How to do a manicure with gel Polish, tips with photos: the choice of materials and tools. Step-by-step instructions for creating a fashion manicure with gel Polish

The life of any modern girls and women consists of many details.

This small but important detail, like nail Polish, is one of the main roles and are able to give the female image of completeness and to set the mood for the whole day.

Girls learned to highlight its beauty, so I try to find a more simple and easy way in creating a striking manicure.

As many know, the manicure of the conventional varnishes are not capable of long stick on nails.

In order for the nail art happy more time using the gel varnishes. It is a fairly simple method of applying a color coating, which became available for each female.

What is the difference procedures manicure gel Polish?

The gel Polish is no different from traditional varnish and is applied in the same way, but it does not dry as usual, for its drying is required UV lamp. After drying, the coating becomes more stable and reliable. Because of this, the Polish will stay much longer, and the surface is protected from scratches and loss of color. One of the most important advantages of applying the gel varnish is creating a strong frame for your nails, leaving them less broken, stronger and faster grows. The special smell of the gel has not.

How to do a manicure with gel Polish what is needed to complete this procedure:

• Normal and polishing the nail file.

• Special degreasing agent.

• Top and base coat.

• Tool for removing adhesive layer after drying of the gel.

• Disinfectant.

• Transparent basis.

• Color coat gel Polish.

• Primer to improve the adhesion of the nail and nail Polish.

• UV light which is necessary to consolidate all layers of lacquer.

• Different thin brush for manicure as well as sequins, stickers, rhinestones or dots.

How to make beautiful and bright manicure gel lacquer: the sequence of actions

• The first thing is to start, is to remove the old varnish, to remove the cuticle and make the nail plate shape with nail file. To gel Polish last longer, you should go through each special nail polishing nail and make the nail surface rough.

• Next, you need to degrease the nail plate special tool. This is done to ensure that the nail does not remain anything superfluous.

• After this is applied a primer, which serves to increase the lifetime of the manicure.

• After this is applied a top coating or transparent base.

• After applying the gel on the nails you want to alternately place hands in the UV lamp for 30 seconds.

• The gel polishes have the appearance of conventional coatings and applied with a brush.

• When applying the gel should be careful not to go beyond the nail and not paint over the cuticles.

• Color coat is required apply two thin coats, each to be dry.

• The first coat of varnish must be secured in the UV lamp about a couple of minutes.

• To give the manicure gel Polish the final effect, you need to apply finish gel. After drying to remove the sticky layer in order that it will not contact the extra fluff and unnecessary particles.

• After the procedure is to apply the oil, massage in thoroughly and remove the remnants.

What is required for the withdrawal or removal of gel Polish?

To remove this manicure you can use cotton wool or cut into several parts discs soaked in a special solution. This is superimposed on the entire nail plate and wrapped with foil. Leave for a few minutes and remove the foil. Gel under the influence of a special solution will soften and begin to flake off. If necessary, you can remove any residue with the orange stick or to repeat the procedure.

No need to tear GEGL Polish from the nail, not pre-rasmagin it. It comes off easily, but on the nails may leave scratches and clues that not only spoils the appearance, but also may lead to delamination of the plate.

To speed up the process you can go through the nail buff. This will help to remove dispersion layer and remove the remaining gel particles. After the procedure it is necessary to apply care facility.

Features and advantages of the procedures manicure gel Polish unlike traditional varnishes:

• If you have a manicure performed professional master all the rules require, the gel will stay on your nails up to 3 weeks. The only thing that will be noticeable regrown nail in the cuticle area.

• Color gel Polish will not lose its luster. The coating will not stratify and crack.

• When compared with artificial nails, this manicure looks more natural.

• The natural brittleness of the nails, gel Polish has strengthening them.

• The gel does not contain harmful substances and is absolutely hypoallergenic.

What you need to know about manicure gel polishes: tips and secrets of a professional

To create a truly elegant and impressive nail art on her nails and turn the application of gel Polish to a professional procedure, you only need to follow a few important tips:

• Before the procedure to put in a prominent place all the necessary supplies. Choose a lighted place and a comfortable chair.

• When using a gel of white color is necessary to keep it in the UV lamp fifteen minutes instead of two to get rid of yellowing pigment.

• When applying the lacquer to recede from the cuticle 1 mm below the gel did not peel off.

• Do not leave open bottles of lacquer near the ultraviolet lamp.

• After the use of nail Polish bottle needs to close.

• Store all paints are well closed and away from sunlight.

• After the procedure, wipe the neck of the Polish with a lint-free cloth.

On sale is a corrective gel-lacquers. Because of this, it is possible to tint the regrown part without removing the whole cover. It helps to refresh the manicure and perfectly align the nail plate.

Design short nails trend ideas

Speaking of the manicure gel Polish for short nails, there are several important directions: — specific touches, French manicure, and gradients.

Fashionable gradient make using the sponge. With gel-lacquers this procedure is created differently. Color stretching requires special care and accuracy. After processing primer on the nails apply a base top and is dried under UV lamp fifteen minutes. Prepared to take two colors of nail Polish and to cover half of the nail, then the other half of the nail is covered in a different shade. When the opportunity to replicate. In the end apply the top and allow to dry for 2 minutes.

All drawings and designs on short nails vertically along the nail plate. This increases the form. Sometimes used in the stamping. It is not recommended to use acrylic modeling or rhinestones, because such bulky items would be ugly to look on a short nail.

The classic French manicure looks great on short nails. After applying the base coat from the nail end, make smile narrow brush of white paint. The French do not only classical, but also in color. French design is trendy and fashionable manicure with gel Polish.

To make a beautiful and lasting manicure made possible not only the clients of the salon, but also girls without any professional skills. This nail art will last 2 to 3 weeks.