How to create a perfect figure? The male gaze…

«The man loves his eyes» is a saying well known to most women. But did You know that men’s and women’s views on beauty are sometimes very different. Therefore, before proceeding to correction, listen to the opinion of the professionals: what, how, and to what extent to change in your body to become irresistible to the opposite sex. According to sexologists and psychologists, the man need a fraction of second to understand how physiologically attractive is a female.

And, among the assessment criteria in the first place is the ratio of the coverage of the waist and hips. The greater the ratio, the more feminine the appearance. Thin waist is a sign of youth, and wide hips — the ability to produce healthy offspring. Ideal from the point of view of fashion designers and stylists, the ratio of 90-60-90 (one to one and a half) — in the masculine sense only low, reflecting the «femininity.» The thinner waist and wider hips – the better. If all of this is accompanied by a high chest, we get a reference version of the female figure– «hourglass». To achieve this simple weight loss impossible. In this case, focus on how to make your waist as thin as possible. In the audience fitness instructor needs to suggest the best training equipment and exercises. If You have enough time, you can resort to the functions of the special mesotherapy and hardware cosmetology. Over several sessions You will create a «wasp waist», keeping the parameters coverage of the hips and chest.

In second place on attractiveness in the eyes of men are the shape and size of the buttocks. The term «Brazilian butt» — has become a byword for the standard of sexuality. Coveted form is the result of the particular structure Jagodina muscles, but by training or myostimulation, You can pump the desired relief. By the way, muscle toning, passive exercise of the muscles with microcurrents allows you to achieve results faster and keep it off for a longer period. Another fashionable method is to install masonite in the buttocks. The thread is thinner than a hair, but when installed perpendicular to the muscle fiber, it causes the effect of long-term toning of the muscles. In addition the recovery of adipose tissue and skin tightening in the buttocks.

The procedure itself takes less than an hour, and the effect in the hands of an experienced specialist makes an amazing. The only discomfort – within three to five days to sit after this manipulations You will have with caution.

Degeneration of adipose tissue, cellulite is a real beach beauty figure. And spoils it above all of the thighs and buttocks. The best way to combat them is shock wave therapy.

By the way, is not only the most effective but also the safest means.

Another unpleasant aesthetic phenomenon is so attractive to the male gaze zone – stretching. If they were, then later to use cream and butter. The aid will come only laser cosmetology.

As attractive according to women, the breast in male understanding is only in third place. Moreover, the shape matters more than size. Of course, radically change the shape of the breast without surgical plasty – it is impossible. But to improve tone, get rid of stretch marks, make the perfect cleavage, and is quite capable of laser cosmetology. By the way, for work in this area is valid only erbium laser, and the effect of grinding is achieved using laser ablation. By the way, the skin tone is so pronounced that client even stop to think about plastics.

To make the legs (fourth place in the men’s ranking) longer can only be a complex operation. A more slender and toned – hardware cosmetology. What method to choose – decide specialist. But, after a few visits, You will be able to proudly wear the trendy and sexy shorts.

Beach season is not far off, and for some it has already begun. Don’t delay simulation profile. Remember: «men love with their eyes», and this love begins with the body.