Homemade masks for hair

Homemade masks for hair growth

Long hair – the pride of any girl. Once they wore in braids, now often wear loose. Than they are longer, more beautiful flow down along the back, shining in the sun with a natural Shine. Stress, bad ecology, unhealthy food impose a negative impact on their condition, slow the growth. So to make hair grow faster, they desperately need additional care. It involves head massage, body wraps, rubbing, use of cosmetics, as well as a salon or a homemade mask for the hair. By means of one only of masks you can accelerate hair growth up to 3-4 cm per month.

Mustard mask

If you make mustard-homemade masks for hair regularly, the hair will begin to grow at an accelerated pace, pleasing the mistress of the additional cm and well-groomed appearance. Mix the two egg yolks, a Cup of yogurt and dry mustard ( 1 tbsp). When the mass is homogeneous, apply it on the roots and distribute through the hair. Massage the head gently rubbing the mask into the skin. After an hour wash your hair. Used weekly.

Lemon mask

Vodka, lemon juice, castor oil (all components for 2 tbsp) mix. 40 minutes before hair wash, apply this cocktail on the roots, RUB into the skin. Wrap the wrap with a towel. Apply 2 times every week.

Honey mask

Two egg yolks, honey (2 tbsp), juice of ½ lemon mix. Apply to hair and roots. Cover with plastic and towel. Wash off after 40 minutes.

Oil mask

Oil homemade hair mask, especially if you add in essential oils or vitamins (D, E, A) significantly accelerate the hair growth. As a basis you can take oil, burdock, almond, castor, olive, or any other cosmetic ( 3 tbsp), as an add — oil solutions of vitamins or essential oil ( 8-10 drops total) — rosemary, cinnamon, fir, burdock, citrus, mint.

Homemade mask for dry hair

Dry hair is easy to recognize by their appearance. They lack luster, dull, brittle with split ends. And in a state of neglect, more like lifeless oakum than silky, shiny curls. On dry hair can be affected by hormonal changes, diseases of internal organs, age, poor nutrition, frequent use of hot hair dryer, walking bareheaded in the cold or under the scorching sun. The situation can be corrected if you take vitamins, don’t smoke regularly, cut the ends, making a homemade hair mask or treatment wraps. So that your hair was always in perfect condition that it is impossible to do without healthy hair, to care for them. You can start right now by making a homemade mask for the hair.


The mask works wonders, the hair starts to come alive after the first procedure. Mix the honey with egg yolk, henna, cognac and olive oil. All the ingredients you need to take exactly a tablespoon, henna, tea. After applying the mask on your hair, wrap them in foil and a towel. After 50 minutes, wash with shampoo.

Egg-honey mask

Homemade hair masks of honey with egg yolk nourishes and revitalizes the scalp and hair. The procedure is best done in the evening when they have free time. Grind a clove of garlic, add a teaspoon of honey and egg yolk. After applying keep the mask for 2-3 hours. The hair is not soiled clothing, they can be covered with sheet or towel. Wash off the mask shampoo hair rinse decoction of nettle.

Mask of sour milk

Homemade hair mask of yogurt makes it even ancestors. To restore the health of hair this way often, each time before shampooing. Yogurt better to do it yourself from natural natural milk that you need to buy on the market, because supermarket milk contains preservatives. For one mask, you will need a glass of yogurt. Leave milk at room temperature for souring. Then apply on the head, leaving in half an hour. Then wash hair as usual.

An avocado face mask

Avocado – the fruit is useful not only for internal use, but external. Crush half an avocado, puree, beat the egg yolk or two, spread over the hair. Wash off after fifty minutes.

Olive mask

Squeeze the juice from the lemon, mix with olive butter (1/4стакана), to distribute the mask through the hair. Cover with plastic and a towel to wash off after an hour with shampoo. Apply weekly.

