How to apply blush: the important type faces and color type skin. The secrets to applying the blush, tips, make-up artist

Face, perfectly aligned with the tone and powder, without a blush looks flat and lifeless.

To ignore this product – a big mistake that is often made by the novice make-up.

However, often there is another mistake: improper application of the product.

That’s why you need to not only buy the right tool, but also to understand how to correctly apply blush.

How to apply blush: product types

There are several types of blush:

• conventional compact;

• loose powder;

• the original ball;

• useful cream;

• instant gel (or liquid).

In addition to the features application of the product itself, it is necessary to consider the type of skin. So, compact powder and blush can be used by all girls: crisp, dry texture that would look good on any face. The pigment will go smoothly, delicately.

However, the skin is oily, enlarged pores and a high gloss powder blush will work also as a matting agent, removing greasy «glow». At the same time for owners of such fatty dermis cream products was a disaster. They exacerbate the problem, turning the face into a buttery pancake.

Cream products work perfectly on dry skin. They soften her mask peeling, nourish, care for damaged dermis. But a gel or liquid blush, which is perfectly no fat, dry skin is unlikely to fit. They are resistant, so wearing them is recommended for women with Mature skin where the decorative tools keep bad.

Ball blusher with a slight sheen shimmerin good for dry or normal skin. Fat even a slight radiant inappropriate. If the product is a matte product, it can be used.

How to apply blush according to the type of product

Loose blush applied with a special brush with a beveled tip. You need to dip it in a jar, to knock on the wall to shake out excess product, and apply the pigment in small portions, and a transparent layer. Smudge tool is quite simple, as it is very easy to bear and spread on the skin.

The same applied dry compact blush. Typing product on the brush, you need to select the area of the cheekbones or cheeks easy sliding movements. The brush must be very soft, with natural or artificial fibers.

For ball need a blush brush, volumetric, wide. This means it is possible not only to highlight cheekbones, how quickly contribute face: apply a light pigment on cheeks, chin, forehead.

Cream blush applied with fingers. A small amount of the dot applied to the area of the cheeks and blend pads, so that no visible transitions. After applying blush powder transparent powder. This product is recommended for use in evening makeup.

Gel blush has its own characteristics, few know how to correctly apply blush of this type. The secret is simple: the product is applied to bare skin without a tone and powder. It dries very quickly, so will have to work very hard rubbing movements. If you linger, the gel base is absorbed, and the feather will not work.

If you have applied too much product, be sure to get rid of it. Nested doll cheeks are good in children fairy tales. Overly dry blush can be removed with a clean brush and dusting. Liquid will have to wash off.

How to correctly apply blush.

The art of makeup divides all women’s faces four main types: oval, triangle, circle, square. The classic way of applying the blush on the «cheeks-apples» would be appropriate on a perfect oval face, but for other types will not work. So you need to learn how to apply blush according to the type of person to slightly adjust its shape.

An oval face needs no correction. This is the most hassle-free, classic form. It is sufficient to find those «apples», to touch them with a pigment and feather it to the temple. Apples are called the convex part of the cheeks. To find her, I smile at my reflection in the mirror: everything will become clear. For daytime makeup need to take some pink or peach pigment.

Evening make-up needs to be brighter, so you’ll have to apply a more pigmented product, and not on the apples themselves, and under the cheekbone. To determine this place, pull your cheeks. The formed dimples indicate the site of application, will only have to shade the tone to the middle ear.

Triangular face shape is characterized with a sharp chin. To distract attention from the blush should be applied on the cheekbones at the widest point and feather to the temple. Then apply the pigment on the forehead above the temple, to narrow it, to work out the hairline.

Round face you need to give a clear relief. Mentally draw a line from the center of the ear towards the corner of the lips and fill it in the appropriate blush, definitely shading on the bone of the cheekbones. Then you need to darken the narrow area of the forehead between the hairline and eyebrows. Mandatory rule: no shimmer! Lights will accentuate your face shape, and you need to remove her accent. Therefore, the product should be matte only.

On a square face, distinct jaw. Here with this feature and need to work, shifting the emphasis on the cheeks. To do this, take the product of dark color and apply to the widest region of the jaw is a visually «hide» them.

If a narrow face, you can visually expand it. To properly apply blush, I need to find a point on the zygomatic bone at the level of the pupil, to carry the pigment. Then suck in cheeks and apply a darker pigment under the cheekbones to the temple. Lighter pigment is applied on the cheekbone, chin, forehead, tip of the nose. Dark and light pigment should be a good blend.

How to apply blush: the color type

When you select tones of blush need to consider not only the purpose of makeup (daytime look or evening), but moments like undertone skin, hair color. Since natural makeup is exactly what one should aspire, you can lightly pinch your cheeks and choose the product that is as close in tone to the natural color of the skin.

If its pink undertone, the pigment of the blush has to be cold. Suitable coral, pink shades. Potona good for yellowish peach, apricot pigments.

Dark-haired girls need to pay attention to coral, copper, beige and pink, crimson and brown hues. Blondes suit pale pink tones or, on the contrary, Magenta tones. Peach shade is universal. If face tanned, brown, bronze, ocher tones appropriate. How to apply blush red-haired beauties? Depending on the intensity of hair color you can use almost any shade, except for the frankly brown doll, and pink.

It is important to take into account the color of lipstick: they should sound in unison. It is unacceptable to combine cold and warm colors to use together pink and brown pigments. The rule is simple: red lipstick – bronze, copper, ochre blush. Pink lipstick – the same tone on the cheeks. Red lipstick – coral pigment, etc.

How to apply blush: secrets makeup artists

Professional makeup artists know a lot of secrets to applying the blush. Nothing complicated about them, so you can take some basic strokes on the arms and to always have perfect make-up.

• Small himernye sequins charming look on her young face, especially if the brush to touch the highest part of the cheekbones. For ladies of any age the luster is contraindicated.

• If applied on the zygomatic bone of the natural pigment, and under it is over saturated, the image will be more expressive.

• Cream blush go well with a cream Foundation and powder – dry. If there is a cream blush, apply only on a dry pre-powdered face.

• To learn how to dispense the amount of product, it is necessary to begin not with brushes and fingers. To start to type on the pad of his middle finger a drop of the product and is easy to feather his cheekbone to his temple. To evaluate the result and repeat if necessary.

• Cream blush can be applied not only on the cheeks but on the lips. Will make a great replacement for your ordinary lipstick, moreover, is combined with the tone of the school.

• To correct any deficiencies do not need to memorize a lot of special tricks, schemes and techniques. Enough to learn one universal rule: those areas that you want to disguise, covered with dark pigments (blush, concealer, powder, etc.). Those who need to focus, light.

Nothing complicated right blush no. Will need a bit of practice and a quality cosmetic product.