How to create the illusion of a perfect figure

Unfortunately, not all ladies figure close to ideal. Long legs, slim waist, ample Breasts,… For many an unattainable dream. But can we do so that others just didn’t notice anything «extra» and even envy the elegance of form? What is «the art of visual correction»?

Properly designed women’s cleavage – object for the eyes of men. The neckline accentuates the elegance of shapes that are able to straighten the shoulders and even to soften sharp facial features. If the neck is not Swan-perfect – V-neck. This version of the design of neckline is able in this case to create an image of ideal proportions.

Broad shoulders narrow diagonal cut. It is the asymmetry in this case will create a visual balance. A square neckline is the best option for those who wish to show off a beautiful chest. The boat neckline is suited to very few to afford it, it is necessary to have an ample bosom, a long elegant neck and wear your hair picked up.

Today, there are about twenty models of women’s sleeves. It is the length of the sleeve, in conjunction with style, can significantly transform the image. To hide the fullness of your hips and add volume in the upper part will help models such sleeves as «the bat», «lanterns», «wings», «sleeve-leg of lamb», «the sleeve-kimono». All these models translate the accents up, and the background surround the top of any hips look slimmer.

The model is sleeveless with a flounce at the wrist, «bell», «petal» expands to the wrist, which adds to the fragility of the figure in the upper part and massive in the bottom. On any figure look really nice rolled up sleeves on the shirt.

Each lady need to own the figure to find the perfect line on which to end the top of the garment. This is the main horizontal pieces. The shorter the top of the garment, the legs seem longer. But this rule only for ideal forms. Owners of long legs can wear a top that ends at the waist or slightly above (provided that the tummy flat). Bulging belly will hide poluprilegayuschy clothing length of 10-15 centimetres below the waist. The absence of waist and the splendor of the hips can be disguised with clothing, reaching to mid-thigh.

Women torso long legs, you cannot wear a top that covers the buttocks – this outfit is their «landed» even more. In this case, the most suitable length – the palm of the hand below the waist. If you like to wear leggings or tights, be sure to close the groin area.

As you know, there is nothing that visually Slims and lengthens the legs as smoothed front pleats. Most importantly – find its length. For almost every figure fit trousers up to the middle of the heel and straight skirt, barely covering the knee. The MIDI-length (mid-calf) is the most dangerous, as they are able to shorten the legs. To fix it will help cuts and high heels. When choosing skirts, you should ensure that its width does not exceed the length («mini» this rule is very important).

Shortened (to the feet) and tapered-leg pants can only afford very slender ladies and heels. Pant cuffs – additional horizontal line.

If you want to forget about all the rules and wear what you like, come to the aid of slimming or body-shaping underwear. Grace will solve many problems, adding harmony and correct proportion.