Fashionable shellac Polish: how to apply correctly? Procedure details: how to apply shellac, not to spoil your nails

Manicured hands is one of the essential components of the image of the girl.

However, not every girl wants to spend a lot of time for a manicure.

After all, if you paint your nails conventional varnish, there is a common problem – varnish quickly rubs off or chipped off. Therefore, the replacement of conventional lacquer coating came acrylic.

Nail acrylic has been popular long enough, but the acrylic coating was flawed – after the removal of extension nails, their nails become fragile, brittle and required a lengthy recovery.

And she nails sophisticated enough to handle it by yourself at home.

So beautiful half of the planet’s population required an innovative tool that can be applied to nails easily as Polish, but that resistance is not inferior to the resistance of nails. Such a tool already exists and is extremely popular among girls. Called a shellac or gel Polish. Read more about what this covers and how to apply shellac later in the article.

Shellac — what is this?

Resistant as gel and easy to apply nail Polish tool that can characterize shellac. This coating was developed in the United States. Shellac combines the best properties from conventional nail Polish and gel nail art. Gel Polish easily lasts on the nails up to 4, and in some cases even up to 6 weeks. That is, the need to update manicure arises only because of the regrowth of the nail, and not because of the fragility of the coating. This is one of the main, but not the only positive quality of this popular cover. Consider the other advantages of shellac:

1. Ease of coating. As mentioned earlier, shellac is applied like regular nail Polish, there is nothing complicated in the procedure. No need to cut the top layer of the nail, before applying the coating, gel Polish applied to the nail plate without special training. Therefore, to apply the shellac you can own, unaided, at home.

2. The cover is easy to remove. To remove the shellac, you don’t need to cut it and spoil the nail plate. With this task will manage the special liquid for removing the coating shellac.

3. Gel Polish allows you to grow your own nails and does not impair their quality. However, many girls enjoy cheap gel varnishes, which include aggressive components, so the quality of the nails after the procedure is poor. But if you buy quality gel Polish and know how to apply shellac on the nails, no problems with the condition of the nail plate will not occur. In addition, shellac protects nails from environmental influences and mechanical damage.

4. Shellac dries quickly under UV lamps, unlike acrylic. Therefore, the procedure of application of shellac takes from 40 minutes to 1 hour maximum. In comparison with the procedure of nail extension, it is very fast, because the build-up typically lasts a minimum of about 2 hours.

5. Shellac Polish does not tarnish with time. This means that the nails will look like the manicure was done very recently, even when it will take a couple of weeks.

6. A variety of colors. There is a huge amount of gel varnish, completely different shades, including gel varnish with glitter. Shellac, unlike conventional lacquer, when applied and does not «spread», so to create patterns on the nails using gel Polish is much easier.

7. The shellac no allergic reactions. Therefore, to apply the coating even pregnant and lactating women.

Advantages of the coating of shellac a lot, so it is so popular among girls. However, there are also disadvantages:

1. The need to purchase UV lamp (LED lamp). This lamp is not very cheap, but without it will fail to apply the shellac.

2. It is difficult to apply the coating on the right hand, if you do shellac on your own. It’s more a niggle than a minus, because when applying the normal nail Polish every girl facing this problem.

3. The need to purchase a special tool for removing shellac.

Cons of shellac is much less than pluses, and they are not so significant. Therefore, this procedure can definitely be recommended to all the girls. But how to correctly apply shellac at home know far fewer. Therefore, the application of this coating will be discussed further.

How to apply shellac: a sequence of actions

To gel Polish on the nails lasted as long as possible, it is important to know how to apply the shellac. In the case of non-action sequences, the coating may flake off. Detachment can occur due to low quality gel Polish, so it’s best not to try to save money and buy quality gel Polish.

