Honey massage: the essence and technique of execution

Not far off the bikini season and that means it’s time to prepare not only beach clothes and body for summer. Smooth skin and perfect relief will help to achieve a course of massage with the use of such a delicious and useful product, like honey.

Honey massage is recommended to all who are dissatisfied with their «second ninety» as one of anti-cellulite treatments, alternating with mud or seaweed wraps and medicinal baths. A full course of honey massage consists of 10-15 procedures, the sessions conducted through the day.

How to make a massage honey?

  • Prepare the skin for a light scrub with a loofah or stroking motions to reduce pain.
  • Be sure to use the towel dry, otherwise the honey will not stick to the body and the desired effect will not be.
  • Recruit some warm honey and apply a thin layer to the areas that will be massaged.
  • Put your hand to the problem area and removes it from spread with honey leather. You can’t tear the whole arm at once, and as if rolling from the wrist to the fingertips.
  • Each zone is processed in this way for 5-10 minutes. The degree of «readiness» check the color of honey – it should become thicker and change the color from transparent amber to a dull gray.
  • After the massage, take a contrast shower and use your favorite cream or body lotion.

What type of honey to use?

From the variety and quality of the honey is not based on the effectiveness of the procedure. It should be fairly sticky and candied, not to injure the skin. Those who are prone to allergies, we can recommend buckwheat and acacia honey – they are least likely to cause adverse reactions. Many argue that adding in the honey essential oils increases the effectiveness of treatments, but massage therapists do not recommend doing it, since any additives reduce the viscosity of honey.

Contraindications to massage with honey

Honey massage is absolutely contraindicated for those who have allergies to bee products. If there are problems with blood pressure, spider veins, varicose veins, or increased body temperature, the procedure is also not recommended.

Area behind the knees and inner thighs are not subjected to massage, as there are lymph nodes.

Try the honey anti-cellulite massage and after a few treatments will see changes for the better!

Text: Valentine Shmidova