything will be smooth! All about laminating hair gelatin at home

This procedure is one of the best in hair care.

The process of lamination hair with gelatin simple and can be done at home.

Do not look for time and money (which is not always enough) in order to give a healthy and glossy look to your hair.

Lamination of hair at home gelatin: is it possible?

The idea of lamination is based on the use of special tools, which will wrap the hair with a protective film, align them and make smooth. In this case, this means gelatin is very similar in structure to the hair, which fills it completely, envelops, contains animal protein collagen, connective and performing a repair function in our body. In beauty salons use plant protein.

Tomorrow treat yourself to a day of beauty! Yes, set aside all the endless things and focus on yourself. One of the brilliant (!) procedures for this is laminating hair gelatin, which not only can be carried out, but necessary. Because at home, using only natural ingredients, you will be able to let their hair

1) Be healthier. The so-called film, which is applied, protects against adverse factors of the natural environment, UV rays, dry air dryer, nail Polish.

2) to get Rid of such problems as breakage and split ends. The structure of our hairs such that it is covered with keratin scales. Under the influence of dust and dirt, scales that flake and leave your hair dull, unkempt appearance. The film will help in the formation of new surface of the hair.

3) to Be obedient, shiny and voluminous. After applying the first procedure, you will be noticeable as the hair increased in volume by approximately 20% become well revitalized and acquired a brilliant hue even without the use of additional cosmetic products.

4) to Preserve the color. Use this procedure after coloring, and you will be amazed at what painting can now be done less frequently.

5) firm and elastic. The film makes the hair stronger and thicker, which will certainly affect their appearance.

6) Grow to the desired length.

Lamination of hair at home gelatin: methods

As basis we consider a simple basic recipethat everyone can make their own individual adjustments. Last can influence the features of the structure and hair type, and personal preferences. Hair requires not only the protective film but also an intense nutrition. And no matter what, but gelatin is made from denatured collagen, which will nourish your hair. But if you into the mixture will add extra ingredients, they can penetrate the structure of hair before it is wrapped in a protective film. Also the result will affect the structure of your hair.

For gelatinous base, we need (depends on the length and thickness of hair):

• 1 tbsp. gelatin (food grade powder)

• 3-4 tbsp. water (or milk or non-carbonated mineral water)

• 1 tbsp. of balm (masks) for the hair.

Balm should not be less than gelatine, to avoid the opposite effect, that is hair breakage.

Gelatin pour the required amount of warm water and allow to steep for 20 minutes. Water should not be hot, because the gelatin may coagulate, and in cold water it will be a long swell. It is better to use the water bath method, which is also faster as well. You can also use microwave oven or hot battery. Add to the mix the balm and stir all until smooth. Avoid strong cooling of the composition, otherwise it will become unusable. This mixture we will add components which are designed specifically for you.

You can add:

• egg yolk is suitable for dry hair or protein eggs – for oily hair;

• herbal infusions is recommended to use for hair growth (nettle for brunettes, tea series), hair (hop cones Datura), hair loss (chamomile for blondes, burdock, decoction of birch bark), dandruff (the root of the oak, lavender). Pour 1 tbsp. of any herb half Cup of boiling water and let steep for 30 minutes. For more glitter, replace the water with this infusion in the manufacture of masks with gelatin;

• colorless henna and mustard: 1 tsp; adding the yolk, will make a great mask for increasing hair volume;

• lemon juice – 2 tbsp Vitamins and essential oil well nourish the scalp, improve hair texture and to prevent their loss. Also, the citrus has a lightening effect, gives Shine to your hair, affects their growth and fights dandruff. More suited for oily hair;

• yogurt with a large percentage of fat 1 tbsp helps to soften, increase elasticity and hair growth;

• wheat germ oil, almond, avocado. For normal hair add 1 tsp., and for dry and greasy decrease and increase, respectively. These oils give me the necessary vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Are an excellent means of prevention of diseases of the skin and scalp;

• essential oil (just add 4 drops), will help enhance the effect.

If the hair is «killed» with peroxide, then you need powerful ingredients that along with the fact that it will nourish and moisturize your hair will retain a nice light shade and will remove the yellowness.

Ingredients: 1 tbsp. of any mask for colored hair, 1 tbsp. almond oil (for Shine), 1 tsp aloe Vera (a powerful moisturizing and regenerating component).

The method and procedure of application are the same for all types of masks.

In the basic gelatine mixture mix all ingredients. Wash your hair as you usually do, with shampoo. Then apply the magic mixture on the skin of the head, evenly distributing it along the entire length. For this you can use a brush or just with your hands, where with the help of a comb with the teeth to evenly distribute the mixture on the entire hair. Put on the head of a special plastic cap or just a bag and wrap head with a towel after the shower. Leave the mixture for 45-60 minutes (it is desirable to heat the head with a Hairdryer as necessary). Then just rinse with warm or cool water (hot water will wash away all the beneficial properties). For greater effect, you can rinse with water with lemon juice or Apple cider vinegar. Laying unable to do your usual way, with additional appliances (Hairdryer, Curling iron, etc.) Repeat this procedure about once a week. The effect of the mask lasts from one to three months.

Tip: before applying any cosmetic products for hair, in particular, for lamination hair with gelatin at home, the hair is recommended to wash with hot water to components of nutrients penetrates deeply into the hair.

The specified mask is not forbidden to do when breastfeeding and pregnant.

There is also a kind of gelatin mask which is applied before shampooing. For this you can prepare a mixture of gelatin dissolved in water and shampoo in a 1:1 ratio. Next, the resulting composition apply to dry hair, put a plastic bag and wrap head with a warm towel. The procedure lasts for 40 minutes. Next, wash your hair using the shampoo, which is already on the hair. Finish rinsing procedures.

Store the mixture in a dry cool place but not in refrigerator, for 2 months.

Lamination of hair at home gelatin: causes of failures

Despite rave reviews from the use of this tool, sometimes in fact the result does not justify our expectations. First of all, it depends on the structure and type of your hair. Therefore, in any case before making any conclusions, we should try for yourself. What are the rules to get the desired effect.

1) Dissolve all the crystals gelatin mixture in a water bath, preventing the formation of lumps. Then it can be difficult to wash the mask.

2) be Sure to apply the mixture to clean hair carefully and an equal amount distributing them along the entire length. This is due to the fact that essentially laminating is the process of «sealing» (from the word) of nutrients. If a dirty mind is a dubious process.

3) do Not RUB into the roots. It can cause itching and irritation. The threshold of sensitivity and skin condition are different.

4) be aware that some hair after the first application procedures will be light and fluffy, others hard and brittle. So for the first time don’t plan hairstyles for an important meeting. See how your hair will respond.

5) the Balm is used in order to make it easier to wash off the gelatin mixture, but do not overdo it with the quantity. Also, instead of the balm you can use air conditioning.

6) During the procedure, it is desirable to dry wrapped my hair in order to mask faster and better absorbed.

7) Remember that this procedure is not a method of treatment of the hair. It is intended to improve the appearance. So do not wait for her stunning results, then to not be disappointed.

Keep in mind that the lamination of hair with the gelatin in the home has a cumulative effect. Try this procedure with all the rules, and your hair will respond to you beautiful and well-groomed appearance.