How to care for the tattoo in the first days? What you need to know about how to care for the tattoo in the first days?

Today tattoo is not a luxury.

Many people tend to decorate their body with simple patterns or a real work of art, but few people know that the tattoo is healing quite painful in the first days after its application.

How to care for the tattoo in the first days?

All the details in this article.

Tattooing and basic information about how to care for the tattoo during the first days

Many masters, before you apply a tattoo to warn of possible temporary discomfort after this procedure. If we are talking about small and simple tattoo, then any discomfort should be avoided. But if you just do long and complicated work for applying the tattoo, then you should be prepared for possible complications after application.

How to make a drawing? The dye gradually fills the space under the skin. Of course, none of the master does not give a hundred percent guarantee that applying tattoo will not cause allergic reactions or other side effects.

The entire work is successful, you need to follow some rules:

• A tattoo is best done in the salon;

• The master must provide a certificate to the paint, which will cause the tattoo, or it may be made of poor quality material, with all the ensuing consequences;

• Be sure to follow all recommendations of the wizard, in how to care for the tattoo in the first days.

Do not skimp and do the work of low-quality paint, because the tattoo can not be removed like a garment, it remains with its owner for many years, so it is with extreme meticulousness apply to the original work.

But besides the correct choice of pattern and master the important place of drawing on the body to choose wisely. There are points on the body to which the application of a tattoo more painful than the other. For example, applying tattoo on the spine, wrist, calves – painful procedure and these tattoos require extra care.

How to care for the tattoo in the first days, immediately after application

In the tattoo salon master will apply a special disinfectant composition, will impose on the picture compress. In order to avoid infection of the skin, which cause the tattoo, the wizard will wrap cling film wrap. If he is a professional, no bleeding at the site of the tattoo will not, but if did allocation ichor, then you should especially pay attention to the tattoo immediately after application.

Remove the compress in the home, experts recommend keeping it at least three hours. Depending on blood coagulation, with a certain intensity will occur subsequent manipulation of the tattoo.

For those who have a normal clotting, or fast – healing process will be much easier.

Why not remove the compress in advance? Because selection of lymph crust will appear. When they disappear – will disappear and paint with them, then the pattern will not be uniform. The tattoo will be ruined, also the healing the skin will be tightened.

What needs to be done after removing the compress? It is necessary to wash the tattoo with soap with an antibacterial effect. Why is it necessary? It is necessary to remove dead skin cells and bacteria, which can cover a place of healing.

It is best to even take a shower with warm water. A hot shower is better not to use, a tattoo is not worth it to steam.

Also what not to do?

• Do not RUB the site of application alcohol-based tattoo lotions;

• You cannot use the tools for soothing the skin even cream;

• Do not RUB the tattoo application sponge can damage the pattern.

After a shower is to wet the tattoo, it is better to use cotton pads. Blotting, no need to RUB the tattoo, simply hold a cotton pad for a few seconds.

How to care for the tattoo in the first days, if you have already removed the bandage?

Is to wipe the site of application solutions that disinfect and promote healing, they will tell the master. You can use «Miramistin».

How to clean a tattoo?

• Promaqua from the center to the edges;

• Should wipe the tattoo and on the periphery, affecting the area surrounding it;

• Tampons should be changed as necessary.

How to care for the tattoo in the first days that should not be missed

Should definitely consider the fact that throughout healing will have to use some auxiliary means. They cannot be neglected, otherwise blood poisoning, various skin infections. The wizard will tell you what cream should be used after removing the compress and process the placement of the tattoo.

What you need to use a cream? To accelerate healing. Those who have blood clotting bad, it can take quite a long time. Many masters with the aim of healing is recommended to use sea buckthorn oil, which will also help to avoid drying of the skin. Well-proven ointment with panthenol and vitamins.

It is not necessary to apply any ointments immediately, you need to choose one and use it according to the instructions, or on the recommendation of the master. More specified period of use, cream to use is not necessary. You can change the remedy if it be necessary.

Tattoo each shivsena individually. Thus, one and the same person different tattoo can saulytis at different times. All individually, but the average duration of this process varies from ten to fifteen days.

How to care for the tattoo in the first days, than to have to accept

What bothers customers most:

• Why is a tattoo so long to heal (if less than fifteen days, and the tattoo is healed – not to worry);

• Why the tattoo was covered with a crust (this is a physiological process and it will have to live with);

• Why is itchy (a sign of the healing process as the children’s wounds, the crust peel can not – will corrupt the picture);

• Why not visit the beach and the Solarium (the tattoo can quickly fade);

• Why you can’t stay in the bathroom for a long time and swim in the water (it’s just a precaution that was not damaged tattoo).

A not entirely comfortable moments, such as itching, should bravely endure. Most importantly, because the result. How to care for the tattoo in the first days – responsibly and carefully. Haste and negligence can lead to negative consequences.

To tattoo had served its master over the years, it needs constant care. Should protective cream be kept under sunlight. Even when the tattoo sarovitsa – they can hurt. The abrupt change of body weight can lead to the fact that its contours will float, it will lose its original shape. If it is wrong to care for the tattoo in the first days – it can happen all at once.

In any case, in any controversial situations or complications do not delay treatment to the master or the doctor. If the pus flows intensively or suppuration has occurred, you must immediately seek medical help. With proper care of the tattoo the appearance of unforeseen circumstances, almost impossible. It all depends on the vigilance and responsibility of the client and the quality of the tattoo, thoroughness in the care of her in the early days.