Health and hair: the curious ratio

In nature absolutely everything is subject to any law. And the color each of us is not an accident. For example, dark-skinned and dark-haired inhabitants of southern countries feel in a tropical heat that the sun is necessary. And the blond, on the contrary, contraindicated too much sun. That’s why people with blond hair live in the Northern areas. Hair color gives unique information about the «weaknesses» of human health, both physical and mental.

Light color hair

People with this hair color have low immunity and susceptible to colds. Disease of the kidneys, urinary tract and bladder are frequent. In addition, these people are especially sensitive to pain. In terms of nature blondes vulnerable, impulsive, and overly anxious.

Red hair color

These people need to be careful with the sun. Their skin is particularly susceptible to sunlight. The Solarium in this case is contraindicated. Red-haired people have a tendency to allergies to medications, flowering plants and fur of Pets. So they need to periodically prevention of allergic diseases. The nature of people with red hair usually passionate nature.

Chestnut hair color

People with this color hair prone to headaches and migraines, which are dangerous to ignore. They are also stronger than all prone to temptations, for example, the smokers among them is much larger than that of blondes or brunettes. By nature they are calm, reasonable and responsible.

Dark hair color

People with this color hair are prone to diseases of the vascular system, but only if you stay in areas with an unsuitable climate, namely cold and damp. Brunettes have relatively good health. By nature they are prudent and purposeful. Usually people with dark hair hiding his emotions. That is why they are often exposed to other diseases of the cardiovascular system, it is also possible heart attacks and strokes.

To summarize, we can say that hair is an indicator not so much of our health, how many possible problems with it. And possessing this information, many diseases can be avoided.