How to apply concealer on face (photo)? Types, ways, means of proper application to the face Foundation

Without which no cost, no woman is without Foundation.

This is the most beloved, universal and irreplaceable beauty product able in minutes to transform your face.

By properly selected and wisely used Foundation you can throw visually ten or fifteen years, to hide wrinkles and blemishes, and protect skin from dirt and dangerous UV light.

How to apply Foundation on face?

Foundation: types and purpose

Long gone are the days when Russian women were forced to use the only in the whole country voice-frequency cream «Ballet». Modern cosmetic industry is developing so rapidly that sometimes, to understand the abundance of tonal resources is quite difficult not only for the beginner but also an experienced soldier front beauty.

Almost every cosmetic brand is considered to be their duty annually to renew the line of decorative means. Different density, composition, purposes, they require intelligent application. In other words, you need to understand how to correctly apply Foundation on the face.

The types of Foundation products:

• liquid Foundation (concealer);

• tonal fluid;

• tone mousse;

• cream powder;

• compact stick;

• BB cream;

• SS-cream;

• the twins;

• concealer-camouflage.

Liquid Foundation cream Foundation is the most common version of Foundation. Ideal for normal, combination or dry skin, lies easily, aligns well, gives smooth and velvety. Varies by density of application: can be highly pigmented, very dense or fairly easy, and even translucent. The product gives a good masking effect, may contain light-reflecting particles. For dry skin, a cream with a high content of cosmetic oils, but for the fat need to acquire the means with the formula Oil-Free, that is without them.

Tonal fluid – a means for owners of young, almost perfect skin with no visible flaws. Moisturizes very well, leaves no greasy Shine, but coverage is low. Especially good for dry skin and is simply indispensable in the heat of summer, when makeup just flows. You can use on a daily basis, however, for women after 30 this remedy is not suitable: too little pigment.

Mousse Foundation is a whipped to air condition the cream, which has a very easy application. It is very good to apply, evens skin tone, does not clog pores and wrinkles, not turns the face into a buttery pancake, suitable for aging and oily skin. The only thing you should not expect from this tool, high masking. With pimples it can not cope.

Cream powder includes the composition of the adsorbing components, and therefore good for dry skin. The product is easy to apply, perfectly covers blemishes, mattifies and can be used daily.

Compact stick created precisely in order to mask out individual blemishes. Its dense consistency and is able to disguise pimples and inflamed areas, and other deficiencies. However, the same property of the product makes it quite hard for the skin, and therefore use the product every day is not necessary.

BB cream (Blemish Balm «cream imperfections») has the ability to adjust the tint of the skin, accelerate the regeneration, reduce inflammation, to mask the flaws, to protect against solar ultraviolet radiation. Some cream to treat acne, whiten face, have anti-aging properties.

CC cream (color correcting – color correction) combines the properties under makeup base (or primer), Foundation, concealer, corrector, moisturizing and anti-aging creams, and also provides a sunscreen effect.

How to correctly apply Foundation on the face if it’s BB or SS? According to the same rules as the usual «cover-up». Most importantly, choose a tone as close as possible to the natural complexion.

The unusual product – the tone twins. It can be applied wet (will turn light cream) or a dry sponge (and then it will look like powder).

Concealer-camouflage is the most dense product, which includes not only pigment, but also water-repellent components such as wax, silicones. Is applied with difficulty, is used to mask scars and heavily pigmented areas (including birthmarks), stays on the skin for very long. This remedy rinse with water will not work, needs a special wash.

How to apply concealer on the face: step by step instructions

To make the facial skin look smooth, you need to know how to apply concealer on the face. The main stages the following.

1. Prepare the skin: to clean, wipe tonic or lotion, apply day cream, wait for complete absorption. If on the face of the traces of cream, they need to blot with a dry cloth.

2. To disguise skin imperfections: pimples, redness, scars, age spots.

3. Post cream (whatever you like: fingers, brush or sponge), dispensing means from the center of the forehead, dorsum of nose and chin to the periphery, that is, of his temple. Post the product to the border of hair and make it look sharp transition.

