Hot wraps – what does it need? Is it possible to do hot wraps, technology procedure step by step

Every woman wants to look slim and have good skin.

Even think about the cellulite is terrible, and getting up on scales, I want to blink and not notice the extra pounds.

In many beauty salons now offer hot wraps.

Advertising promises to help get rid of cellulite and lose weight.

Let’s see how this statement is true.

Mad century, as usual, took us from the wisdom of the ancestors. But more recently, our grandmothers and mothers secretly did this procedure to show off his clean skin. In Egypt, the hot wraps only did dignitaries. It’s hard to tell how much time is spent Cleopatra, wrapped in a cloth soaked mud of the Nile, under the hot sun of Egypt. All the records extant, only praise her beauty.

The principle of operation of a hot wrap is simple. The body is covered with warm solution which is then covered with plastic (use plastic wrap or cellophane). The main effect gives prolonged exposure to heat. Improves blood circulation, opens pores of the skin, and the organism gets rid of many harmful substances. After all, no wonder the skin relates to a protective and excretory systems at the same time.

The composition of the applied mixtures is varied. From honey and delicious chocolate, to clay and algae. All of these substances contain vitamins and minerals that are good for our skin, exhausted by the abundance of harmful components contained in water and air. A fever, which is hot wraps, will not only saturate their skin, but also activate metabolic processes, improve blood flow and lymph drainage.

Hot packs: to do or not to do

Hot wraps is a simple procedure that is done in beauty salons. But you can do it at home itself, especially in the market there are many different mixtures and creams for carrying a hot wrap. Main question: to do or not to do?

The main motivating factor for this procedure is the desire to get rid of cellulite or lose weight. But women are unpredictable, they like to relax under a warm blanket, breathing in the pleasant aromas of chocolate, especially if the bonus to this is sleek leather and a minus on the scales.

Immediately dispel the myth: anti-cellulite hot body wrap is helpful, and for excess weight will not help. Cellulite develops due to metabolic disturbances of the skin. Excess fat deposited in its cells, forming an unpleasant «orange» crust. If you boost your metabolism, saturating the skin with essential nutrients that cellulite will be.

As for the slimming effect, it is caused by improvement of microcirculation and lymph drainage of problematic areas. Excess water is excreted by lymph, and we hudeesh eyes. There are cases when, after the first hot wrap weight by 1-2 pounds! But then the waist or hips, quickly restored.

In addition, there are contraindications for the procedure. As hot wrap warms the problematic area, increases blood flow, it is impossible to do in all tumors (benign or malignant), diseases of the heart and blood vessels (hypertension, varicose veins), acute and chronic diseases of the female organs, lesions and purulent skin lesions. It is dangerous during pregnancy and in adolescence.

Another reason not to resort to this procedure – Allergy. If you have allergies or have ever observed in their allergic reaction to an unknown substance, before making the hot wrap, it is better to try the product on a small area of the skin.

Hot wraps: home or salon

Hot wraps in a beauty salon is very attractive as it is to do nothing. A good wrap will recommend aesthetician, the skin properly prepare and the mixture will cause. It remains only to lie down and enjoy.

In some salons you will be asked to do some physical exercises in order «to disperse the blood» and improve the absorption of nutrients. This is an optional procedure, but it will bring excess water and burn some calories.

Most of all when conducting a hot wrap at the salon upset prices. After all, you can do it yourself! To prepare a solution of natural products or buy ready-made. Treat the skin and apply the mixture. It is likely that you get it wrong, and cellulite will not disappear. Most importantly, get knowledge, gain resolve and to act.

Hot wraps: a sequence of actions

To hold hot wraps yourself, you must prepare. To choose the procedure. Suggest to hold the hot wrap in the morning or afternoon, when the body is at its peak. It is possible to carry out the procedure alone, to relax and have fun. If you are a sociable person then you can hold hot wraps with friends or your loved one. Then you will be able to give each other a massage, it will warm the skin and expand the pores and enhance the effect. The seaweed body wrap is recommended to be used in the evening before bedtime.

Hot wrapping is done in three stages. First the skin is cleaned with scrub. You can purchase a body scrub or prepared from coffee grounds by adding gel, shampoo. Well-rubbed body and the problem areas, wash off the scrub and start applying the mixture.

The solution or mixture can be purchased at the pharmacy, dilute according to the instructions, or cook itself. Many recipes, but are mostly used hot wraps with honey, chocolate, butter, clay, seaweed. It is important that the hot wrap the mixture is of medium thickness no higher than 38 degrees Celsius. She applied a thick layer on problem areas (thighs, stomach, buttocks), rubbing is not necessary. Then covered with several layers of cling film.

Important: you Cannot wind the film too tight, it squeezes the skin, prevents the release of sweat, impairs blood flow. Between the film and the skin to leave a small gap.

Some cosmetologists recommend to wear warm clothes and to do the workout. This will increase perspiration and open pores. Others believe that it is necessary to immediately cover with warm blankets (you can use a thermal blanket). Duration 30-60 minutes.

The mixture is then washed with warm water. And then applied to the skin soothing cream. It is advisable to use anti-cellulite cream with special additives. This will reinforce the effect of hot wraps.

Hot packs: tips beautician

When a hot wrap is important not to harm your health. On the Internet you can find advice on hold it several times a day, do not eat or drink during the procedure and for 2 hours afterwards. In any case, don’t do it!

It is dangerous for health because improving tissue microcirculation, and temporarily removes water from the body. Then water and salt balance needs to be restored, and fabrics, is not receiving additional heat energy supply, begin to get enough water.

Important: you Cannot restrict fluid intake in the hot wrap, it can lead to dehydration!

Two hours before the wraps need to eat to avoid hunger. It is desirable to saturate the body with liquid. It can be juices, mineral water or pure water. During the procedure, it will take a toxins through the sweat glands.

If you decide to spend a hot seaweed wrap, it is better not to buy dried shredded kelp, but not the one that are sold in the grocery store. Large sheets are easier to apply on the skin than the milled mixture. Water for soaking should not exceed 50 degrees, it will destroy most of the nutrients in it.

Beauticians recommend the use of fat burning creams, thermal gel. It is applied after cleansing scrub to clean skin. Rinse before use the mixture is not necessary. When the hot wrap in the mixture you can add a few drops of essential oil (lavender, lemon). A pleasant smell will improve mood (aromatherapy). Massage before the procedure, will strengthen the effect.

Hot wraps is a complex procedure. It might take one a day for 4 days, then every 3-4 day. The General course is 10-12 procedures. This course will reduce the prominence of skin, fade uneven, smoothed out the stretch marks will improve the overall condition and elasticity. Six months later the procedure can be repeated.

Be always beautiful and happy!