How to choose a hair color to accentuate the tan?

Decided to make a trendy hair coloration in the summer? It must emphasize Your tan. About how to do it, tell you the fashion stylists of the center of beauty of the Noble Manor.

If You decide to change the color of the hair, a professional colorist will recommend You to refer to the theory of type. There are 4 basic color type: cold – Winter and Summer, warm Spring and Autumn. Each color type will be subdivided further 4 subtype: clean and subdued, light and dark. Belonging to a particular color type is determined by the presence and ratio of endogenous pigments present in the body: melanin, carotene and hemoglobin. This ratio determines color of eyes, hair, skin, and tan. Within each color sub-group can choose the suitable options «tan – hair color» and then, based on the rules of the color wheel to determine combinations that increases the saturation of colors.

Of course, to understand such subtleties that only a very experienced colorist, we will try to give You some Important tips:

— Hair color highlights colour nuance of the skin, and the effect of a tanned complexion are usually created with combination of several colors

The effect of burned strands should be natural, i.e. not different from the base color more than 2-3 shades

— Hair color in any case should not merge with the skin color: preferably a difference of at least 2-3 shades

Tan is a very «moving» component, which depends on whether You are using self-tanning, whether taking dietary SUPPLEMENTS with carotenoids, where as love to sunbathe. But the important thing is to measure: a cold – warm. To determine the «temperature» of Your tan quite easily on their own. Take two shades of pink lipstick: lilac-pink and salmon (coral-pink). If the face will look more tanned with a purple tint, then You’re a cold color type, if with coral, so warm. Another simple method: determine the color of the veins on the inside of the wrist. If the veins are blue, You’re cold color type, green warm.

«Cold» shades sun: pink, bronze (reddish brown), brown with a grayish undertone olive with gray undertone.

Warm shades of tan: Golden, peach, olive with yellow and orange undertone, «apricot».

So, if You belong to a cold color type and want to emphasize the freshness of the sun, a kind of tingle-effect, you can use light ash streaked locks. In combination with light brown and ash-brown hair they emphasize pink undertone person, and You will look like a «just from the beach». Those who do not like to be red-faced, and the owners of brown hair to recommend the strands and tips of the sand and / or wheat shades.

If Your primary hair color brown, try adding strands of color of cocoa. Light gray-purple undertone in the hair accentuates the brown skin tone.

If You are the owner of black hair and belong to a cold color type, then the effect faded strands contraindicated. Better to pick up the toning in the cold brown shades.

Many believe that the easiest way to emphasize a tan with the help of bleaching hair. This is partly true. But, with bright blonde have to be very careful.

Platinum ul’trablond is valid only in the presence of a delicate pinkish tan and perfect skin. In other cases, this combination will accentuate all the flaws and «to throw» a few years. If You have cold brown, bronze or olive tan, it is safer to choose blond, vanilla, sand or cold wheat shades.


For warm type of win-win combinations of hair with tanned skin and strawberry blonde and the color of milk chocolate. Boldly complement the light gold and caramel strands, without fear that they will blend in with the complexion.

The color of cocoa is good for both color types, because it has purple undertone that most strongly contrasts with the Golden and / or orangish skin tone.

In contrast to cold type, which does not allow even a hint of red tones in my hair, warm tsvetotip them very welcome. Peach tan is very in harmony with the copper hair shades and apricot with reddish.

Chestnut, brown and dark brown hair can be beautiful to colour with warm highlights of honey, spices and amber. Will the so-called Venetian weave, i.e., of the amazing beauty warm BROND. His love of Brazilian and Italian top model, because he makes them natural his – irresistible.

Summer – a beautiful and bright season. Being able to use all its advantages, including a spectacular sunburn, You might discover new opportunities and prospects, and stylists Noble Estates with pleasure will help You with this.