4. Apply concealer on the cheekbones, forehead, chin, nose.

5. To fix the result powder.

Foundation can be applied in different ways: fingers, brush or sponge. The difference is in the details. Work with your fingers is convenient, but there are important nuances. First: in any case, you should not squeeze a large amount of liquid of cream on your fingers and smear the product on face. Excess cream will create a face mask. The second point: the hard tools you need to apply it with your hands.

How to apply Foundation on face with fingers:

  • to separate the necessary quantity of liquid cream, to put on back of hand;
  • the fingers of the working hand to gain a small portion of the product and spread on the face;
  • if the product is liquid, the movement should be sliding if the hard – drive.

For sculpting the face, you can use a concealer or a different shade of Foundation. • To hide the wide cheekbones, they need to apply a darker shade.

• To make the nose more elegant, you can use light corrector applied to the back of the nose and nose. At the same time obscured by the wings of the nose.

How to apply Foundation cream to face with brush or puff? It’s very simple. The brush is very easy to apply liquid, light concealer and to blend boundaries. If the person pronounced pores, you should perform light to drive the movement.

The sponge is used for dry and wet application. It allows you to apply the cream is very thin, invisible layer, creating the effect of a porcelain skin. The movement should be absorbent, light, or hammered.

Important rule: picking up the tone of the Foundation, it is important to select the closest skin color. Dark «concealer» age of five years. In an extreme case, suitable lighter shade (usually stylists: the tone brighter on ten years younger).

How to apply concealer to the face masked pimples

Masking of skin imperfections tone correctors are used of green, purple, white, pink and beige. If the skin is acne, acne scars, inflamed areas immediately to put on her Foundation, even tight, don’t. it will highlight the irregularities, draw attention to the pimples.

How to apply concealer to the face to mask acne and make a perfect makeup? Create a smooth surface with grout then (without silicone base). The product is applied with clean fingers to the surface you want to align.

1. To choose the covering for the face, and it should not be tight (this will create a mask, beneath which the skin becomes visible). You can use BB or CC cream.

2. Apply concealer to the face and neck, hammered movements or fingers, or surround a cosmetic sponge (a beauty blender). At this stage, the skin tone will be leveled, but the pimples are still visible.

3. Apply in a thick concealer corrective product. A small amount of product to drive the point into the pimples.

4. To fix the coating with colorless mineral powder. Its tedious to put a large brush, gently erasing the surface.

During the day makeup you need to touch up matte wipes.

There is another method of correction, which is suitable for acne and inflamed red areas. Here’s how to apply concealer on the face, if you use green concealer:

• apply the tone;

• small brush to apply on the pimple corrector in green (green color neutralizes, blocks red is the basic principle of color correction) and a bit shaded so it was not clearly visible spot;

• recruit to the pad of the finger a drop of Foundation and patting motion to apply it on green (don’t wipe! The movement must be «perepechatyvali»);

• apply powder.

How to apply concealer to the face to hide wrinkles

Concealer can «hide» wrinkles under the eyes, corners of the eyelids, in the region of nasolabial triangle. This can be done using a simple tool, but dense, rich cream will not work. To correct wrinkles, you need to use a lighter Foundation or concealer (concealer), water-based.

1. I applied the tone all over the face: on the forehead area from the hair down, but on the face – from the nose to the ears. This item is better to work with a cosmetic sponge, performing hammering, patting motion.

2. In the area of nasolabial folds wet skin to remove excess colors.

3. Apply a thin brush to incipient or overt crease concealer lighter shade or light concealer, and hammer toes.

4. Apply under the eyes a little cream, but not to powder loose powder: it will emphasize the wrinkles.

5. Vertical wrinkles of the lips should also mask the lighter shade of Foundation or concealer.

Knowing how to correctly apply Foundation on the face, you will look perfect in any situation at any age.