How to do foot bath at home: advice from the beautician. Popular recipes homemade foot Spa

About the beneficial action of baths for the feet known, and physicians and cosmetologists, and simple townsfolk.

This simple procedure can work wonders, providing a therapeutic effect not only on tired feet but also on the entire body.

To make a foot bath at home is a snap. But to achieve the desired result is only subject to the accuracy of the formulation, the nuances of technology and tricks of the procedure.

Foot bath at home: to do or not to do

The home foot Spa can help to relax, but to solve many cosmetic and medical problems. Such versatility is a straightforward procedure due to the combination of several health factors:

1. Aquatherapy can soothe and relax, relieve stress and fatigue and to improve mood.

2. Exposure to heat or cold helps to improve blood flow which affects multiple systems.

3. The healing properties of the solutions used for baths, provide cosmetic effects on the skin and contribute to the therapeutic effect of the procedure.

4. Irritation of active points, which on the feet is a huge amount, affects the health of many organs.

This combination of healing properties of baths for the feet helps to solve home problems:

1. Cosmetic:

• prepare the skin for further treatments;

• soften rough skin;

• to remove corns or spurs;

• remove the odor;

• to prevent excessive sweating.

2. Medical direction:

• lower the pressure;

• solve the problems of vascular nature;

• to relieve headache;

• to help with colds;

• eliminate painful and inflammatory responses in articular pathologies;

• to cure fungal and suppurative diseases of the foot;

• to relieve muscle pain.

3. Psychological and relaxing nature:

• help you to relax after a busy day;

• relieve fatigue;

• calm the nervous system;

• provide a hypnotic effect.

However, to carry out at home foot bath it is possible not all. Doctors warn about the negative impact of such procedures and is strictly prohibited to resort to home experiments:

• pregnant women;

• patients with thrombosis and peripheral vascular problems;

• after frostbite;

• if there is damage to the skin in the form of cuts, wounds, burns;

• people with diabetes;

• if the body temperature exceeds 38;

• in dermatological problems in the form of dermatitis, psoriasis;

• patients with hypertension with the exception of specific therapeutic baths.

Foot bath at home: recipes

The most common medicinal additives for the water used salt, soda, vinegar, mustard, various medicinal plants, turpentine, oil.

To achieve the desired effect of baths for the feet, carried out at home, you need to choose the right recipe. It is foolish to wait for the results, hoping to get rid of athlete’s foot if you hold the tub from colds.


1. Colds used sea salt with the addition of pine oils. You must take 1 spoon of coarse salt per 1 liter of warm water. For every teaspoon of salt will need 1 drop of oil. Oil does not dissolve in water, and the pre-drip on the salt, then the butter-salt mixture was placed in water. The procedure should last no more than an hour. If necessary, you can add hot water.

2. For getting rid of the fungus is prepared from the pulp of sea, iodized salt and a small amount of water. This healing substance applied to the affected areas and kept for a few minutes. Then the feet should be dipped in warm water and float for about 15 minutes.

3. To carry out beauty treatments with a softening effect to hydrochloric add bath decoction of chamomile or calendula. This procedure lasts up to 15 minutes.

4. To achieve a relaxing effect and relieve fatigue helps salt with lavender oil. The tray need to do in the evenings.

5. Salt with ammonia will help get rid of the cracks and soften the skin. You need to use two tablespoons of salt and three tablespoons of rubbing alcohol, which is diluted in a basin of water.


Mustard is able to improve blood flow and to warm and increase sweating, to disinfect. Therefore, a mustard foot bath is advisable to do at home to combat colds, runny nose and cough. These procedures will help in the fight against foot odor, excessive sweating. Mustard is also used for urgent decompression. For mustard procedures should be in warm water to dissolve the dry mustard powder at the rate of 1 teaspoon per liter of fluid. Is a medical procedure for 15 minutes.


Recipes using soda very much. It is almost a universal tool that helps:

• soften the rough and callus skin;

• provide antibacterial and disinfecting effect;

• kill the unnatural smells;

• prevent sweating;

• dissolve long-standing and ingrained dirt.

You can not search for complicated recipes and use pure baking soda that must be added to warm water.

If you wish for healing wounds add to the soda solution a decoction made from chamomile and calendula flowers.

To achieve over effective result in the fight for the perfect heel, you will need white clay (2 ml), liquid soap (2 l), and a little ammonia. Adding these ingredients to a soda bath can for 20 minutes to get rid of the unsightly appearance of rough skin on the feet.

Foot bath at home: a sequence of actions

It would seem that the procedure for the foot Spa is fairly simple. Lay the hot water in a bowl, add the ingredients and enjoy. But there are subtleties. To get the desired result, you need to clearly observe some simple steps:

1. Prepare all the necessary ingredients of a medicinal liquid.

2. Preheat the water to the required temperature or dilute the boiling water directly in the pelvis.

3. Add the water ingredients according to selected recipe.

4. Before the procedure, rinse your feet with clean water, if necessary, use soap.

5. Dip feet in the healing liquid and soak time required.

6. After the procedure, wipe off feet and apply some nourishing cream.

If baths are used to treat colds, not hurt after the procedure to wear warm socks or completely wrap yourself in a warm blanket.

Foot bath at home: tips beautician

Foot bath carried out at home, serve different purposes. So you need to take into account the nuances and tricks that will help increase the efficiency significantly.

Water temperature

For various procedures need completely different water temperatures. So, when carrying out medical procedures will need warm water. To prepare your feet for the pedicure, and to make baths with softening effect need quite hot water. When carrying out restorative procedures, you can use contrast baths.

The volume

The amount of used liquid, of course, will depend on the shape and volume of the container, which is used for baths. Ideal is water volume of about five liters. Feet immersed in the water so that it reached his knees, not necessarily. It is harmful to vessels. But there are exceptions. Bulk trays are required in the treatment of joint pain in knees.


Treatment time can vary from 15 minutes to half an hour. Longer exposure to water on the skin leads to dryness of the skin, dehydration. As a result, the skin becomes wrinkled.

Healing supplements

You must strictly adhere to recipes and comply with the suggested proportion. Even such simple ingredients like salt or soda have a certain aggressiveness and when overdoses can cause dermatological damage. In addition, many herbs can trigger allergic reactions. It is therefore necessary before the first use of new ingredients to hold allergotest.

And don’t forget to dry feet. The application of mitigating or healing cream or other tool on wet legs will have no effect, as the cream can not be absorbed, and in a humid environment will rapidly breed bacteria and fungi.