Homemade masks for thick hair

Density is one of the most important criteria for beautiful hair. Even if the curls shiny, supple, silky, but they are too little, the great joy they will bring. Nothing gives so much grief as rare or the drop-down wisps of hair. To remedy the situation, in the course of going any methods and tricks – the wearing of wigs, extensions, extension hair. But it saves on time, and the load on the native hair is growing. If the hair began to thin out, you need to check the health, especially of the internal organs, start taking vitamins, enrich the useful minerals your diet. It will take some time, but in order not to lose, to save the situation, you can start with external influences. To increase the thickness of hair help head massage, rubbing essential oils (cedar is especially effective), and homemade hair masks to make which at any time yourself, without visiting hair salons.

The mask of rye bread

A few slices of the usual rye bread soaked in water, to crumble, to apply on the hair. Do not fall to crumbs, hair tie wrap or a package, on top wrap a towel. To wash off without shampoo after thirty minutes under the warm water. When the hair is dry, leftover crumbs you can comb by comb with frequent teeth.

Chocolate mask

Homemade hair masks with cocoa is very effective in combating hair loss. They awaken dormant follicles and balding areas of the head, begin to break through the first hairs. At first they look like fluff, but over time, become tougher, no different from neighboring hairs. Mix a teaspoon of cocoa, egg and yogurt (1/2 Cup). Applied to the skin, roots, then the hair. As the mask dries, apply another layer, then another, until the whole mixture. Cover with tape or tie the package. After 30 minutes, rinse using shampoo. Rinse washed hair with a decoction of nettles. To effect, to perform these procedures regularly for 3 months, making weekly two or three masks.

Vitamin mask

Vitamin a homemade mask to strengthen hair follicles, improve hair structure and stimulate growth. They need to be done weekly on three consecutive days. Course – a month. After the break, repeat. Mix one ampoule of vitamins A, D and E, and castor oil (2 tbsp). Massage into roots and scalp, after twenty minutes, rinse. Instead of shampoo use three egg yolks.

Yeast mask

Homemade hair masks made simple: a piece of fresh yeast (about the size of an apricot) crumble, mix with liquid natural honey ( 1 tsp). Let stand for about an hour to let the yeast ferment. Apply on the head and hair, wrap the package and towel. After an hour rinse the hair. To do the mask weekly twice.

Homemade mask for strengthening of hair

Noticing that the comb is a hair more and the head less like this velosaped to stop. It is necessary to work to strengthen hair follicles. The ambulance here will have a salon treatment or a homemade mask for the hair. They can be made for prevention, not waiting for the moment when the head will resemble an autumn tree.

Banana mask

Ripe banana mash, mix with sour cream (3 tbsp), egg yolk, a teaspoon of honey. If allergic to honey, it is replaced with olive oil (1 tbsp). The banana mixture is applied on hair, RUB into the skin. Tie the package, cover with a towel. Wash your hair after 45 minutes. Homemade hair mask of banana strengthen the roots, prevent breakage, nourish the scalp.

Yolk mask

2 egg yolks mix with brandy (50g) and any oil (castor, olive, burdock) – 1 tbsp to Distribute the mixture over hair, massage into roots. Wrap the head with a package, cover with a towel. Rinse with shampoo after an hour.

Mask their rye bread

Homemade hair masks from rye bread in cooking simple and affordable. And the result of their application is comparable with the effect of salon procedures. A tablespoon of onion peel to boil in a glass of water, fifteen minutes. Or pour boiling water over the husks and wrap, insisting hour. In the strained infusion of onion, soak the slices of rye bread, stir in the paste and cover the hair. Cover with polyethylene and towel. After 30 to wash her hair.

Mask their henna

Often homemade mask for hair add colorless henna. It has the same properties as the ordinary henna, not hair dye. Mix yogurt (1/2 Cup) henna (2st.l.) A lot a little heat and let stand for 20 minutes. To apply to the head, to distribute through the hair. Hair mask to tie the package, cover with a towel. After 50 minutes, wash with shampoo. To do weekly.

Nourishing mask

Castor oil ( 2 tbsp), egg, Apple cider vinegar and glycerin (1 tsp.) mix until smooth. Mask rubbed into the hair and scalp. Cover with foil, wrap with a towel, keep for 30 minutes. Wash off the mask, hair wash with shampoo.