How to avoid aging skin?

It is believed that in the hands of a woman can determine her attitude to herself. Women who care about their health and their appearance, never ignore the care of hands, trying to prevent signs of aging. To help with this variety of cream, which should be selected depending on the season.

We offer you a few recipes of prevention of aging of the skin.

Protection means for washing dishes

In our country it is not accepted to wash the dishes with gloves on. We used to do everything bare hands, gloves are not worn considering that they’re uncomfortable to make any transactions. In the case that it is impossible to overcome itself, to recite before work with water is recommended to grease your hands with a protective cream, which includes silicone, can form on the skin a protective film.

After you’ve done all the housework, to wash away the remnants of the cream, you must warm water. She degreases the skin and makes it dry and rough.

Hand protection from the sun

In the summer it is recommended to always be applied on the skin sunscreen, the protection index which should be below 15. Experts say that even on a cloudy day the UV can have a negative effect on the skin, so sunscreen should be applied even on cloudy days.

Getting rid of spots on hands

If you have long been in the sun and does not protect your hands from ultraviolet radiation, the skin may appear dark spots, get rid of which will help special bleaching agents containing vitamin A.

If home treatment of aging skin of the hands seems not enough, you can ask for help in a beauty salon

Biorevitalization of the skin

Biorevitalization is a process of introduction into the skin of hyaluronic acid is able very quickly to restore water balance in the skin of your hands, increasing its elasticity. This procedure will show everyone who during utility work gloves neglects or spends a lot of time in the sun or in a Solarium without the use of protective creams.


Mesotherapy is the injection into the skin of multivitamins. These drugs in addition to hydrating and providing antioxidant effect, stimulating blood circulation and metabolic processes. The procedure is preferably carried out several times a year.