How to care for your face Irina Dubtsova?

Irina visited monthly by your beautician. Very carefully monitor the latest developments in beauty, for they are friends and relatives called her «beauty killer». The singer likes to use, and popular recipes. Some of his secrets she shared with us.

Some time ago Dubtsova met a wonderful beautician. She trusts the specialist its face and is advice. The actress said that buying beauty masks and creams, which are now crowded all the shelves in her bathroom.

In addition, she sometimes uses the means at hand to maintain the beauty. The singer prefers the broth of daisies – makes him the ice that rubs your face. Then makes a mask of sour cream (tablespoon) and olive oil (teaspoon). After half an hour wash off the dried mask and goes to work. This simple tool helps in the morning to Wake up the skin and relieves it from small follicles.