Hollywood haircuts 2014

In the past 2013, many star beauties have abandoned the traditional «hairstyles of the red carpet» – curls in favour of a haircut. In the coming year of 2014, the trend has only grown stronger. That is, a kind of fad, or a new femininity? What haircuts prefer a Hollywood star? Should we follow their example, and what hairstyle should be chosen in anticipation of the spring-summer season 2014?

If we consider the direction of the fashion preferences of celebrities, special attention should be boy cut. Not coincidentally it is rather recognized sex symbols: Ann Hattaway, Charlize Therron, Pamela Anderson, and many others. This haircut:

  • clearly young
  • emphasizes active and dynamic style of its owner
  • focuses on other priorities sexy appearance in addition to hairstyle
  • creates a piquant contrast between the hairstyles androgyny and femininity traits

In 2014, the most relevant idea slightly outgrown the «boy haircut». This option allows you to interpret the cut in different ways depending on the mood.

Another Hollywood favorite 2013 is the haircut «Bob», which, incidentally, is the blockbuster of the caret. In 2014, the «Bob» will have even more options through the use of various techniques for tapering and methods of texturing the hair. By the way, is the most fashionable texture is slightly wavy. In combination with the milled strands creates the desired volume, and the effect the natural «rattrapante» grunge adds a spontaneity, naturalness and sexuality. The «wise» the average length of leaves a «path of retreat» back to long hair.

And finally, for those who are on the verge of classic and fashion – all sorts of options for cascading cuts. In 2014, in addition to traditional techniques, especially popular deep feathering that give the hair extra volume. This «slojnosti» in the style of shaggy, if desired, easily be «ordered» and converted, as in the spectacular volume, retro styling, and in any fashionable hairstyle for long hair.

Each of these cuts, if done correctly not only reflects fashion trends but also carries a certain energy, necessary to create the image. And if You feel that this image fits You, please contact our beauty Centre and our stylists, the last master classes in the U.S. and England, will select and perform a haircut in accordance with the latest celebrity trends.