Honey mask for the face from wrinkles, acne, sagging, dryness, blackheads. Recipes honey mask for face with aloe, salt, cognac

About honey facial masks are legendary. Honey is a truly unique product that contains many nutrients and acts as a natural immune stimulant. Homemade masks based on it – alternative professional care.

The benefits of honey for face

The composition of honey contains vitamins, including carotene (provitamin A), folic acid, and minerals. Honey mask due to the special structure of the main component can penetrate deeply into skin layers and, therefore, effective and proper application.

Important point: a honey face mask on the skin creates a thin film. It keeps moisture in the skin, but does not prevent skin breathing, clean healthy not clog pores. Loss of moisture is the main cause of early aging. So honey as a means of home care prevents sagging, restores tone to the dermis, and has a clear lifting effect.

Use a honey face mask can be for any skin type and any problem. This is one of the most useful qualities of honey.

But the biological activity of the components is so high that there is a related problem. Honey often causes allergies. So the first time you use honey masks make sure your home skin test. If the skin after 15-30 minutes there was redness, itching papules, give up this method of care. Do lab Allergy tests, consult with an allergist.

Honey masks for your skin type

To use honey for making masks at any age. From 20 to 30 years, it will retain moisture, prevent formation of the first wrinkles. In adulthood eliminates dryness, makes the skin velvety, pink.

The integrated mask is suitable for all skin types. Honey nourishes and oatmeal moisturize and cleanse.


• two tablespoons of Hercules;

• three tablespoons of hot water;

• teaspoon of honey.

Pour cereal with water, cook three minutes, cool. Add to the oat ground in the honey, stir. Apply on face with your regular scrub, clean the pores, rinse. Apply the mask on for fifteen minutes, rinse with warm normal water.

Owners of dry skin this formula helps to restore normal levels of hydration. Additionally nourishes it with nutrients and a little bleach.


• dessert spoon with a slide of honey;

• tablespoon of olive oil;

• tablespoon of thick cream.

Honey melt in a water bath. Mix with the remaining ingredients. Apply for twenty minutes. Make this honey facial mask course: twice a week, 6 treatments in total.

Oily skin often covered with pimples, has enlarged pores and unhealthy color. To solve the problem, make the skin velvety and matte will help the mask.

Components – one tablespoon of each product:

• honey;

• baking soda;

• juice of fresh lemon.

Honey melt in the microwave or over steam. Squeeze of lemon juice. All components connect, mix thoroughly. Apply for ten minutes. If lemon juice is too burning face, reduce the amount in two or three times.

In the composition of this mask assembled components that are beneficial for oily, porous skin, while nourishing and cleansing.


• three dessert spoons of strong brewed black tea;

• teaspoon of honey;

• a tablespoon of fine oatmeal;

• teaspoon of fresh lemon juice.

Mix components. keep on the face for no longer than ten minutes. rinse with mineral water.

Effective homemade scrub not only exfoliates dead skin cells but also nourishes and cleanses the pores. After the procedure your face will be pink, the skin is soft.

Components take in equal amounts, to change abrasive component according to skin type:

• honey;

• granulated sugar (normal skin);

• food, preferably sea salt medium grind (oily skin);

• cinnamon (dry skin).

Apply the mask first as a scrub, rubbing motion. Leave for about fifteen minutes, rinse.

Honey Facials to resolve skin problems

Sagging, acne, wrinkles, peeling, and discoloration are major problems that need to be addressed in the facial. Honey copes with them perfectly.

The mask reduces flaking, nourishes and smooths, calms redness.


• teaspoon of honey;

• raw egg yolk;

• teaspoon of lemon juice;

• dessert spoon of brandy.

Components mix and apply the mask for about twenty minutes. Rinse with warm water.

Coffee beans in cosmetics are used to remove toxins from the skin, improving tone. After the procedure the swelling go away, the skin is tightened.


• tablespoon of honey;

• dessert spoon sleeps organic coffee.

Heat the honey in a water bath. coffee, a booth, remaining after brewing the drink, mix with honey. Apply a lot into forty minutes, rinse with warm water. Procedure intensely affects the skin, so the gap between the masks is not less than three days.

Mask slows down aging, as honey and cheese contains many amino acids. Nourishes, whitens slightly.


• home-fat cottage cheese;

• the honey bee.

A tablespoon of the mix components, mix thoroughly and apply on face. Rinse off after half an hour.

The mask enhances skin regeneration, deeply moisturizes and heals microtrauma, soothes inflamed pores, normalizes sebum production.


• dessert spoon of honey;

• tablespoon of olive oil;

• table spoon with a hill of mashed potatoes with fresh sour Apple.

Honey heat over boiling water. Grate the Apple and immediately mix all the components. Apply on face and neck for twenty minutes. Rinse, wipe the skin with ice.


• medium ripe pear;

• big spoon of honey;

• tablespoon of aloe juice or extract of the plant (sold at pharmacies);

• a tablespoon of flax oil.

Pear grate or preroute blender. Peel and core pre-cut. Mix ingredients, use immediately. To enhance the effect, after washing, wipe the face frozen in a decoction of healing herbs.


• dessert spoon with a slide of honey;

• tablespoon of thick cream;

• teaspoon of cinnamon.

Mixing the components, apply the mixture on the face. Keep fifteen minutes. Use once a week at most.

The composition fights against all forms of inflamed pores: blackheads, pimples, acne. Dries pustules, tones and refreshes the skin.


• dessert teaspoonful of honey;

• five tablets of aspirin;

• dessert spoon of water.

Aspirin crush in a mortar or mash it between two spoons. Dissolve the powder in water. Mix with honey and moisturize the skin in the area of lesions or black dots. Hold until a slight burning sensation. Rinse, apply a light cream.


• dessert spoon of honey;

• two tablespoons of fresh potato juice;

• three drops of essential oil of orange, tea tree or lemon.

Grate potato, squeeze through cheesecloth juice. Mix with other components. Part apply to the area with black dots, acne, pimples.

Oily skin, prone to acne and acne, make a honey mask for face with aloe. The wheat germ oil will enhance regeneration.


• dessert spoon of honey;

• tablespoon juice or aloe extract;

• a teaspoon of castor oil;

• teaspoon of oil of wheat germ;

• dessert spoon of honey.

Connect the components and heat until warm over boiling steam. Apply a thick layer, rinse with cool water. Clean the skin tonic.

Use this honey facial mask to tighten Mature skin that has lost tone, and prolong youth.


• ten grams of gelatin;

• a tablespoon with a slide of honey;

• twenty milliliters of glycerin.

Dissolve gelatin according to instructions. Mix with the remaining ingredients. Put on steamed face brush. After curing the first layer, apply a new one. Remove the mask after half an hour. On your skin: cream.