How to choose a nice and comfortable hairstyle for ballroom dancing. Learn to do hair for ballroom dancing yourself

If for a special occasion styling are mostly only aesthetic requirements, hairstyles for ballroom dancing is more complicated.

Training can be limited to simple braids or tails, but for performances the design of the hair needs to be practical and not cause any inconvenience nor its owner nor partner, but also a beautiful and appropriate addition, because on the dance floor all eyes were glued to the dancers.

Hairstyles for ballroom dancing: IDSF requirements

In addition to the aesthetic side and the banal facilities involved in dancing professionally in the selection of a hairstyle should take into consideration the demands and organizers of competitions and demonstration performances – International Dance Federation.

So, in all age categories up to 16 years, girls are not allowed are complex, layered hair, use extensions, hairpieces and all sorts of jewelry, hair, and styling can’t fix colored or contain glitter polishes. For girls over 16 restrictions are not so severe, but too elaborate hairstyles are not recommended to do them. Boys and young men of all ages recommended to short hair, long hair is allowed, but they must be collected in a small tail.

Of course, if a couple has been dancing for themselves, participating only in the dance parties and other entertainment events, all these restrictions can be forgotten.

What it is, perfect hair dancer?

Way hair styling in the dance may vary depending on the executable of the dance. So, for the European program (waltz, tango, Foxtrot) hairstyles choose a more classic and simple. For Latin (Samba, Rumba, Jive, cha-cha-cha, Paso Doble), often more vivid and eye-catching styling, and for the girls — and even richly decorating them with decorative elements (if it is not prohibited for their age category rules).

General requirements for stacking:

• compatibility with the appearance and shape of the face of the dancer;

• meets the style styling partner;

• a harmonious blend suit;

• appropriateness to the age, activities and specific dance;

• convenience;

• reliability;

• originality and attractive appearance.

Note that a well-chosen hairstyle for ballroom dance is, among other things, a simple way to visually level the difference in growth partners. So, if a young man in a pair of the same height with the girl, or even a little below it while your hair is slightly lifted and nasasyvat, and his partner make a low haircut. If the lady is very petite, her hair higher and guy hair smooth smarm.

Hairstyles for ballroom dance for men

The affiliate’s use of the styling products in General is optional, but if his hair is longer than a couple of inches, a fixing varnish or mousse will help them look neat even after several quick and moving dances.

Simple styling ideas:

• takesimana hair back;

• division of hair along the parting (exactly in the center or offset to the side);

• necesitaria bangs, and in its absence hair in the front.

If the guy’s hair is cut unevenly along the length of, for example, more short at the sides and longer at the top of the head, it will look spectacular, if these are more than long hair combed up and fixed.

Women’s hairstyles for ballroom dancing photo

The most common options in women images — this is the braids, Dulce bundles and their various combinations and variations.

Hairstyles for short hair

No matter how good I look in short hair on a girl, girl or woman, but ballroom dance fits that length is not good, to put the hair on the head so that no one strand are not beaten hard enough.

If one tail of hair not to quit, they can do more to fix the curls on the sides will have to use stealth or similar pins, can not do without a varnish, gel or mousse. Actually, such a length is particularly interesting haircuts do not work, so better focus on its usability.

Hairstyles for dances for long and medium hair

The optimum length of hair for creating a comfortable and unusual hairstyles for ballroom dancing (which for workouts that for performances) — below the shoulders. Thus it is necessary to take into account the structure of the hair. So, liquid and thin hair you may want to go longer, but often thick to cut, because it is too massive, the hair on the head wear will be very hard.

The bun

This hairstyle is the most simple and versatile option. For her hair comb, gather into a high ponytail and secured with a rubber band. Next, the free portion of the hair is divided into two approximately equal strands, twist them and wrap a tourniquet around the base of the hair. If the hair is not particularly thick, it is possible to have only one harness. Richly finished bun fixed with pins, taking care not to scratch the scalp. Instead of a tail you can use a normal braid of three strands.

Bun with a donut

A bagel is not only cakes, but also a hair device made from foam. To build hairstyle for ballroom dancing with its use very easily. The hair collected in a tail and secured with a rubber band and then worn on top of the tail of the ring. Further hair popryadno tuck under it, fix them with Bobby pins or hairpins.


This hairstyle is not difficult the previous one, and looks very impressive. To create the hair comb sideways (no matter what), and then begin to twist the harness in the opposite direction. The ends of the hair can be tucked inside or beautifully style top hairstyles.


All kinds of weaving hair is a great decision when choosing hairstyles for ballroom dancing. The main thing is not to forget the ease of installation in favor of its aesthetics.

How to decorate hairstyles for ballroom dancing

The easiest option for decorating hairstyles (and only possible for very young dancers) — do not weave in the basic structure of hair a few small strands and put them later in neat curls or waves. Interesting styling work, if so place the tips of the hair, rather than hiding them inside the hairstyle.

But in this case there should be no toporama in all directions and split hairs. This hair should be regularly or at least before dance events to trim.

Also, it is understood that separate the curls a valid pin to the head with Bobby pins or locking means. But to break out of hair and drooping, on the face they should not, because it will necessarily interfere with, and in the process of dance will be thin and neat appearance, too, will fail.

Other ideas

• To give care the bun or bun of hair and a bit of decorating hair to help the common mesh, which is easy to purchase at any store of beauty products.

• Rhinestones. If it is very small particles, they can resist, even in the hair, larger items are better to mount on the correct glue, which should easily slip away or vicesimus. The important point is that the rhinestones have not lost Shine, spray on their styling products not.

• Artificial flowers, harmoniously combined with outfit.

• Studs with decorative elements at the ends.

• Woven into the hair or tied with bows of ribbon.

• Low bead or beads.