Perfect haircuts for full faces: which to choose? Modeled her stylish image suitable haircuts for full face

In the olden days, beautiful girls with full «pichaske» health of persons is considered ideal wives and mothers. No wonder they say «blood with milk». This means that the winner of the round and ruddy cheeks – the enviable bride, which is sure to deliciously prepared and always has a good mood.

The full (round face) can be determined by projecting cheeks and roughly proportional to the lines of the chin and forehead. The cheeks are the widest place on the face.

If you are lucky and you are among those women, but I can’t find a ideal hairstyle to change your style, this material and our tips for you!

Basic requirements for haircuts for full face

When you consider that the ideal facial shape is oval, and your cheeks are beyond it, then choose a hairstyle that will clear the width of the face and give it an elongated shape.

Hair styles that visually extend the face – the perfect solution for the correction of the image. Pay attention to the haircut with the top and occipital volume part. Avoid very short («a boy»). Straight hair with a slight volume – another way of hiding the widest part of the face. Don’t be afraid to add hair lightness, due to the curls and sloppy styling. This volume will perfectly shape the face and a winner will be served your way.

Given a basic haircut, using imagination and skill, you can create a lot of images that will be advantageous to emphasize the beauty of your face.

Haircut for full face (photo) would be ideal, if her owner will be able to focus on the exposed parts of cheeks, cheekbones are «veiled» milled ends directed inward (toward the face), and the Bang will be oblique or asymmetrical. Also looks great side parting. It is also visually «cut» a round shape and gives them a harmonious appearance.

Haircuts for full face (photo) for short hair

Among us are «extreme,» lady, who do not want to put up with any standards and ready to show themselves and their beauty for what it is. You’re one of those brave women? Then the hair with a «Mohawk» on the head, just for you! It is perfect to lengthen the face. Don’t forget to put «top» with the help of hairspray. The advantage of this hairstyle is that it, due to the short hair and high parietal, creates proportion and harmonious appearance. Hair color, of course, can be no less bold.

If you love short haircuts, but I can’t pick out one which will make you irresistible, always be sure that the haircut should visually lengthen your face, so choose the ones that will create the effect of «cap» on the crown and nape. Add oblique bangs. Create an easy messy hair or fix the volume at the hair root with special means to during the day, your hairstyle has not lost its appearance.

Great looks hair style «on the leg». This model will suit those ladies who don’t have a very long neck and want to look more elegant. «Leg» that is created at the base of the hair in the form of «cap», is usually the length of 7-8 cm and allows you to make easy image.

Such haircuts as the Bob, the Bob is the perfect Foundation option for women who want to hide the roundness of the cheeks and face. Haircuts on these foundations always look perfectly, if you create a good sustainable base in the form of basal fleece. It will help to secure the desired volume and to balance all parts of the face.

Medium length hair selection of haircuts for full face (photo)

Women whose hair is of medium length, can easily cope with the task of forming a light image and create subtle lines of the face. Note the straight and styled hair flat irons, hair, which will gently hide the protruding cheeks. Give the temples and in the crown a small amount, down the hair to curl or lay in the direction of the face.

The following option may be suitable for the lady whose hairstyle based on the hairstyle of the Caret. This hairstyle is modelled with fancy bangs and partings that distract the eyes from the roundness of the face. The ends of your hair graduated and is directed inside – great idea with the «relief» of the image.

Easy curls – another important task of creating a harmonious hair style. Give your hair an undone volume, pre -, wind them in curlers or a Curling iron. The bangs better to put in a side parting. This type of hairstyle always elongate the neck and make a woman very romantic. The main thing – do not be afraid of this volume, which, at first glance, it may seem superfluous, because the face, and without, round. The secret is that the sloppy curls and light strands form a line of a person is what we seek.

How to choose a hairstyle for a full face and long hair

Women who can boast of luxury and length of hair surely know that their haircuts are simple and very correct, it is the fact that allow you to create multiple intricate hairstyles and images with them.

If still you are unable to make the right choice, between haircuts and hairstyles for long hair, always pay attention to a few tips:

▪ create volume at the crown with basal fleece and fix the paint;

▪ let the curls or graduated the ends of hair to fall along your face and put them on the cheeks with a light cascade;

▪ pay attention to the formation of the oblique parting;

▪ don’t take hair in a tight tail, if you have smooth bangs (better if it directed or asymmetric);

▪ avoid milled strands, aimed in different directions (from the person);

▪ small curls will make the face even larger size and visually enhance the cheeks;

▪ «tousled» hair and focused on the face always looks more advantageous than just straight and smoothly coiffed hair;

▪ forget the very bright (the caller) hair color, if it is not your «protest» image.

Haircut for full face (photo) and long hair is very easy to installation. Be sure to do curls on freshly washed and dried hair. Then your hair will last longer and will not lose shape due to the weight of styling products. If you curled your hair in curlers or Curling irons, do not brush them, and walk with his hands in the strands, which will give the desired effect of negligence and volume.

Is to form and give the haircut for full face (photo), refinement, will help the use of the known effect of a multi-tiered styling. This method is achieved through the special profiled (graded) ends, giving the hair lightness.

Women whose hair is longer than shoulder length, can afford a variety of styling!

Find yourself the option of haircuts and hairstyles that will allow you to feel beautiful and attractive. Never complexes about this or that invented by you, the «flaws» in their appearance, do not aspire to be like the magazine models. Their images are created by professional stylists, masters of their craft. In life, most of the «standard of beauty» look completely different. Each woman with patience and desire, can come close to his «ideal», which is often not so far as it seems.