Homemade masks for facial wrinkles: what are the most effective? What you can do masks for face wrinkles at home

Botox, mesotherapy, bioreinforcement, chemical peeling, laser resurfacing – just anything women do to get rid of wrinkles.

Effectively? Yes. But simultaneously, expensive and sometimes painful.

Homemade masks for facial wrinkles act as effectively if you do face regularly.

As a work at home masks for facial wrinkles

The composition of these homemade masks – only natural light components. They are guaranteed not to harm the skin (allergies don’t count, here all individually), they have no chemistry. That is why the tool works on the skin a little slower than professional cosmetics. Here two main points: the need to make masks regularly and don’t expect miracles the next day.

Of course, after the first application, the skin pinks up, smoothed, the face will become fresh. But in order to obtain a lifting effect and getting rid of the obvious skin creases (wrinkles) will take time. As a rule, the desired effect occurs after a full course of treatments. How much is it? The classical scheme – 10 applications two a week (more often not). Thus, the visual transformation occurs 5-6 weeks.

As components of the most effective masks from wrinkles used:

• dairy products (cream, cheese, milk, yogurt, sour cream);

• honey;

• eggs;

• fruits and berries (Apple, apricot, peach, strawberries, currants, etc.);

• vegetables and greens (potato, cucumber, tomato, parsley);

• cosmetic oils;

• gelatin;

• glycerin;

• starch.

To compose components must be based on the age and condition of the skin, the tendency to allergic manifestations.

Remember about the rules of use of the finished composition:

• apply only on clean and processed the face tonic. This will allow the active ingredients to work better;

• use cooked again impossible. The use of natural ingredients are short-lived, after 40-50 minutes, they are destroyed. So no use of masks is not, but skin problems can appear;

• keep the mask on your face for longer than an hour makes no sense;

• rinse composition is important with warm water, and gelatine and starch compositions – very carefully so as not to damage the integrity of the dermis.

The use of masks for face wrinkles at home comfortable and easy. It is best for the procedure to lie down, close your eyes and completely relax.

The most effective face masks from wrinkles: dairy products

A simple mask that will help to relieve tension from the skin, it will smooth and nourish her homemade sour cream. The store will not work: the amount of fat in it low, acidity is increased, besides there is a risk to buy a product with an uncharacteristic sour cream components. The cream should be spread over the face, rinse after twenty minutes.

Mixed compositions are prepared from components taken in equal quantity.

Standards – a standard tablespoon:

1. sour cream, honey, egg yolk, banana in equal proportions. The yolk alone. This composition works perfectly to age the skin, which has many deep creases;

2. sour cream, parsley, 1 tbsp. spoon. The parsley grind in a mortar or grind in a blender;

3. blue clay, sour cream, fresh lemon juice, honey. This composition is very popular because of its stunning efficiency. Not by chance he is known as the «Mask of Cleopatra»;

4. spirulina (algae in pill form, one mask 4-5 crushed tablets), half of the egg (if skin is oily take protein, dry – yolk), sour cream, flour, ground rice;

5. cheese high fat content, the yolk;

6. fat cottage cheese, olive oil, carrot juice, normal whole milk;

7. cheese, cream, fat, carrot juice. This composition is especially good for aging skin. It must be applied not only on face but also on the area of the collarbone, neck and decollete. After removing the mask would be good to make ice wiping the frozen water.

The most effective face masks from wrinkles: fruits and vegetables

Everyone’s skin is different, and the acidity of the vegetables and fruits are high. So be careful with application to the skin of raw pulp or juice. Can begin skin reaction, especially if you are prone to allergies. Before first use the mask, it would be nice to conduct standard tests: apply a small amount of the mask on the elbow or wrist.

Options home masks for facial wrinkles:

1. boiled in their jackets, peeled and mashed potatoes (2 tbsp), vegetable oil (1 tsp), 5 ml of glycerin (available at any drugstore), 1 tablespoon milk and cream. Exposure time – 15 min;

2. puree freshly grated onion bulbs with equal proportions with honey and milk;

3. pureed boiled potatoes, yogurt (yogurts) and fresh puree of carrots. Be sure to apply on neck, décolleté;

4. a complex mixture of mashed avocado and ripe banana (1 tablespoon), liquid honey (1 tablespoon without slides), raw egg yolks, olive or flax oil (1 tbsp). Ideal for aging skin;

5. fresh strawberries (4 medium or 5 large berries) peach cosmetic oil (1 tbsp), honey, liquid or melted in a water bath (1 tbsp);

6. the pulp is 20 or 10 cherries cherries, flax seed oil (3 tbsp), white flour (2 tbsp.).

