How is home cleaning the face of blackheads: what tools are effective? Methods of cleaning the face of blackheads at home

Blackheads are a serious problem, not only aesthetic.

Besides, they spoil even the most beautiful face.When it’s time clogged inflamed, in place of comedones pimples or acne. If the black dots a lot, a person suffers very badly and permanently.

Output – timely home cleaning the face of blackheads.

How to prepare for cleaning the face of blackheads

Cleaning is recommended at salons, and have the opportunity to regularly go to a professional beautician, it is necessary to use. If not possible, will have to master the skill of cleaning the face. The main thing – do not allow to enter at the time of infection.

The first stage of deep pore cleansing – steaming. Without preparation the cleaning procedure to carry out or even impossible, or it will not give the desired effect. Steaming is carried out in a specific pattern:

1. wash using a suitable tool – gel, Royal jelly, beauty soap, foam;

2. wipe the skin with an alcohol-based lotion;

3. to steam the face by holding it over hot water vapor, decoction, or simply applying hot compress.

Steaming helps soften greasy secret, mixed with particles of dirt and dust. It is this dense mass clogs the pore, forming a comedone, or the black dot. By softening the contents of the clogged pores are removed easier, but she had time to really cleaned. Dry, cold skin is cleaned badly, and literally within 2-3 days the black dot is formed again.

Contraindications to home cleaning

Before you begin deep cleaning, make sure that the procedure you are not contraindicated. Otherwise, you can not simply harm your face and cause a dangerous inflammation of the to treat which will have in the hospital. The biggest danger of home cleansing – the spread of infection through the skin.

The contraindications to facial at home by black dots are:

• rosacea, or spider veins on the face;

• acne;

• boils, ulcers;

• lesions of the skin, including burns, cuts, scrapes, bruises;

• tendency to allergic reactions;

• inflammation, irritation.

If the skin is injured, the reading is carried out after full recovery. In the presence of purulent formations deep cleaning can only be performed in the salon or dermatology office.

Methods of cleaning the face at home from black dots

At home you can use three cleaning methods:

mechanical cleaning;

deep peeling;

cleansing mask.

To part with black dots helps mechanical cleaning. However, this is the most dangerous, traumatic and painful method of cleaning. It should be done with extreme caution. Plus the fact that the cleaning will completely remove the contents of pores, that is the very grease tube.

Scrubbing allows you to clean the top layer of dead cells – the so-called stratum corneum. The procedure affects only the upper part of the grease tube into the pore scrub does not penetrate.

Purifying mask dissolves the contents of the pore, and then narrows it, helping the skin to push the dirt out. The mask is the least traumatic method of getting rid of blackheads.

The greatest effect is the combination of all three cleaning methods, or at least two. If you first use the scrub, and then apply the mask, effect home cleaning the face of blackheads greatly increase. If do the cleaning combination, there are elements to remove by mechanical means after the procedure the face will be perfectly clean.

Mechanical cleaning

This removal technique is then based on mechanical squeezing the contents steaming the pores with your fingers or the special tool – spoon UNO. It is sold in specialized stores, at some sites.

Sequence of procedure:

1. face well clear of cosmetics;

2. to steam the face;

3. to wipe the whole face with an alcoholic tonic lotion;

4. to handle the area that you want to work, or the time with hydrogen peroxide 3%;

5. net, treated with an antiseptic solution hand wrap a sterile towel or gauze;

6. pressing on the skin near the base of the pores, remove sebum;

7. immediately burn the alcohol solution (you can buy a calendula tincture and acupressure to treat the wound) or hydrogen peroxide.

If cleaning is carried out with a spoon UNO, sterile instrument is to be applied at a time and press around the edges. Skin treated with alcohol or peroxide.

Scrubs home cleaning the face of blackheads

Effective scrub for deep cleansing of the skin can either buy or make your own. Self made tool no less effective than those purchased. Moreover, sea salt, baking soda, coffee beans – the perfect components home scrub.

