How to bleach face at home with cucumber, lemon, essential oils. The best ways to whiten the face

The fashion for tanned face are ambiguous.

Too dark skin makes you look older European women.

In addition, the sun damages your skin, and brown spots give it an unkempt appearance.

How to bleach face at home? The answer to this question is quite simple.

How to whiten face homemade cosmetics

For those prone to hyperpigmentation of the skin requires special care scheme. The day cream should contain SPF-filters to protect the face from the aggressive ultraviolet radiation.

The treatment programme should include tonics, lotions, scrubs and masks homemade. First, they are completely natural. Secondly, daily use of whitening skin funds will allow to always maintain the skin in a perfectly smooth, beautiful and healthy condition.

Well brightens and evens the skin a decoction of garden mint. Fresh or dried leaves (2-3 tablespoons) to pour a glass of boiling water and let stand. Cooled infusion strain and add lemon juice squeezed from two fruits. Tonic pour into a bottle and use after cleansing.

Excellent whitening lotion can be prepared from lemon juice (you will need a half of a fruit) and 50 ml of good quality vodka. However, the structure of a well will only work on oily skin (alcohol dries).

Frozen concoctions – one of the most useful and effective means of home cosmetology is not only for skin whitening but also to maintain its elasticity, youthfulness, beauty. In molds for ice is very convenient to freeze individual portions of broth and use them every morning.

How to bleach face at home using this method? Here is a list of the most effective means:

• rice water. White rice pour water and boiled until cooked grain;

• decoction of fresh parsley. This vegetable has a great bleaching agents;

• decoction of chamomile;

• cucumber juice, diluted mineral water with a ratio of 1:1;

• diluted lemon juice (ratio 1:3).

Berry masks in season can help combat a bad sunburn, unwanted freckles or pigment spots. It is convenient to apply them to the site hyperpigmentation skin. For example, you can RUB the blackberries with a spoon of milk powder and apply slurry for five minutes, no more.

Garden raspberry, currants and strawberries also have a good bleaching ability. Spoon the mashed berry mass is to be applied all over the face or dot on the major freckles or age spots. After 15 minutes, the berries wash, face cream. Usually, to obtain good effect should be from 7 to 10 procedures.

How to bleach face at home with a special scrubbing. Baking soda can be used instead of a delicate whitening scrub. It is particularly effective against acne. Slurry is simply applied to problem areas and gently massage.

Another option is home bleaching scrub – a mixture of grated orange peel and floral honey. After spreading the composition on the face, you need to slightly hammer it with your fingers and gently massage the skin. Together with the bleaching honey-orange scrub moisturise the skin, smooth out wrinkles.

How to whiten face using cucumber and lemon

Cucumber juice perfectly whitens the skin, refreshes and hydrate. However, he is perceived as prone to allergic manifestations, as well as sensitive or inflamed skin. Cucumber juice and pulp can be combined with other foods, creating a mask for any skin type.

Very effective homemade cucumber lotions. How to bleach face at home with them? If the skin is oily or combination, will fit the next option. We need to take four tablespoons of fresh parsley and grated large cucumber. Pour a mixture of 100 ml of good quality vodka and infuse for a week. Then strain, add one part water, pour into a suitable bottle and refresh the skin after morning and evening cleansing. Keep always on the shelf of the refrigerator.

Dry skin can be cleaned with a lotion mixture of cucumber juice and milk, mixed in equal proportions. Utility is stored in the refrigerator for three days.

Special care mask. The simplest is composed only grated cucumber pulp. It should be spread over the folded in 2-3 layers of cheesecloth, to lie down and apply on face. Later 20-25 minutes, remove the mask, rinse the skin with water. It is a generic version of the mask. To give anti-inflammatory effect, you can add in the cucumber puree 3 drops of tea tree oil.

How to bleach face at home, if the skin is dry? Suitable cucumber mask with sour cream. Will suit rustic, fatty, thick store. The mixture can be applied without a layer of gauze, just dispensing face. Exposure time: 20 minutes. After washing the face can be cleaned with cucumber tonic and apply nourishing cream.

