How to clear pores at home: dry and oily skin. The pores on the faces of folk and cosmetics

Most prone to enlarged pores and pollution people with oily and dry skin.

How to clean pores at home with the assistance of a cosmetic or folk remedies, and are there any contraindications.

Never a woman with wide black pores will not se6ya to feel confident at 100%.

Wide, clogged pores face not only unattractive, but also inevitably lead to further skin problems – acne and pimples.

Suffer most owners of oily and too dry skin.

How to clean pores at home – it is quite natural in this case, the question, and we know the answer!

Clear pores at home: indications and contraindications

The main method is considered to be the banal washing. This procedure is shown to perform all the morning people with sensitive skin do not have to use a cleanser and in the evening before bed to remove pollution is necessary. With a moderate contamination of the pores, and for oily skin, gels are sold with scrubbing effect for daily use. With highly advanced and not amenable to purification with the wash’ll have to check for yourself, how to clean pores at home.

Use this as a salon or medical treatments, and cosmetics and folk remedies. In the latter case, perhaps mechanical effect, the use of cosmetics and folk remedies. About the actual methods written below, but first find out if you can do the cleaning yourself.

Absolute contraindications for open pores on face at home are:

• herpes infection;

• thin, dry and/or sensitive skin;

• open sores and inflammation in areas proposed treatment;

• Allergy, irritation, acne and other eruptions on the face;

• high tendency to couperose;

• individual intolerance of active substances in the mass;

Relative contraindications:

• menstruation;

• pregnancy, breast-feeding;

• the age of 18;

• keloid scars;

• viral diseases;

• increased body temperature.

Separately say about the chemical peeling – don’t do it in the spring and summer to avoid the penetration of UV rays to the treated skin (cause skin pigmentation).

How to clear pores at home: mechanical methods

Manual cleaning

Clean the pores of the face in most cases, prefer a home with a manual cleaning (extruding). With the right approach and a little experience can achieve excellent effect, no worse than after expensive hardware cleaning.

Before you start squeezing, wipe the skin with chlorhexidine or hydrogen peroxide. Do not use disinfecting alcohol, otherwise it will give you a major disservice. Once the alcohol dries (which happens very quickly), the skin becomes dry and pores for a short time shrink. You need to expand them.

Disinfected the skin steamed. You can use both hot and cold.

Hot steaming make steamed. To do this in a pot, prepare a decoction of chamomile with calendula (you can add tea tree oil), and over this the hot broth steamed face, covering your head with a towel.

You can use «cold steaming» with the help of special cosmetics. One example is the enzymatic gel «New Line» with papain from the «Kora». 15 minutes prior to manual facial cleansing at home to apply the gel to the skin and cover with cling film. Wipe off the gel with a tissue, and the skin will be softened.

Hand wash and apply rubbing alcohol (can be a special antiseptic). On the index fingers wrap a small piece of bandage and squeeze each pore until, until it will not come out all greasy tube. After each such «withdrawal» treat the skin with chlorhexidine.

Mechanical removal of comedones

Hated the black dots are easily removed by hand using cream (gel) shaving. On the problem area, apply the cream, wait for two to three minutes, while cork will soften. Knife on a wooden or other wooden device with a sharp surface, attach the piece of bandage and pressing on the skin, keep in a covered area. Together with the cream will come out and blackheads, you will immediately see how cleansed facial pores at home.

Ultrasonic facial cleansing

With the help of a special device the ultrasonic vibrations are nearby to it the surface of the skin. After the treatment not only removed the black point, but also narrow pores, increases blood circulation and improves skin tone.

How to clear pores at home: a review of cosmetics

Properly chosen cosmetics pore cleansing, used regularly at home, prevent acne, get rid of black spots and return the skin a radiant look.


The abrasive particles in the scrub more coarse, they are used for thick, oily and problem skin. How to clean pores at home using the scrub? Elementary! In the evening, shortly before bedtime, wash your face and apply the scrub to damp skin (can be a bit of steam). Light massage movements to walk across the face (excluding the delicate skin around the eyes), grasping a chin, neck and chest area. If the scrub does not contain active chemical substances, for example, means «3 in 1», then you can leave it on for five minutes as a mask. Rinse off with warm water and wipe the skin.

