Home manicure. How to make beautiful manicure at home.

How to do a manicure yourself

This kind of manicure is called a classical, or Russian cut. It is unique in the mechanical removal of the cuticle. To run it at home required a standard manicure set or individual manicure tools:

— spatula to push back the cuticle;

— scissors with rounded ends to remove the cuticle;

— scissors with straight ends for trimming of nails;

— tweezers;

— nail file.

Home manicure and the salon is conducted in several stages performed in sequence:

1. With a cotton swab and remover the nail is removed the old coating.

2. The nail is given the desired shape (almond, round, square) and length. Scissors with straight ends cut off with the nail plate corners and shorten it to the desired length. Then the edge of the nail is treated with a nail file. The filing must be done according to the rules. It is made from the outer edges of the nail to its center. Nail spatula or spatula gently move the cuticle to the base of the nail.

3. The cuticle so you can safely remove it to soften. What in warm water for five minutes put the fingertips of both hands. In the water you can add a special emollient or sea salt to strengthen the nail plate.

4. In five to seven minutes one hand with which to begin to do a manicure, you need water remove and dry with a towel.

5. Scissors with rounded ends to cut the cuticle, starting from the side, a smooth transition to the base of the nail, and then, on the other side. You need to try to cut the skin as one continuous line, to growing, it is not formed in places of rupture of hangnails. To avoid injury, the scissors need to nail closer to the nail.

6. After removing the cuticle, you can start treatment the side cushion. Why use tweezers or pliers. They carefully cut the tender skin, trying to grab the land located closer to the nail plate. We must act very carefully so as not to go too far and not hurt myself. A side roller is processed from two sides. Finished with one arm, proceed to another.

7. Nails need to prepare for coating. Them well dried and polished with a special nail file, if necessary, for example, there is a roughness or grooves.

8. Before applying the lacquer must be mixed. Not worth it to shake, because it may form small bubbles, it is better to warm the bottle in hands and perekatat in his hands. The first layer is applied the Foundation. It is not necessary but desirable. Further, when the ground is dry, two layers of decorative lacquer. It is not necessary to brush immediately gain a lot of varnish. It needs just enough to cover one nail.

Strokes applied with gentle strokes from the base to the center, with a thin layer. To varnish is kept longer on the decorative coating can be applied binder.

How to make at home gradient manicure

A gradient manicure is already applied on the treated nails. In fact, it is the application of several colors of nail Polish on the nail plate that form an original and beautiful finish. This manicure looks very impressive and easily done. For a gradient manicure you will need:

two or three nail Polish colors, matching color;

— a piece of foam;

— Lac;

the nail fixer;

— cotton swabs;

— liquid varnish remover.

1. On the nail plate to apply the Foundation. It will make the nail smoother and protect against yellowing. You can use any basis – regular, mineral or «Smart enamel».

2. Next, choose the desired nail Polish colours that you will use during application. If the colors chosen are very bright, they are tentative to cover the entire nail so that the manicure seemed brighter.

3. Now you will need a sponge. It may be a sponge, and regular sponge for washing dishes. Which cut off a small piece – a length of 5-7 inches and a width of a fingernail. On it with a brush applied colored lacquers, locating spots with a thick layer vertically to each other, in the order in which you want to see them on the nail. First applied the darkest tone, then the middle row is the brightest. The optimal number of colors – two or three, but sometimes more. The stencil is ready, ahead of the crucial moment. Make sure that the varnish does not have time for the sponge to set.

4. Sponge with nail Polish press on nail. If the varnish on the sponge applied too thin layer, it is not clearly imprinted on the nail. Experience is not necessary. Because figure still need to shade the pressing movements, i.e. a few times to make is to shove a sponge to the nail plate. Also processing paint and other fingers.

5. In the process of shading, the paint will get on the skin. It is easy to remove with a cotton swab and nail.

6. Manicure is ready, now apply a layer of nail hardener. You can substitute lacquer with sequins or effect of a glossy Shine.

This same technology can make other color combinations, e.g. red-yellow-orange, lilac-blue, cherry pink, etc.

Home manicure: tips

When you perform a manicure yourself, you should follow some simple recommendations. They will avoid possible unpleasant moments that make your hands more beautiful and nails more strong.

1. Do not forget about hygiene. Be sure to disinfect manicure accessories. Even if they’re just using you. Sterilizing is not necessary, but the alcohol wipe before the manicure will not be superfluous.

2. Before applying colored polishes, especially dark colors, the nail plate should be covered with a protective layer of the base. This will prevent the nail from yellowing.

3. If the nail plate is rough, has bumps or grooves, it should be treated with grinding blade. Then you can Polish suede cloth. Before polishing the nails should be thoroughly dried. Otherwise, the nail plate will peel off. If the nails have longitudinal or transverse striations, it indicates problems with health. Longitudinal say about the lack of vitamins in the body and potential problems with the intestines, transverse often develop after a prolonged diet or illness.

4. If your nails are brittle, they should be treated. For a while you need to abandon the use of colored enamel, but instead to cover the nails with a colourless varnish with vitamin B5 or calcium. Varnish is applied in two or three layers to obtain a protective film of the optimum thickness. When brittle nails should abandon metal saw blade. They are replaced by fine-grained, rubber, plastic or cardboard base.

5. Periodically nails need to rest and recover. At this time, refuse to decorative paints, and nails arrange Wellness treatments: make masks, baths, smeared with a special cream. To strengthen the nail plate, it is necessary to RUB olive oil with a few drops of lemon juice. You can make a fifteen-minute bath. A large spoonful of sea salt stirred into a glass of warm water, which add five drops of iodine. Then the tray is lowered the tips of his fingers.

6. Do not forget about the hands. They also need care. Agree, not very aesthetically pleasing it will look beautiful manicure on hands with pimples or cracked, scaly skin. Therefore, they must be lubricated daily cream, when washing dishes, wear protective gloves.

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