Hairstyles for medium hair – beautiful and simple. How to make a fashionable hairstyle for medium hair

Girls like to look good and beautiful hairstyle helps them in this. Neat curls accentuates the nice features. Today’s article talks about how to make a beautiful and fashionable hairstyle for medium hair.

Hairstyles for medium hair: features

Fashion does not mean complicated. Over time, the standards of fashionable hairstyles change, so no one is doing a Perm, as it was in the 80s. But today, in honor of healthy hair, so their owner try to protect them in every way. Such methods include gentle hair drying without a hair dryer, low staining, gentle brushing.

It became fashionable all-natural and natural, so the hairstyles are not already doing unnatural amount of refuse from the hair and minimize the application of stylers and styling. However, too simple and sleek kind of depressing, so the girls came up to look disheveled, which also apply to the natural carelessness in many hairstyles.

Hairstyles for medium hair: with additional decorations

Hair is not only decorated with pins and rubber bands, but woven into hair ribbons and handkerchiefs.

Belt spiral

A spiral ribbon on the hair will be able to make every fashionista. For this you will need satin ribbon with a width of 1-2 cm and silicone gum. For decoration you can use flowers embellished scallop.

Phase 1

Divide the hair in half with a vertical parting.

Stage 2

On one side, take the top strand and, departing from the roots of 5 cm, wrap a satin ribbon striped in several layers. Separate the section of hair the same size as the first. With the first strand together with tape, add the second. Wind them together with the same tape. This is repeated until then, until you go down to the neck and you have on one side of the head all hair will be rewound. Do the same work with the second half of the hair.

Step 3

Silicone or decorative elastic band connect the neck all the hair in a single tail. You can keep the hairstyle unchanged, and can the free end of the tail to wrap the elastic band and secure with a comb or hairpins. Secure a must, otherwise the tail can be unwound.

Fabric headband

Stylish looks all at first glance just. To make a hair, zamochennuyu cloth bandage will come up not every, but it turns out is very fashionable. You’ll need a piece of cloth or bandana that size, that would be folded obliquely as it was it round the head and tied up.

Phase 1

Comb the hair. Roll cloth bandage into a triangle, combining the opposite corners and fold bandage diagonally. Twist the triangle into a bundle.

Stage 2

Wrap the ends of the bandage about the hair, spinning her hair and rising higher along the entire length to the roots. Tie the long edge of the bandage in a knot on top.

Hairstyles for medium hair: raised

Gentle look hair tied in a sack, but what it will be, depends on your mood.

A spiral of spirals

For this hairstyle you will need a lot of clamps that will work temporary support hair comb with fine tip, studs, and ornaments of beautiful chains, bands or tiaras.

Phase 1

Starting with the fringe from the edge to the center, separate a thin strand and twist it in a spiral. Get her on top (the place that will host the finished Kul) and samaita clip, that she would not back track.

Stage 2

Make next to it a strand this thin, twisted strand and also temporarily lock next to it. Do this work around the entire circumference of the head and once all the hair is gathered on top, align them in the tail and tie a tight elastic hair band. Can leave on a thin strand hanging down the sides of the forehead.

Step 3

The hair in the tail of the same thin strips need to twist in a spiral individually, and then screw them tight from the sack in the shape of a funnel. Hair fit so that the elastic that holds them on the top of his head was visible. Kill it with pins in order that it would not spill. Decorate the base with something unusual, such as a thin tiara or a chain of stones.

Braid as headband

For this hairstyle you will need hair band and studs.

Phase 1

Divide all the hair into two parts: the hair near the forehead and at the nape. Those in front are braided in a braid that goes from one ear to the other. Hair in a braid should be wedded only by one edge.

Stage 2

The hair on the back of your head going in a lush, voluminous ponytail. The tip of the spit hiding in the tail under the elastic band in the neck.

Step 3

Studs pull the braid to the lush top to tail and secure. The more you insert the stud, the more natural will look hair. The tail can give extra volume, slightly fluffed it.

Double tail

Extravagant style that you don’t often see on the street. To do this, you’ll need two rubber bands for hair.

Phase 1

Separate from the total mass of the bangs and the part of the hair from the top. The remaining hair necesite the top of the head on the top and tie into a tight ponytail.

Stage 2

The hair that remained in front slightly necesitada and got on the back of the head, along the way they added the free end of the first ready tail.

Step 3

From the very midst of hair, preferably from the bottom, take a thin slice, and the rest tie in a ponytail at the nape.

Step 4

Wrap the loose strand around the elastic of the ponytail and secure the tip, what would it absolutely not be seen. Comb or lightly puff on the free end of the tail. Spray the hairstyle with hairspray.

Hairstyles for medium hair: shaved close on the sides

Unusual to see a girl with shaved hair at the temples. However, even with such haircuts can be beautiful and delicate hair.

The spike on the back of the head

To create this hairstyle you will need hair band, studs, and ornament for the hair.

Phase 1

Put your head down and necesite all the hair to the floor. The neck grab three strands and begin to braid her hair, moving to the top and adding new strands. The hair you have braided the braid, tie into a tight ponytail.

Stage 2

Now you can stand up straight and comb your bangs. Gather the bangs and hair on the top of the head in a single ponytail at the nape and put them in a funnel around the elastic, it should be hidden under hair. Fix Kul studs adorn the prepared barrette. In our case, this abstract barrette with scattered stones.

Spit on the border

This hairstyle dividing line between the shaved and potrasenoy part of the hair acts as a thin pigtail.

Phase 1

Comb the hair to one side. On the open side of the forehead highlight three strands and start to braid her hair. Extreme locks are placed on the medium and are attracted to the strength of the braid. In the course of weaving add to each strand on a small portion of new hair. The end of the braid tie a rubber band at the nape.

Stage 2

The same braid can braid and on the opposite border of long and short hair. Satelite loose hair back and fix the paint. They should be covering the ends of braids and bands, which are wrapped.