How to choose conventional or sunglasses for round face

Nowadays sunglasses are not only for vision correction and protection from the scorching sun, but also as an important accessory as an integral element of your individual image and style. And it does not matter what points you buy: sun or for sight, the main thing – that they perfectly combined with your looks, your image – on the face shape, image and color.

After all, you see that the rims can radically change the appearance of the face and its expression, and therefore the first impression after meeting you. You often unsuitable accessory «throws» for several years, and is a flattering treatment of «girl!», passers-by start talking to us, «woman!». Of course, we’re all women, but much nicer to hear the first option, isn’t it?

So, the first thing you need to determine your face shape.

Defined? If you are a happy owner of a round face, then you’re in luck, because then you will be able to get all the details on how to choose glasses for a round face.

How to choose glasses: rules for all

1. Do not buy a frame that is similar to your face shape. That is, when choosing glasses for round face, don’t stop for nothing on the models round shape.

2. It is preferable to choose such glasses, in which the lower part of the frame would be similar to the lower contour of the eye sockets. This creates the effect of integrity.

3. Glasses, sitting high on the bridge of the nose, lengthen the nose, and those who sit in the middle to shorten it.

4. Don’t forget that sunglasses should look harmonious with you and your style: skin tone, color of hair and eyes, style of clothing.

What are the ideal sunglasses for a round face?

Girls with round face shape usually distinguished by the presence of plump cheeks-apples and rounded chin without clear-cut lines in the area of the cheekbones, the length and width of the face is almost identical. These faces seem a little childish, attracting its ease and simplicity.

However, not all girls want to look «cute», and intends to add your image more feminine and spice to the temperament. This effect is easy to achieve – it is enough to perform two items: to buy the right glasses for a round face and apply suitable make-up.

So, in order to add your outfit a little more feminine, making it more perfect, you need to visually narrow your face visually «stretching» the wide middle and lower face.

Correct eyeglasses for round face

Glasses for round face, of course, should be broad form, and a little play for the contour of the face. This technique will visually elongate the face oval, make it more charming. One of the most successful forms is the «cat’s eye», because these points direct the eye to the temples, and lengthen the face.

It is also interesting to look glasses rectangular and square with rounded corners.

While square angular sunglasses for round face will look too harsh.

If you have the desire, then by all means try on a few eyewear models with asymmetric shapes, when the top is disproportionately lower. Another win-win option for you glasses «butterflies». This retro frame for added femininity, visually pulling the form of the face. And another good idea will look glasses with a focus on the top line of the eyeglasses, the eyeglasses of a trapezoid.

Wrong glasses for round face

• Any model points round shape, including points and «drop». They emphasize the fullness of the face.

• Glasses with very narrow rims.

• Massive, too dark or bright glasses will add the face of gravity, you need to give up excessive contrast.

• Glasses covering part of the cheeks.

Choose sunglasses for round face color

Choose the frame quite calm, non-acidic shades. For example, brown and all its shades are ideal for blondes and brown. As a win-win option would be metal casing silver in color. But remember: glasses for round face should not contain bright and shiny decor.

As for the color of the lenses should not choose a too dark, and with color you can safely conduct experiments. Good option – not too dark glass lenses in plastic frames.

Recommendations when buying sunglasses

1. If you want to give the face a more sophisticated look, choose these glasses for a round face where the width of rim equal to or slightly wider than the widest part of the face.

2. Ladies with full lips look good glasses with large rims. If the facial features are small, then you need to buy small points.

3. Thin rims only fit the delicate face and full face increase.

4. To face looked much more effective fashion wide glasses should not completely hide the eyebrows. Ideally, the eyebrows is bordered by the upper rim.

5. Glasses should fit your size. Before buying put them on and test for 1-2 minutes: they must not go down to the tip of nose or pressure behind the ears.

6. A large nose can diminish glasses with a low bridge and if you want to increase a small nose, glasses with a high jumper – your option.

7. Good points can’t be cheap. In order to protect themselves from counterfeits, it is best to shop at brand name stores. On these points, the manufacturer should specify by what percentage the glasses protect from the rays of type A and b (UVA and UVB, the latter is much more dangerous). If you see the icon of «CE», then you know that this model meets the European quality standards. Points to signature shall be accompanied by: box and tissue paper. On request you shall produce the certificate.

How to properly care for the glasses?

Not everyone knows that dirty and dusty glasses cause eye strain, redness, and even vision loss. In addition, they are 30% reduce visibility! That’s why it’s so important to always keep your glasses clean.

1. Use the special liquids and sprays to clean points. They are high quality, but very gently clean the surface without scratching.

2. Get a microfiber cloth. She copes well with dust, fingerprints and smudges without leaving any streaks. However, it should be regularly washed or replaced.

Important: do not clean lenses with improvised means: a scarf, a sleeve, etc. They leave on the glass micro-scratches, and coated lenses are available cleaning just unacceptable!

3. Disposable cleaning wipes for optics. They are impregnated with an alcoholic solution, and immediately clean the surface without leaving any streaks. In addition, they have antibacterial action.

4. Soapy water. Warm water with a mild detergent (shampoo, gel) are also perfectly cope with the pollution. To be wash with gentle movements very soft cloth.

Good sunglasses to wear not only fashionable but also useful because they protect not only our vision but also the skin against the formation of unwanted wrinkles. Use advice, trust in fashion, but remember that the main thing – not to go on about the gloss and sellers, and trust your own taste.

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