Classic and elegant hairstyle «Shell»: for medium hair or long. The simplicity of creating «Shells»: the description step by step

Perhaps come up with a more elegant hairstyle, which was known for its simplicity and elegance, is difficult.

«Shell» keeps the first position for her femininity for many, many years. This luxurious and eye-catching, hair, like women all over the world.

Why this hairstyle got its name? The fact is that when you look at the «curl» hairstyle, it is easy to guess that its shape is reminiscent of a seashell.

Creating hairstyles «Shells» for long hair is given much attention. Of course, given the length of the hair, there is something to work with. What about those ladies whose hair can be attributed to the average length and for them to pick the hair style is a bit more complicated? Let’s start to get acquainted with the techniques of creating, step by step.

Hairstyle «Shell»: we offer the sophisticated look

In any case, we must note that to create a hairstyle «Shell» for medium hair, it is easiest if they, in advance, is wound on the Curling iron or curlers. Use styling mousse to give your hair some stiffness, volume and make them more obedient.

The main auxiliary materials for securing hair Bobby pins and hairpins. Then, the «Shell» can be decorated as simple or as sophisticated accessories that differentiate it from the hairstyles friends, for example, wedding, and all the «buddies» are equally dressed and coiffed.

«Shells» can be varied, with bangs, without it, with strands at the sides, with curls on the nape and crown, with a tail. It all depends on your mood and desire. Create for yourself the best way and create the option that you like.

The most simple hairstyle «Shell» for medium hair (photo) – bouffant straight hair

Wash your hair with a suitable shampoo. Dry them. If you decide to exclude the use of Curling irons to create curls and want to make hairstyle for straight hair, be sure to dry the hair, use mousse for volume. This indispensable tool will ease your efforts.

-Necesite the hair to make them look more luxuriant.

— Divide your hair in your usual parting.

Smooth lay one side of the hair back. Avoid combing the fleece, comb and go over it.

— Lined with a strand attach with Bobby pins so that they are securely fixed the hair on the back of the head.

The hair on the opposite side also laid in a smooth strand, and spinning the edge of the formed shell.

— Secure the hair with pins, hiding them in her hair. For reliability, sprinkle with varnish.

In the case of this variant hairstyles, bangs can be any or absent. Hairstyle will suit as well. The main thing – to choose a little time to create it.

Pulling face contour hair «Shell» for medium hair (photo)

Previous hairstyle for medium hair can vary, creating makuleke of the head for extra volume.

This type of hairstyle is perfect for women with round, square and trapezoidal faces. Hair visually pulls the face contour and creates a perfect image.

All the steps done on the previous photo and incremental description. The only point is the formation of bulk head:

— Peel off the thick bangs or the part of the hair above the forehead;

— Make the root volume. It is best to do a small comb with a few teeth;

— Put the obtained solid lock back;

— Pin with Bobby pins to the back of his head.

All other steps are as in the previous photo.

Complete hair elegant elongated bow-barrette, which will help to hide the «error» and studs.

Such hairstyle can be diversified by adding one or more patches (ribbons) to their installation created an effect of «Greek». Looking at the photo, you can easily understand how better to fix rubber-hoops, and add a special flavor to this option.

«Shell» step by step for medium hair , trimmed flight («Cascade»)

Your hair has uneven ends, because its form is designed to give additional splendor? Great! These «subtleties» of your everyday image can be converted to «innovate», with hair «Shell».

Please note in the photo. And visually imagine that you need to form nice hair, adding it in small curls. So:

— Wash the head. Dry it with a hair dryer and styling mousse;

— Separate all the short hair that formed a cap on makuleke of the head;

— Long hair, smooth comb, and pull back, forming a curl of a seashell. The edge of the hair, you can release up;

— Fasten the lower part of the shell with pins (you can use pins with decorative elements);

— Makeshadow part of hair and those that are taken out of shells, small wound on the Curling iron;

— Dispensing curls, beautiful form a single image;

— Add in the hair ornaments and get admiring glances of others.

French: create a «Shell» for medium hair (photo)

French for «Shell» in its original version, a little different from other hairstyles. Its main advantage – simplicity and classic sophistication. This hairstyle is different in that it creates on the hair medium and short thick or straight hair. Although, if you do not want to «lose» their natural curls and align their «pad», do it on the curls. The result will be equally charming.

— Comb, freshly washed and dried hair, smoothing them to the side sections of hair, as if «licking».

— If you want this hairstyle you can add a released a couple of strands from the frontal or temporal part of the hair.

— Take one piece of hair back. Fasten at base of neck invisible. Only a couple of pieces, if your hair is not too thick.

— Next, grab the hair and start to scroll around its axis in the direction of the invisible, creating a tourniquet.

— Help the region harness up.

— Gradually strengthen hair from the bottom up studs.

— The final edge of the hair put itself under the «Shell» or makeshadow of the hair.

— Attach invisible.

Released tails in her hair «Shell» for medium hair (photo)

Summarizing the variety of hairstyles and create them, it should be noted that the hair «Shell» may have the options with tails that are not made in the «roller».

In this case, forming very hair, its ends are available upstairs or down.

Basic curl «Shell» is attached to the head with Bobby pins and hairpins and loose hair forming a tail, you can just fall along the neck or be stranded and to have tight curls or light waves. The absolute addition will be a festive hair clips, if necessary.

You may want to decorate your hairstyle with flowers that looks special to me gently.

Whichever hairstyle options you choose, one thing is clear – it is absolutely not boring and can add to your young age a certain elegance, and Mature sophistication.