For thus cleansed skin apply the lotion and nourishing cream.

Clear pores face scrub is better no more than once a week.

Top-rated scrubs: Pure Line – «Apricot stone», Natura Siberica «Youth and radiance», Vichy «Three active deep cleansing 3 in 1».


Tools of this type is recommended for sensitive skin. The peeling contains more fine and less abrasive (often soluble) to non-natural exfoliating particles. On the decontaminated skin apply a thin layer, rubbing into the pores. Carefully walking on the face peeling, wash it with warm water.

After peeling also need to use a moisturizer.

Peels worthy of attention: SKIN79 «Crystal gel peeling-roll», Faberlic EXPERT «Purifying exfoliating mousse», Dr. Pierre Ricaud «Derma Ecolia».


Designed more for the updates than for cleansing, gommage found its audience among females over 40. Easy exfoliating and purifying effect without drying the skin and stimulates the regeneration of tissues. Applied to washed skin and used according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Users noted a positive effect gommage for face: Yves Rocher «Glow freshness» Organic shop «Morning coffee».

How to clear pores at home: folk remedies

Universal method of purification is as follows: over hot steam of chamomile decoction to hold the face within five minutes (the pores will be opened and the «tube» will soften), then apply a natural scrub. The basic natural ingredients for exfoliating: ground coffee, soda, honey, oat flakes, semolina and salt. These abrasive particles are rubbed into the skin for a few minutes and wash off.

After this cleansing you need to apply a tonic. This is the decoction of chamomile, and best of all – slice or paste of cucumber.

As a moisturizing mask after I cleansed face pores at home, suitable dissolved in boiled water blue or white clay. Apply it on face, leave on 15 minutes and rinse with warm water. At the end of the lubricate the skin moisturizer.


For not very thin and sensitive skin is perfect honey mask for cleansing pores. Using this mask, you can not only clear the old tubes, but also get exfoliating, moisturizing and massage effect. If the skin is sensitive and easily injured, you need to take a liquid med. For oily skin, wide pores take candied honey. Applied to the skin of the face except the eye area and spread around the face with light tapping motions with fingertips. When the honey is evenly distributed, Pat the face with palms on both sides. It is a kind of «vacuum» massage. As the procedure is honey, which particles remain on the hands, relieve.

Face slightly red after the mask, but it should restore the color after a couple of hours. If after applying or massage the face very red and itching, then immediately rinse with honey and drink an antihistamine pill. More honey on the face is applied.


To gently cleanse pores at home using masks with baking soda. Excellent effect gives soda along with starch at a ratio of 1:5. Diluted the mixture with warm water to a thick slurry, once applied to the face, leave for 10 minutes and wash off. Starch plays the role of sorbent and absorbs all of the released sediments. You can use the mixture as a scrub.

You can do in a small inflammation gentle bleaching of soda with yogurt. To do this, 1 teaspoon of fat yogurt (can sour cream) mixed with 0.5 teaspoon of baking soda and 0.5 tsp of hydrogen peroxide. Apply evenly on face and leave for 10 minutes.

Effective for cleansing the pores with oily skin soda and honey mask. Mix the ingredients in equal parts and patting motions to distribute for problem skin (not around the face as honey). Leave for five minutes and rinse. Watch the reaction to honey.

Pore cleansing for dry skin

Proven folk remedies pore cleansing for dry and sensitive skin:

• finely isolatie cereal, filled in to a thick gruel with milk;

• fruit peel with a fork mash one banana and mix with a glass of grated on a fine grater the pulp of fresh pineapple, apply on face for quarter-hour depending on layer thickness and motions to remove, rinse off the rests.

And don’t forget: after cleaning facial pores at home, be sure to apply tonic and moisturizing cream to the skin losing elasticity.