How to cheat hunger and stay slim: interesting tips

Sitting on a diet or just watching your weight, it is very important not to break and not to overeat. The same applies to the meal – the main thing is not to overeat, how to do it? Follow these tips and recommendations.

  • The feeling of fullness will give a glass of vegetable broth or chicken soup, you can also eat cream soup. A hot entrée is great to satisfy hunger, however, it should be poured into a bowl.
  • Often go on dates, according to experts, women during the romantic eat less. Conclusion, regularly go with your loved one on walks.
  • The flickering light from the candles is able to fraudulently get you to eat more than you and how usually you eat.
  • Scientists conducted an experiment and found that if the diet protein foods daily is about 30% of all the products, this person eats nearly 500 calories less. The thing is that the meat is generous and after a long time not hungry. It is worth considering that increasing the rate of meat needed to move more and exercise is for those who are jealously watching their weight.
  • Listen to your body to do enough during the meal blindfolded. Put a regular set of dishes on the table, fasten your eyes and eat, oddly enough, but the satiety will be felt twice as fast, and even three. You’re not watching TV, not paying attention to the neighbor or «hunger» is not applied to the plate more than can eat.
  • The lack of trace elements in the body can cause an increased production of the hormone (ghrelin) that is responsible for the «ravenous appetite». If you notice a similar behavior, take a multivitamin.
  • Noted that if there is that hand, which is usually alone during the meal (for right-handers is the left), then to achieve saturation possible, this will adapt — you can satisfy your hunger.
  • Start your meal with a leafy salad and then a main dish will eat less.
  • There is a perception of Japanese scientists that the color is able to reduce hunger. In particular, blue Cutlery, tablecloths and napkins will quickly saturate the body and suppress «appetite». Great to eat with a window overlooking the sea.
  • Nutritionists have conducted a number of studies proved that when cutting a wedge shaped foods (e.g., pizza) cannot correctly estimate the size of portions, that may overeating such delicious foods as the pies.
  • Fatty food longer to digest and gives the body long lasting satiety, lack of fat in the body can significantly reduce the rate of weight loss. So for the meal to salads, add avocados, different nuts. Do not be lazy to cook fatty fish and season everything with olive oil.
  • To suppress hunger can not sandwiches, and tasty, healthy and nutritious berry smoothie.
  • Do not give up bread, just eat whole grain loaves and buns. They are more nutritious and less caloric.
  • The frozen man is able to eat several times more than usual, very often this technique is used in cafes and restaurants. The same applies to a large number of people, for more than 3 people, portion increased by nearly 75%.
  • Do not rush to eat low-calorie foods. The British conducted an experiment and found that those who ate a regular cupcake, longer feel full and the next day ate less food. Those who prefer low-calorie cupcake an hour later eat again.
  • Add raw carrots everywhere, it is great to satisfy hunger. About it told the world of the Irish.
  • Oddly enough, but the three products that perfectly satisfy your hunger, consists of potatoes, fish and oatmeal. It found Australian doctors.

By following these recommendations, you can easily cope with hunger and not gain extra pounds.

Text: Kseniya Aleksandrovna