Children’s hairstyles for prom in kindergarten: what you can recommend? The diversity and amazing beauty of the hairstyles for prom in kindergarten

Graduation in kindergarten for every little girls is equivalent to the most solemn pageant of life adult ladies. And she really wants to look the most.

Besides the beautiful dresses and shoes she can stand out among the rest an unusual hairstyle. And here come to the aid of mother and stylist.

Children’s hairstyles for prom in kindergarten. Training

Not so long ago over summer time, the onset of which is expected. And in may held a prom in kindergarten, which many moms and dads spent not one day in the excitement and holiday preparations. It’s not surprising, because calusco already finished the first in her as yet short life stage, and later he still has a lot of interesting new discoveries. And then mom and dad will triple their attitude towards their younger baby and will apply a consistent wit.

If the preparation of young gentlemen for this holiday does not requires a special effort from mom and dad, for a little beauty training period takes about one week and need to dress to pick up and figure out what jewelry she wears, but also to determine the laying, by the unusual and beautiful. And here it turns out that a lot of hairstyles just amazed by various interesting options, and some creative approach.

So, when parents begin to think about their prom chips, they understand numerous issues, most of which deals specifically with the hairstyle, they have to solve. And really: is it possible for prom in kindergarten to make a hairstyle at home, decorating it with ribbons, flowers or hoops; what better to choose a styling for girls, if she can’t sit in one place?

Hairstyles for prom in kindergarten. Note to moms

There are a few simple tips following which you can significantly simplify the process of preparing to prom in kindergarten.

Tiny graduate lives dream about your first gala evening, she wants to be there the most beautiful. Therefore, an image of the entire — attire, shoes and hair — you should consider at least a month and a half, to directly in preparation for the celebration neither the child nor the mother should not have to be nervous and to quarrel over the fact that the enough time. Another point: we must first decide where the child will do her hair for prom in kindergarten: whether from a qualified specialist in the cabin, or house himself.


In this situation, parents should remember that the main decoration for a girl at such a young age is kind of the immediacy of the image, that’s why it is better not to burden her appearance is too «adult» hairstyles.

The sooner and easier will be laid curls a little Princess, the greater the likelihood that such a little mysterious, elegant appearance won’t cause her any discomfort and does not deliver discomfort.

Children’s hairstyles for prom in kindergarten. Long curls

If your Princess has long hair, her suit with a weave, some unusual flagella and romantic curls. You should note that girls at this age already have their own ideas about how in their view should look like the beautiful styling.

It would therefore be correct to ask in advance my daughter, and what she wants to choose how she represents her solemn manner at the prom in kindergarten.

If still stopped at pyshnenky tresses, experts advise not to use them to create a hot Curling iron: the hair will be harmed. The best thing to do differently: apply the usual not hard curlers or cloth (all of this is in any house). They will cause the girl to deliver any unpleasant moments during sleep. Another point: it is necessary to know in advance what will be the weather because if the air in this festive day will be raw, all the hard work will go to pieces.

How to make voluminous and slightly wavy hair for children hairstyles for intake in kindergarten? It is necessary to follow a few simple guidelines:

1. Before the celebration, in the evening, you have to braid some Koloskov, and directly in kindergarten to dismiss them.

2. Now ready wavy strands of hair that wrap in the form of Malinki.

3. Hairstyle that turned out, it may be decorated with stylish Hoop, tiara or some other appropriate occasion decorations.

To make your child like your hair, requires some knowledge of hairdressing skills. That’s why mom will be able to style the tresses of the daughter to the prom in kindergarten. By the way, do not be afraid of experiments, because the combination in a single hair all kinds of curls, plaits and ponytails will give unexpectedly interesting result.

And to pin the strands to achieve the necessary volume, you can use some mousse or varnish, making unruly curls will be securely fixed.

Hairstyles for prom in kindergarten: butterfly hair

This installation will emphasize the tenderness and some defenseless little girl. And make it not so difficult, although it will take a lot of time.


1. First, you need to carefully comb each lock of hair and put hair in ponytail, securing it with a rubber band. To prevent the occurrence of so-called «cocks», you can use hair wax, but before that you should RUB the wax between your palms, and then apply a very thin layer, treating each strand of hair.

2. The ponytail is divided into four equal parts. The hair is not confused, you should fix them a private message.

3. Select one of the four strands and from the center of the tail to start to braid a French braid, picking up the top hair. Similarly, it is necessary to braid all four parts.


4. You need to make sure that every wing of the butterfly turned out more flat and the bend was the most beautiful. The mother should try to adjust the tension of the strands in the braid and every curl to capture as close as possible to the tail.

5. Once all the strands are interwoven, it is necessary to doblesti usual braid, and her tail clipped under the wing of a butterfly, applying the studs. Each of the actions you need to do more than gently, trying to make it so that all sides were in perfect symmetry.

6. All four strands need to braid that way. And not to forget on top to pull out two small tail, after all, they will this hairstyle to play the role of antennae of a butterfly. The right thing is to brush them with strong hold gel and lightly podvig at the ends.

7. At the completion of the entire work ready hair should be fixed using hairspray, and gently smooth every stray hairs.

Children’s hairstyles for prom in kindergarten. Hair short and medium

For short hair so many variations of hairstyles, but you can always brighten the image some additional accessories, headbands or pins.

With a regular Curling iron, slightly curled hair, giving them volume and lightness. It is appropriate as a decoration to use a shiny tiara or a bright bow.

Will look cute ponytails that are knotted across the girl’s head. This hairstyle will look great hairpins with ribbons, coloured elastic bands, and the tips of tails can be curled by using Curling irons.

In the process of collection of hairstyles for medium length hair, you should pay attention to the different ways of weaving spikelets, because each of them can be decorated with small crabs, colored barrettes and other accessories.