How to create your own perfume from essential oils

Oddly enough, to make perfume at home is easy. You need to exercise a bit of creativity, to be creative and «voila» — a natural perfume without synthetic impurities ready. The process of making perfumes from essential oils resembles a magic act, because the aromas can have a healing effect, and conversely, to harm; can encourage and lift the spirits, and perhaps depressive. So before you begin, you need to replenish stocks of theoretical knowledge about the properties of essential oils and their combinations.

Perfume home-made has a top, middle and base notes. The first fragrance, the first impression – top notes. They are weightless, quickly dissolve, leaving a feeling of freshness. Their quality is better to use eucalyptus, Basil, bergamot or citrus. Next is the «heart» of the fragrance – the middle note, which is often called the heart. Essential oils of geranium, lavender, rosewood and rosemary are perfectly suited for the heart notes. To fix the aroma of use the most heavy and intense smell is the main note – cypress, patchouli, incense, sandalwood. Basically what you need to know when choosing essential oils for top, middle and basic notes is to use only those smells that you like and bring enjoyment. Otherwise, the fun and joy you will bring neither the manufacturing process nor themselves perfumes. But, in addition to taste preferences, consider also the therapeutic properties that they occupy not the last place.

When you first decided to make perfume, limit yourself to three or four perfumes: top, middle and basic notes. At the beginning of the creative ways that amount of oil will be enough, take the time to mix too much.

Well, actually, the process itself. Take a few cotton swabs, apply to literally every drop of essential oil of those that you have selected. And then just connect the three sticks and learn the combination. Drive them a short distance from the nose, try to assess the resulting aroma in General. Add, remove sticks until then, until you smell a smell that will make your heart race more and involuntarily cry out: «Here it is! Eureka!» At this moment your masterpiece is ready.

Now you can go from magic acts to directly earth – the creation of spirits. In a jar of dark glass volume of about 10 ml pour oil-based. The best option for oil-base is jojoba oil, but you can use both. It will need about two teaspoons. Fill half the bottle with oil-based, add a few drops of the selected oils for perfume, shake well and top up with oil-based. Now the spirits of the few days it takes days to stand alone in a dark place, so that molecules of essential oils «rascacielos» and began to interact. This period is called «maturing». That’s all tricks. While there, the most important thing – to create in a good mood, then the result of your work will please you.