To make a manicure with a shellac coating, you must purchase the following things:

1. Nail file, nail brush and other manicure tools

2. Antibacterial agent

3. Degreaser for nails (bonder gel)

4. Basic gel Polish

5. Color gel Polish

6. Fixing (finish) gel Polish

7. UV lamp (LED lamp)

8. The fluid to remove the sticky layer (cleanser)

9. Cuticle oil

10. Cotton pads

Of course, to acquire a home all of these things, you need to have a considerable sum of money. But the amount spent will pay off in a few months, as the services of the manicurist are not cheap. If you do not want to buy such a large set, it is better to turn to a proven master who uses only high quality materials. However, if you decide to learn how to do a manicure with, you definitely need to learn how to apply shellac on nails.

1. Before coating, the nails need to prepare. It’s enough to make an ordinary manicure, or you can create the desired nail shape with a nail file. Definitely need to push back and trim cuticles, to manicure looked as carefully as you can. After that, the surface of the nail is better to grind special grinding nail file and nail brush to remove the dust after sawing and grinding.

2. Next, you need to disinfect the surface of the nail with antibacterial agents. This will increase the adhesion of the gel nail with the nail plate, so that the coating will stay for a long time.

3. But disinfection is not enough to shellac stayed on the nail very firmly. It is therefore very important step is degreasing. To degrease the surface and remove moisture, apply the special bonder gel smooth a thin layer to all nails. If the nail surface will remain moisture, grease, traces of cream or oil, then shellac can simply flake and all efforts will be in vain.

4. If artificial nails in the past, poorly kept and in compliance with all paragraphs, then the next step will be applying primer. It will help you avoid detachment. To apply primer you need a thin layer on the fingernails and dry without LED lamp for two minutes.

5. The preliminary steps behind, you can now proceed to the application of the coating. Properly apply shellac, 3 coats. The first layer of base gel. This gel is clear in color, without the harsh chemical smell. After applying base gel, nails should be dried in an LED lamp for one minute. Sticky layer that is on top of the coating should not be removed, otherwise the shellac will last on the nails fairly short time and rapidly exfoliates. Sticky layer allows between the base and colored gel allows you to increase the durability and strength of the coating.

6. Next, you need to apply colour gel Polish in a single layer. It is not necessary to spread a large amount of gel-Polish, like CoverGirl XL nail gel. Will be sufficient a thin layer. The main thing is to paint over the entire nail, especially to pay attention to the edge of the nail. After applying the nails should be dried in the UV lamp for two minutes. And, similar to the previous stage, the adhesive layer should not be removed. This procedure will be executed at the very end of creating a manicure.

7. To align the color, make it richer and to paint the «shortcomings» of the first colour layer, apply a second coat of colored gel Polish. Then the nails need to dry under UV lamp for 2 minutes.

8. The next step is applying a finishing coat. After it put nothing. A colored layer is covered with a finish (top) gel nail Polish. It must be applied as accurately as possible, not to leave stains. The thickness of the top cover should be slightly larger than the colored layer. Fixative gel Polish needs to go smoothly, especially need to pay attention to the edge of the nail. After application, the nails should be dried in the LED lamp for two minutes.

9. Only now may even need to remove the sticky layer from the surface of the nail. Make it better with the help of special means of luxury, but some in the home use alcohol.

10. Then, you should moisturize the cuticle with special oil. Better this step not to skip because the cuticle has been exposed to UV rays during the procedure and hydration for her is now necessary. The process of applying shellac are completed.

How to apply shellac to understand quite easy, because the process of applying this coating is very similar to applying normal nail Polish, except time drying your nails under the UV lamp. But there are some tricks and subtleties in this business know better professionals than girls «self-taught».

How to apply shellac: tips

The first and important rule – no peeling nails! Before applying shellac, be sure to cut the detachment, as under the covering detachment of the nail is not going anywhere and certainly not «healed». Exfoliating the nail can not normally «mate» with the coating, whereby the shellac will quickly peel off.

In everyday life women often use cleaning products that contain in its composition alkali. It was after the use of alkaline solutions to cause shellac not. The hands should be thoroughly washed, only then to proceed to the application.

Degreasing is very important, without this step manicure will be very short-lived. Therefore, special degreasers to use a must!

Regarding the choice of a UV lamp, they usually use lamp 36 Wat. They are easy to find in specialized stores. You can buy a UV light and 9 Wat, but it will have to increase the drying time of nails 2 to 3 minutes.