Salt-scrub soda

It is advisable to use for cleaning sea salt. There are many useful for skin minerals. Along with the deep cleansing treatment will improve the skin, relieve inflammation, will give softness, smooth, beautiful color, incredible tenderness. If the salt is too large, it is necessary to grind in a coffee grinder or crush with a mortar. Instead of sea salt, you can take ordinary table – the effect of purification will not be worse.

Salt and soda be mixed in equal amounts, add a binding component, for example, any face cream, and RUB the area of the clusters of black dots. RUB the scrub should be sufficiently intense to penetrate deeper, but not to injure the skin. Leave the weight on the face for 10 minutes, then rinse. To wipe the face tonic, apply the cream.

Coffee scrub

A popular home remedy cleansing works perfectly with black dots. You can RUB the steamed skin ground coffee beans. But it is best to combine the coffee with the gel cleanser. The composition would be better to glide over the skin, so less to injure her. After processing, the scrub should be washed off immediately.

Scrub of oatmeal

Flakes of Hercules the usual grind in a coffee grinder, mix with olive or flax seed oil and massage places where comedones. Treat the skin vigorously, leave the structure for 15 minutes, then rinse. The beauty of this means – in combination of deep cleansing and nutrition, moisture. Sensitive derma is one of the few methods of deep purification and intensive care.

Scrub from rice flour

If you grind in a coffee grinder rice grain will make a wonderful base for homemade scrub. It will remain to mix with cream or sour cream and a cleanser finish. The composition after rubbing leave on the face for 15 minutes, then wash off and wipe the face tonic. If skin is oily, the scrub need to add ½ tsp of fresh lemon juice.

Masks for cleansing your face of blackheads at home

The cleansing mask is in almost any line’s skin care. Their drawbacks – high cost, aggressive action, unnatural composition. The constant use of such means is undesirable.

Prepare deep cleansing mask themselves. It’s cheap, safe and rather effective in case of regular use. Advisable deals homemade mask right after scrub this cleansing will be most effective.

The famous white foam

This mask is actually the most popular. All you need is to separate raw white, whisk it with a fork or with a mixer to foam and apply on face with brush or cotton pad. The first layer dries instantly. Immediately apply a second coat. Layer on thus 6 layers. After drying the last rinse protein. Important point: the mask is suitable for oily skin. Dry it will dry even more.

Gelatin mask with charcoal

Gelatine and activated charcoal – a great base for a facial at home. The black dots, the composition releases instantly. You need to dissolve the gelatine powder according to the instructions (start with 1 tablespoon , pour 2 tablespoons of boiling water, after swelling, heat in a water bath) and mix the liquid with the two powdered tablets of activated charcoal. Apply the mixture to blackheads, once dry pull the tape and remove it. Together with the gelatin released grease tube.

Mask with protein and aloe

This composition is suitable and owners of dry skin. Thanks to the aloe juice, you will not only clean the pores but will also reduce inflammation, regulate the correct operation of the sebaceous glands. Whipped protein mix with 1 tbsp of aloe juice (you can buy at the pharmacy extract) and apply on pimples for 15 minutes. If skin is oily, add ½ tsp of lemon juice if oily as much Flaxseed or olive oil.

Mask with oatmeal and boric acid

Effective mask with a rather aggressive action, therefore the owners of the skin with high sensitivity is not suitable. Tablespoon of Hercules grind in a coffee grinder, drip 4 drops of boric acid, dilute the yogurt to a creamy mass. Massage into a clean area, leave on for 15 min.

Mask with oatmeal and soda with kefir

Less aggressive, but very effective composition. Per tablespoon milled into flour of Hercules take a teaspoon of baking soda and mix with yogurt. Prescribirle the face, leave the mass for 15 min.

Homemade cleansing the skin effectively, if we do not from time to time, but regularly. Use of homemade scrub and masks need at least 2 times a week. In this case, the skin will delight health and purity.