Skin pregnant women and Mature women prone to the appearance of age spots. To get rid of them, you can try a mask made of grated cucumber pulp mixed with honey. Especially recommended this option for wrinkled skin with obvious signs of decay. Honey-cucumber part bleach and tighten the sagging skin, erase wrinkles, make the face I want to be fresh and young.

For normal skin suit mask from the juice of cucumber and lemon mixed in equal proportion. A mixture of juice need to soak clean natural fabric and apply it on the face. The composition of the active, so if you have dry or inflamed skin, it is not recommended.

Lemon is generally an excellent tool for whitening. His wonderful juice to be able to erase with finger stubborn vegetable or vegetable juice, to say nothing of the delicate facial skin! The fact that the lemon juice acts as an acid peel removing the top layer of dead skin cells. In addition, it contains substances bleach the skin, so a double effect.

Especially good lemon whitening mask for oily skin as the lemon juice dries. Accordingly, when dry skin is very carefully to use the home cosmetics, is made based on it.

How to bleach face at home by using fragrant citrus fruit?

Option one: mix the juice of half a medium lemon, a dessert spoon of liquid honey. Apply paste on the face, if the layer is dry, apply the composition again. Keep on dry skin no more than ten minutes, the fat – to twenty minutes.

Option two: add the honey and juice with a spoon of ground in a grinder of Hercules. Washing off this mask, you can get an additional grinding effect.

For dry or very sensitive skin, lemon juice may be too active component. To reduce the aggressive action of acids, but the use of its bleaching properties, the juice need to connect with sour cream. To make the mass thicker, easier to use, will add to the mix a little starch or flour.

Another magical whitening mask prepares them with lemon juice and grated raw potatoes. It lightens acne marks, struggling with pigment spots, refreshes the face, makes it smooth, matte, young. Finely grated mashed potatoes, mix with lemon juice, spread the mass on gauze and apply it on the face. To keep from 10 to 20 minutes depending on skin reaction.

How to whiten face with milk products

Sour cream, yogurt, cheese, cream, milk – that can help in the fight against unwanted tan and pigmentation. Dairy products work well for dry and sensitive skin. They are not only bleached, but also moisturize the face. Here are some recipes.

• Age, loose skin revitalize mask from yogurt high fat content, mixed with a few drops of castor oil. Simple composition not just whiten your face, but also slightly smoothes wrinkles, tighten.

• Mix cottage cheese with egg, you can make a wonderful whitening mask. An important caveat: if the skin is dry, should take only the yolk if fat is protein. To provide additional food, cottage cheese and egg composition enriched with a spoon of thick cream.

• After 30 years, when the skin begins to fade, a good bleaching, toning, refreshing effect will give a mask of grated through a sieve cottage cheese and liquid honey. To use this tool better course, twice a week, to achieve the obvious effect.

After a sunburn you can apply the cream and yogurt on the skin without additional components. The state will improve, and your skin will suffer not so much, and recovers faster.

How to whiten face using essential oils

Many essential oils possess bleaching properties. So you can add them to your cooked myself. Furthermore, oil work effectively in the manufactured creams. To add to his godovoe means literally two drops, RUB and apply on face morning or evening.

Essential oils are what plants can you buy for bleaching facial:

• lemon;

• birch;

• rosemary;

• grapefruit;

• oregano;

• eucalyptus;

• black pepper;

• sandalwood;

• patchouli;

• mint;

• orange;

• tea tree;

• turmeric;

• vanilla;

• palmarosa.

Many vegetable esters have antiphonary of properties. They need to use, especially that wonderful aroma has a calming effect, relieves nervous tension, normalizes the activity of internal organs. The easiest option: mix a tablespoon of olive or Flaxseed oil and three drops of lemon oil. Apply fifteen minutes, blot remaining has not been absorbed by the oil.

To deal with pigmentation on their own forces to any woman regardless of age and skin type. Regular grooming helps to keep your skin white, fresh, supple.