Pronounced pull-up effects have many cosmetic oils, which are sold in pharmacies quite inexpensively. To relax deep wrinkles good grape seed oil, wheat germ, peach, rose, fir, buckthorn, burdock, orange, castor bean (castor).

Edible oil (flax, sesame, sunflower, olive) are also used in masks for facial wrinkles. In the home effectively fights wrinkles aloe Vera is another cheap drugstore product. It can be applied on the face and on the lower eyelid and «crow’s feet». The signs of skin aging, including wrinkles, can be reduced by decoctions of herbs: chamomile, yarrow, lavender and calendula, sage and St. John’s wort. Mixing them with oil, honey, egg, you get a great effective mask.

The most effective face masks from wrinkles: starch and gelatin

These foods have gained a reputation as a home substitute for Botox. Oddly enough, but the effect of smoothing of wrinkles, including deep, really is. It is a unique composition.

For example, in starch the mass of nutrients, including rare forms of vitamins. That is why course application of starch masks causes the skin to accelerate collagen production. So, skin creases are aligned, the dermis is restored and filled with life-giving force. For women age is just a miracle tool home cosmetics.

The mixing principle of the mask on the basis of starch is simple: the base product to be mixed with liquid Foundation and oil. The starch and liquid are taken in equal proportions, and the oil in half. Starch it is possible to take any, and potato, and corn. You need to dilute it to the consistency of glue. Here are some of the options may be:

1. starch, milk, peach oil;

2. starch, warm water, whipped to a froth protein, half a tea spoon of lemon juice;

3. potato starch, salt (half 1 tbsp) warmed milk, dessert spoon of honey;

4. bio-kefir or plain yogurt, starch, whipped protein. An additional effect mask — whitening;

5. half tomatoes, grated on a fine grater raw egg yolk, starch, olive oil or flax seed oil;

6. the banana flesh, cream and starch.

From starch masks the effect is really stunning, comparable to Botox effect. But they have a serious competitor to the mask on the basis of food gelatin. This product is for facial skin can be called unique, because it contains natural collagen, so necessary for the skin.

Gelatin before use you need to dissolve according to the instructions, but with some nuances. For example, water can be replaced with milk, cream, fresh fruit or vegetable juice, a decoction of healing herbs. Per tablespoon of powder will take about 8 tablespoons of the liquid. Half an hour later soaked the powder should be warmed over a boiling water – get a liquid gelatin-based. In fact, already in itself it is a great firming mask. It must be applied sparsely and gently wash off after drying.

But wonderful effect can be enhanced.

The most effective mask from wrinkles based on gelatin, the following:

1. dissolved gelatin is mixed with a liquid solution of vitamins A (retinol) and E (tocopherol), taken at the rate of half a teaspoon on the entire amount of gelatin. Then add the aloe and any anti-aging cosmetic oil, for example, peach (one teaspoon of each substance);

2. pour gelatin milk to dissolve, then combine with grated cheese (1 tbsp);

3. in the melted gelatin powder, pour the yogurt (take a tablespoon of the components), put the flour (1 teaspoon), all beat and ready to use;

4. connect the dry gelatin powder (1 tea spoon), honey (3 tablespoons), glycerin (half a Cup), salicylic acid (1 gram), pour ½ Cup of water to warm up in hot water to dissolve. The cooled mass to whisk, carefully applied. Use the mask in the evening, two hours before bedtime, and keep on the refrigerator door. Before applying to warm mass in his hands;

5. algae spirulina in combination with a gelatin basis is incredible. 4 tablets of pressed seaweed have to grind, pour a small amount of cold boiling water and add in gelatin-based. To enrich the mixture of ½ tsp of fresh lemon juice and use.

In General, wrinkles can be kept under control without the help of professional beauticians with their Arsenal of expensive, though effective means. A homemade mask will help to preserve the natural beauty for years to come.