How to care for permed hair

Many women believe that perming is an easy and effective way to make your hair beautiful. In addition, there is a perception that styling with Curling requires much less time. But the name of the procedure «Perm» indicates that the procedure may not be harmless for the hair. Using even the most gentle formulations for perms, should be considered very carefully to the hair and to hold to them the complex of rehabilitation procedures.

Before you make a decision about the necessity of perms, one should assess the condition of the hair. Weak, dry or brittle hair may not survive this procedure. It is not recommended that a Perm also the owners of hair with dry or split ends or girls who recently dyed hair.

Perming safe only for very healthy hair. But even in this case, we cannot say that the procedure is «painless».

Before Curling, you need to follow a few simple but very important rules, that hair looked more healthy and beautiful.

  • You should not get my hair wet for several days after the procedure. Water can wash away the chemical composition which is fixed on the hair for two or three days. Comb hair brush with a few teeth and possibly a minimal amount of time.
  • For cleaning, use only mild shampoos and special products designed for damaged hair.
  • When using a hair dryer it is better to take a special nozzle to disperse the stream of air.
  • You should not go to bed with wet or damp head.

After the procedure of Curling your hair needs hydration and nutrition. Come to the aid of oils, conditioners and a variety of masks. Especially should pay attention to tools specifically designed in the laboratories for hair weakened by perms. Be sure to use tools that will help to restore damaged hair structure. Before beginning a course of recovery it is best to consult with a stylist or beautician.

Use the dryer only with a special tool that helps protect your hair from the harmful effects of high temperature. It is possible to replace kvas or lemon juice. Hair dye is not recommended for several weeks after the treatment.

A hydrating mask will help restore Shine to hair after Curling. They should be applied every time you wash your hair.

Hesitating for a Perm, you should evaluate the harm of hair this procedure. After you need to very carefully care for your hair to regain their healthy appearance.