How to care for eyelashes

Every woman dreams about beautiful long eyelashes. If you are lucky, and nature endowed you lush, beautifully curled lashes, then worry about courting them is not necessary – everything is already done for you. However, if you your eyelashes are far from perfect, don’t despair, there are lots of ways to lengthen and densify lashes, making them almost «Hollywood». The secret is proper and regular care that includes proper selection of carcasses and means for removing makeup. Consider some of the secrets that will help your lashes to make you more attractive friends will make you jealous of and counter of men dream about such a beauty as you.

The right choice of decorative cosmetics

Today at the women’s selection offers a huge choice of mascara: some mascara, voluminous, lengthening. However, how many times happened that my eyes started to hurt when using mascara even the most well-known brands? Therefore, buying mascara, you must read its composition: the recipe must include vitamins a, E,C, keratin, silk extract, Biotin, UV filters, Pro-vitamin b-5, lanolin. In addition, quality mascara should not have a smell.

Means for removing makeup

To acquire the means for removing makeup should with no less attention than the cream. The composition of these funds has to be oils and vitamins. Do not forget that for removing waterproof mascara has its own, special means consisting of a lotion and oil base.

Apply should be light circular movements. After the drug will soften the mascara (it usually takes a few seconds), it can be removed to wash with a cotton swab.

Special beauty treatments

  • Experts recommend after removing makeup, apply on the eyelashes, almond, peach or sunflower oil. This helps prevent loss of lashes.
  • Fir and sea buckthorn oil can give luster to lashes. For better effect it is recommended in oil to add a bit of vitamin D.
  • To accelerate the growth of eyelashes and strengthen them can help castor or burdock oil with added vitamin E and aloe.